DAELIM's Transformer Solution for Energy Storage

Transformers play a pivotal role in ensuring that energy storage solutions operate at their peak, seamlessly transferring energy where and when it’s needed. At the heart of these dynamic systems is the 2000/2500kVA Three-phase pad-mounted transformer from DAELIM, designed with features that specifically cater to the complex demands of modern energy storage.

The purposeful design choice of having an impedance of 5.75% means that energy transfer is optimized, reducing possible loss and boosting overall system efficiency. 

Technical Insights

DAELIM’s 2000/2500kVA Three-phase pad-mounted transformer is a marvel in electrical engineering. Distinct from conventional transformers. 

Arrangement / Detail Drawing Required

Installation and Operating Manual Required

Standards: CSA C227.4 CSA C802, IEEE C57

Ambient Temperature -40⁰ C < T < 35 ⁰C

Environmental Conditions (Wet, Dry, Clean, Dusty)

Suitable for cold start and full loading at -40C Required

System Frequency 60hz

Number of Windings 2

Primary 13.8KV

Secondary 600V

Impedance 5.75%

Environmental Adaptability

In the demanding world of energy storage, adaptability is key. DAELIM's transformer isn't just a functional unit; it's an adaptable piece of machinery crafted to withstand and perform under various environmental conditions. Its unique capability to initiate a cold start at temperatures as chilling as -40C demonstrates its resilience. Furthermore, whether the system is placed in a wet environment or exposed to dust, this transformer ensures consistent performance. To understand its design better, one can refer to the pad-mounted transformer's visual guide.

How to test a pad mounted transformer
ground single phase pad mounted transformer

Data-Driven Benefits

The installation at Dubreuilville, Ontario isn’t just a project; it’s a testament to the transformer’s capabilities. Operating under a range of temperatures, from the freezing -40C to a moderate 35C, the transformer showcased its adaptability, setting a benchmark for energy storage solutions especially in regions experiencing extreme temperature shifts.

Why DAELIM Stands Out

With over 20 years in the transformer industry, DAELIM has entrenched itself as a symbol of commitment and quality. The distinct features, benefits, and adaptability of their 2000/2500kVA transformer is a testament to their expertise and drive to deliver. For a comprehensive look at their range, the product showcase offers valuable insights.

Adherence to Standards

Adhering to global standards isn’t just about compliance; it’s about assuring the users of the transformer’s operational safety and efficiency. Faithfully following CSA C227.4, CSA C802, and IEEE C57 standards, DAELIM ensures that its transformers meet the strictest criteria. A more detailed perspective on the importance of these standards can be gleaned from our standards adherence discussion.

Single Phase Transformer CESI






The Future of Energy Storage with Transformers

As the energy landscape evolves, storage solutions will inevitably become more integral to ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply. At the center of these innovative energy storage solutions is the indispensable role of transformers. With trailblazing products such as DAELIM’s 2000/2500kVA pad-mounted transformer, the future of energy storage not only seems promising but also points towards greater efficiency and adaptability.

The world is moving rapidly towards renewable energy sources, and with this transition comes the need for robust storage systems that can accommodate the fluctuations inherent with these sources. Transformers, especially those that are adept at functioning in various environmental conditions and that adhere to the highest standards, will be the backbone of these systems.

DAELIM’s forward-thinking approach, epitomized by their transformer specifically designed for energy storage, ensures that industries, residential areas, and businesses will have access to efficient energy storage and retrieval. This not only paves the way for a more sustainable future but also reaffirms the company’s position as an industry leader.

For those interested in the intricacies of transformer design and its impact on energy storage, the FAQ section on pad-mounted transformers provides deeper insights. From understanding how these transformers are grounded to their longevity, we delve into the nitty-gritty details that make these machines the marvels they are.

In conclusion, as we march towards a future defined by sustainable energy, transformers like those from DAELIM will be instrumental in bridging the gap between production and consumption, ensuring that every watt produced is utilized optimally.