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Daelim Belefic will provide you with the most suitable solutions

According to the characteristics of complete sets of electrical equipment companies’ demand for power transmission and distribution equipment, Daelim can provide customers with solutions in terms of technology, quality, response, delivery, cost, and information.

In the past 20 years, Daelim has accumulated a wealth of cases in design, research and development, product technology, construction and installation, etc., and formed its own unique competitiveness: it can provide effective solutions for different countries, regions and climatic conditions. solution.

You can discover our advantages through these cases of Daelim: whether it is high-altitude or low-temperature areas, daelim has successful customer service experience. Continuously innovative design and development, high-quality product manufacturing and process upgrades, and excellent customer service capabilities together constitute daelim’s excellent overall solution.



These are used to distribute power to domestic or industrial premises.
They may be single-phase or three-phase, pole-mounted or ground-mounted,
and they have ratings ranging from 16 KVA up to 2500 KVA.


Mobile Substation Transformers are used for temporary applications where
a transformer or entire substation is needed.
The transformer is mounted on a trailer and can also include
high voltage and low voltage protection,
like Breakers & Reclosers.
These mobile units usually range from
2.5 MVA to 60 MVA in size, with voltages up to 230 KV.


Firstly, the engineers will design the anti-earthquake transformers according to
different standards, like standard ETG-1020/ETG.A.020, IEEE693-2005, etc. for Chile.
Besides, they will consider many factors like liquid oscillation frequency,
the earthquake intensity, etc.
The anti-earthquake design is not specially for one accessory,
but for a series of accessories...


For Daelim transformers, you do not need to worry about this problem,
because Daelim can produce power transformers for those areas
above 3,000 meters to 3,500 meter as the highest altitude.
To ensure that our transformers can work normally at such a high altitude,
we adopt better bushings as accessories, adjust the creepage distance of bushings and
make the BIL of high voltage and low voltage adapting to the special environment.


A standard transformer with 220°C insulation and 150°C temperature rise
will be rated for 24 hours operation in an average 30°C environment,
and full load operation at a maximum of 40°C and a minimum of 50°C.
Depending on the design and application,
other magnetic materials may have lower or higher environmental ratings.