Daelim's Distribution Transformer

35kV class three phase oil immersed distribution transformers comply with the standard of ANSI C57.12.00, IEC60076, GB1097 and GB/T6451 , both no-load loss and on-load loss are much lower, good quality C.R.G.O. core type, high-quality oxygen-free copper coil, good appearance, safe operation.

According to Standard

1.GB 6451 Specification and technical requirements for oil-immersed power transformers
2.IEC 60076 Power Transformers
3.AS NZS 60076 Power Transformers
4.CSAC88-16 Power Transformers
5.ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00 IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers

Compared with 10KV class, 20KV three phase oil-immersed distribution transformer has some advantages: 1. Increase power supply capability, 2. Ensure the voltage quality. 3. Debase the electric energy loss in power system, etc. It can save the construction fee of power system. It is the developing product of energy conservation in power system.

10KV oil-immersed distribution transformers are important equipment in the distribution network and power supply and distibution systems of industrial & mining enterprises. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise,and strong overload capacity. 10kv class three phase oil-immersed distribution transformer has hermetically sealed type and conservator type, The transformer is applicable to plant, mine, petrol chemical and other power distribution system of 10kV class for industry and agriculture. They are also popular in sites with oil contamination and chemical substances.

S(B)H15-M series sealed amorphous alloy transformer adopt single-frame or three-phase five-legged spiral core. The core is clamped with sheet-formed frame structure and the low-voltage coil is of a foil winding type so as to render a low loss and a high short-circuit withstand. It has advanced and rational structure and its overall performances reach international advanced level.

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