The Complete Guide to Industrial Transformer Manufacturers

There are many Industrial Transformer Manufacturers in the world. There are many aspects to examine a manufacturer, such as the history of the company, product types, inspection standards, and scale of the company.

Industrial Transformers are vital devices in a world highly dependent on electricity. Few of the population may know it, but a transformer is responsible for every transfer of electricity. 

It plays an irreplaceable role in the generation and distribution of electricity. 

Aside from these roles, there is also a type of transformer that caters to specific industry needs, the industrial transformer.

In this article, you will learn about industrial transformers, their features, and notable manufacturers. Also, if you are on the outlook for Industrial Transformer Manufacturers, this might be the perfect opportunity to make notes.

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What Are Industrial Transformers?

A transformer is a device that transfers electricity from one alternating-current circuit to another and either increases or reduces the voltage.

The general classification of transformers revolves as either step-up or step-down depending on the voltage conversion ratio.

As a rule, if the output is greater than the output voltage, it is a step-up type.

Otherwise, if the relationship is vice-versa, it is a step-down type.

Transformers are stationary devices that do not involve intense maintenance.

However, it is still important that these devices undergo regular maintenance for efficiency and maximizing their lifespan.

Industrial transformer manufacturers design special transformers to supplement specific industrial applications.

In industries where machinery demands different voltage requirements, it is necessary to increase both efficiency and safety.

An industrial transformer is a device that professionals use to reduce voltage instabilities and overloads.

It provides stable and consistent voltage to machines, and transformers are essential in the industrial environment.

Furthermore, it customizes currents to satisfy the needs of the industries and workers who work there.

It measures the electric current, and even if the circuit is too high, it reduces it to a normal level.

In an industry that demands huge amounts of electricity, it is very crucial to have proper transformers.

Doing so will increase efficiency and ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

What Are The Features To Check For Industrial Transformers?

There are numerous aspects to check in buying an industrial transformer.

Below are some important features you should note if you are in the prospect of purchasing.

Control And Protection

Industrial transformers can undergo continuous varying loads.

This situation makes it prone to risks which a good industrial transformers manufacturer should have considered.

There are a variety of popular protection options for transformers, among these includes:

Differential or Protection Relay

The differential relay is an electric circuit that performs two functions.

It changes two or more similar electrical quantities to a higher value, controlling output speed.

Isolation And Control

Isolation is a key component of many electrical and electronic systems, such as power supplies and transformers.

With the isolation circuit, you can safely separate any hazardous voltage or current from the rest of the circuit.

Differential or Protection Relay

The differential relay is an electric circuit that performs two functions.

It changes two or more similar electrical quantities to a higher value, controlling output speed.

Cooling Design

Professionals determine the heat dissipation rate by the air volume that it can move or by its load.

The increased air volume will reduce the transformer’s output because it requires more air for heat to flow.

When the load is very high, it becomes difficult for a transformer to dissipate enough heat.

If the transformer remains at a high temperature, the insulation on the conductors will be subjected to damage and possible failure.

Thus, any methods that can dissipate the heat readily permit an increased transformer rating.

Currently, these are the popular cooling designs:

Dry Type

Using dry resin and natural ventilation for cooling


Cooling design that utilizes dielectric fluids for cooling.


A mixture of both dry and oil-immersed cooling designs.

What is the kVA (Kilovolt Ampere) Rating?

kVA is a measurement of the power delivered by a transformer.

kVA ratings are used to determine the size of transformers required to power a given load.

A KVA is simply a thousand volts multiplied by amperes and is a unit of apparent power.

You should not confuse it with Watts, which is the measure of real power.

Real power is the actual amount of power you can get from a circuit. A circuit always derives a greater apparent power than real power.

However, as the current and voltage waves coincide, the circuit transfers less real power while still hosting the current.

As a result of these inefficiencies, the output of your power source can differ from the apparent power provided

Kilovolt Ampere

What is the Noise Mitigation?

Sound levels need to be kept within safe limits, and it can be problematic.

So it’s good to make sure your device has mitigating features, especially when installing within densely populated areas.

