How to Choose a Industrial Transformer Application for a Chemical Plant?

Energy-saving of industrial power transformers in chemical engineering is a major measure that the power distribution department of the enterprise is working on.

The saving of electricity is tantamount to saving the cost of chemical companies, which provides a guarantee for chemical companies to seek greater benefits.

In the implementation of chemical engineering projects, it is necessary to combine the actual conditions of the project, do a good job of investigation and analysis, analyze the surveyed data in a timely manner.

And jointly formulate feasible plans by various departments to achieve the maximum energy saving of industrial power transformers in the implementation of chemical engineering.

industry power transformer application for chemical plant

Kinds of Industrial Transformer

Industry Power Transformer

Industry Pad-mounted Transformer

Industry Dry-type Transformer

Industry Distribution Transformer

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Main losses of industrial power transformers in chemical engineering projects

Active power loss

In chemical engineering projects, the active power loss of industrial power transformers refers to two aspects: copper loss and iron loss.

The cause of copper loss is positively related to the size of the load current, so if you want to reduce the copper loss, you must ensure that the size of the load current is appropriate, not too large or too small.

When the load current exceeds the rated load current, it will cause short-circuit copper loss. Iron loss is also called no-load loss. The material of the iron core determines the severity of the iron loss.

Therefore, when choosing iron cores, choose those with better quality iron cores.

Don’t choose iron cores made of alloys. The severity of iron loss has nothing to do with the size of the load.

Reactive power loss

The reactive power loss of a industrial power transformer refers to the loss of current and the loss of magnetic leakage.

The current loss is related to the material of the iron core, so a better quality iron core should be selected.

In the purchase of an iron core, the composition of the iron core should be tested first to ensure that it is not made of alloy.

The loss of magnetic flux leakage and the magnitude of the load current are positively correlated.

Therefore, it is necessary to accurately grasp the size of the load current to keep the load current within the rated load current.

Loss of comprehensive active power

The comprehensive active power loss of industrial power transformer in chemical engineering refers to the total power loss obtained by adding the value of active power loss after the reactive power loss of the power transformer is converted into active power loss.

The comprehensive active power loss of the industrial power transformer is related to the relative position of the power system of the industrial power transformer and is also positively related to the load of the system.

Energy-saving selection of industrial power transformers for chemical engineering

industry transformer application for chemical plant
industry transformer application for chemical plant

Reasonably choose the number and type of industrial transformers

In order to reduce the power consumption of industrial power transformers during the construction of chemical engineering projects, the number and types of industrial power transformers should be selected according to the scale and size of the project.

Reasonably choose the number of industrial power transformers

If the scale of the project is generally based on three-level loads, then choosing a industrial power transformer is sufficient.

If most of the engineering projects have primary or secondary loads, more than two industrial power transformers must be selected, and dual power supplies must be used to ensure that both transformers can operate normally.

If only one general power supply is used, the failure of the power supply will cause both industrial transformers to be unusable, resulting in the project not being able to proceed smoothly.

When choosing a power transformer, chemical companies should investigate the industrial transformer market

(1) The power transformer must operate within the rated current range, otherwise it will cause serious power loss.

When the power transformer is in operation, make sure that the oil temperature in the upper layer does not exceed 85 degrees, and the power is preferably between 85% and 95%. In this case, the operation of the power transformer The effect is the best, and also the most energy-saving.

When a single transformer is running, ensure that the variable loss and the constant loss are consistent in number. At this time, the power transformer has the best operating effect and saves the most power.

When several transformers are running at the same time, the iron loss of the transformer remains basically unchanged, and the copper loss of the transformer will change with the change of the load current.

Therefore, the load current must be kept within the rated load current value to minimize the loss of the transformer and maximize the efficiency.

(2) If the load rate of the power transformer is very low, even lower than 30%, according to the data, it is found that the power consumption rate is extremely high. At this time, part of the power transformer is consumed. Useless work can be done by changing the model of the transformer to avoid loss of power from the transformer.

(3) According to the analysis of the data, if it is found that the load of the power transformer is very large, more than 80%, it can indicate that this type of transformer cannot drive the normal operation of the project, and it will not play a role in the entire project, but a lot of energy is wasted. .

Therefore, it is necessary to replace the transformer, replace the power transformer of the higher level, in order to realize the effective use of energy.

(4) When the project is to supply power to primary and secondary loads, two or more power transformers should be selected and used at the same time.

Because a transformer cannot solve the power supply problem, it will also cause unnecessary loss.

(5) When using multiple transformers, the performance of these transformers can be tested.

In the process of transformer switching, those transformers with better parameters can be put into operation.

Those transformers with poor parameters can be placed in a standby state, which not only ensures the normal implementation of the project but also does not cause energy waste.

(6) For departments that do not produce at night or during holidays, the use of transformers should be stopped, or all loads should be concentrated on one transformer, and other transformers should be disabled.

This improves operating efficiency and saves unnecessary power consumption.

(7) If it is in a large factory building, a special power transformer that conforms to the engineering quantity should be installed.

Because those small load transformers can’t get any effect, they just consume electricity.

Choosing a dedicated large transformer improves construction efficiency and saves electricity consumption.

Concluding remarks

With the rapid economic development, the demand for transformers from chemical companies is also rising.

With the increase in engineering volume, enterprises have also increased their requirements on the capacity of transformers. The power consumption of the transformer itself accounts for an increasing proportion of the power consumption of the entire project, which has caused serious energy waste.

Therefore, chemical companies must take relevant measures to reduce the power loss of the transformer itself.

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