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With 15 Years of Experience and Development.

Electric, With an Edge

We’re DAELIM BELEFIC Tech Co. Ltd. We have been engaged in the design, engineering and production of high-quality electrical equipment for more than 15 years. Based on “DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE” concept, we established DAELIM BELEFIC. Moreover, thanks to this concept, we can provide our clients multiple standards, cutting edge service and speed with our professional customization skills.

Grow Your Business with Daelim

Due to we strictly implement the concept of “DAELIM EDGE + ADVANTAGE”, it is our goal to become the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic equipment. At the same time, the business, experience and technology we have accumulated over the years have benefited customers on six continents. Once our customers have established a cooperative relationship, they are all long-term trusting customers, because DALIM BELEFIC has always insisted on providing you with our best products and services.

Work at Daelim

At Daelim, every action we take and every business relationship we cultivate illustrates our company philosophy. No matter what the position, Daelim is an Electric product and equipment manufacturer that leverages our DAELIM EDGE+ Advantage to win our client’s commitments. Working at Daelim means joining a professional, united, durable, and approachable team. The team has been a trusted resource in the power industry for 15 years.


“DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE” is the core concept of our brand, which has made us who we are today. This concept is a promise, from the beginning of our product design to the customer receiving the final product, it runs through. It is also based on this concept that distinguishes us from other brands, and we have the ability to provide you with multiple standards customized products in a timely manner. Gradually, many of our old customers have recognized the concept of “DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE” because they are satisfied with our product quality and service for a long time.



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