The noise-reducing sound panels for transformers help reduce noise levels.

It is very helpful in commercial buildings and the like, improving the quality of life for people working there.

Where Do You Use Industrial Transformers?

Industries require transformers for a variety of reasons.

Some need them, especially for machinery with specified voltage requirements.

Others need them to regulate current and avoid system damage.

Arc and lid furnaces and current rectifiers are among those that need a different transformer.

They usually need industrial transformers to supply the required power at a low voltage level.

The Industrial Transformer Manufacturers provides designs that provide power and safety without compromising performance and efficiency.

Another example is a train line feeder.

The World’s transformer is the connector for the power supply for the train.

It always connects the power supply to the power line to flow through it under regulated voltages.

Industrial Transformers application
Industrial Transformers application

What Are The Top 10 Industrial Transformer Manufacturers In The World?

General Electric

General Electric is a leading manufacturer of high voltage, network, distribution, auxiliary, substation, industrial and instrument transformers.

Their products are trusted for electric power transmission and distribution as well as instrumentation.

Around this year, the company has an estimated revenue of about $100 billion.


Siemens is a German manufacturing company, one of the largest in Europe.

It also involves aerospace, automotive, chemical, mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, etc.

Furthermore, it is among the leading manufacturers of transformer products.

They offer all output and voltages products, including high power transformers, medium power transformers, and low power transformers.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leading Industrial Transformer Manufacturersin the world. It is a Japanese multinational firm situated in Chiyoda City in Tokyo, Japan.

The company is recorded to have around $40 billion in annual revenues in producing various types of transformers.

Their products include gas-insulated, recti-formers, substation, auto, traction, and step-up transformers.


ABB provides the most modern electricity generation and transmission technologies, crucial for supplying clean, safe energy worldwide.

The company is at the front of innovative energy innovations and among the world’s largest makers of transformers.

They also innovate in high voltage transformers of 1100 kV DC and 1200 kV AC.

They aim for electricity to be transported long distances with minimum losses.


Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate that is based in Minato, Tokyo.

This brand also manufactures transformers and is among the world’s largest manufacturers of transformers.

The company has recorded revenue of $30 billion and has operational bases in around 35 countries.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the major transformer makers in Europe, producing transformers for industrial and utility use.

The company has an estimated annual revenue of more than $25 billion.

Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer

JSHP Transformer, from China, is a leading manufacturer of oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers, and pole-top transformers.

By 2011, they estimated revenue scores at around $800 million.

It is a family-owned company based in Liyang city, Jiangsu Province, China. Currently, it is also among the recognized companies by the China Transformer Manufacturers Association.

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Although more renowned for shipbuilding, Hyundai Heavy Industries is also topping among the leading transformer manufacturers.

The company manufactures plenty of transformers, including dry-type, cast resin, oil-immersed, and specialized transformers.

They design their products using cutting-edge technology to meet the specifications of their clients.


TBEA Co., Ltd. manufactures power transformers, electrical equipment and is a developer of transmission projects.

They are previously known as Tebian Electric Apparatus.

The company is among the leading Chinese Industrial Transformer Manufacturers and has multiple bases for operations which includes India.

China XD Electric Co Ltd

With more than 13 years of experience in the field of power transmission, distribution, and control, China XD Electric leads inline-level power transmission.

Although comparatively new, China XD excels in the high playing field of HV transformers, electrical engineering, and research.

The company is both locally and globally active in its operations.

Why Is Transformer Used In Industries?

Transformers are essential in different types of industries.

These voltage transformers are used in a variety of sectors and provide a substantial voltage to various equipment.

Power Transformer
Power Transformer

What Is The Largest Power Transformer?

The most powerful HVDC transformer in the world is now located in Nuremberg, Germany.

The device also has a transmission capacity of 12 gigawatts.

What Does A Transformer Change?

A transformer changes the voltage of electricity under the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Don’t be confused, as transformers only convert voltages and do not convert power themselves.

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into the field of industrial transformers and Industrial Transformer Manufacturers.

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