OLTC 1000kva Mini distribution 12kv Miniature Substation


SZ series OLTC 1000kva Mini distribution 12kv Miniature Substation

Supply Ability

Supply Ability: 5 Set/Sets per Year SZ series OLTC 1000kva distribution 12kv step-up transformer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: According to client’s request
SZ series OLTC 1000kva distribution 12kv step-up transformer

Video Description

Miniature Substation packaging

Basic introduction

Beijing DAELIM provide the most advanced technology to meet the needs of society, economy and the environment for transmission and distribution of electrical energy. To provide our customers with flexibility and agility, they inspire us to make more breakthroughs.DAELIM have a team willing to provide the best solution to connect with you to improve your business. As a team, we have brought together the best smart technology to continuously improve our products and services to benefit those who trust us.
Daelim’s transformers have been exported to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama,Algeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. DAELIM have helped many international customers to successfully obtain transformer projects and continue to carry out in-depth cooperation.

DAELIM have 20 years of transformer export experience, moreover DAELIM have after-sales installation teams overseas, so if you also have transformer business, we can develop together.

Production Description

Small substation Transformer

Copper windings – copper capacity: from 150 TO 5000 KVA
Aluminum – aluminum windings capacities: from 750 to 2500 kVA.
Primary voltage: 4160, 6600, 13200, 13800, 23000, 33000, 24940, 34500 and 44000 V.
Secondary voltage: 220, 415, 440, 460, 480, 23000, 4160 V.

* Standard connections: Delta-Star, Star-Delta.
* Special connections: Star-Star and Zig-Zag.
* Temperature rise of the windings: 55º and 65 ºC (temperature 30 ºC average environment, 40 ºC maximum).
* Column-type circular core cut at 45º with interleaved stacking(step lap) made of high grain oriented silicon steel

Miniature Substation
Miniature Substation

 * High and low voltage circular copper and aluminum coils manufactured with hearth, copper foil, aluminum and magnet wire.
* High voltage shunt changer, without load with 5 or 6 positions.
* Insulating liquid, inhibited or uninhibited mineral oil free of PCBs or other
high flash point, low freezing point type of liquid such as: envirotemp (FR3), silicone, betafluid.
* Tank made of shot-blasted steel plate, painted with primer and finish,
epoxy or polyurethane.

Transformer accessories

Monitor, control and protect your key assets DAELIM has established strong business relationships with leading manufacturers of transformer related accessories, products and systems in the fields of controls and instrumentation, fluid management, insulators and terminations as well as regulation and protection. In line with our partners, we are committed to continuously enhance our products and systems. Correspondingly, DAELIM provides best-in-class supply logistics, streamlined according to our customers’requirements.Used internationally renowned brand accessories to assemble like ABB, Qualitrol and CAPT Italy.

Technical Specification

Miniature Substation

Note: The above data is only subject to our standard design, special requirements can be customized.

Tansformer Testing

Miniature Substation

Three-phase substations are standardized under the norms of ISO 9001: 2015 quality, allowing us to have greater control over the production where the finished and tested product will be your satisfaction.

1. Ratio, polarity and phase relation tests

2. Windingresistance measurement tests

3. Insulation power factor 4. Full wave and reduced wave impulse test

4. Full wave and reduced wave impulse test

5. Applied and Induced potential tests

6. No-Load losses at rated current

7. Total losses at rated current

8. Percent impedance at rated current

9. DGA test

10. Leak test

11.Control abinet test

Through years of international engineering experience, our factory is capable of producing transformers meeting various
international standards, such as

Application&Project Cases

Dalin’s three phase substation transformers have been used in Canada, Australia, Venezuela, Mongolia and other countries

Mini Miniature Substation

44kv 5mva substation transformer in Canada

For this three 5mva small substation transformer, it designed and producted by CSA, ANSI/IEEE standard. DAELIM actively assist with customers to complete the site test work, and all the data were consistent with the factory test data.Three small substation transformers were successfully put into operation.

Miniature Substation Mini Substation

Substation transfomer in Australia

DAELIM’s 1000kva, 1500kva, 3000kva substation transformers are exported to Australia, which are designed and produced in strict accordance with Australian standards.

daelim certifcate
Through years of international engineering experience, our factory is capable of producing transformers meeting various international standards, such as IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA.
Customer Visit

Here is some of comments from our world-wide customers.

Customer Visit

Q: Are you a trading company?
A: No. We are a transformer manufacturer. We have our own transformer factory in Jiangsu province.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 20 days if the goods are in stock, or 30 days if the goods are not. It is according to the quantity.

Q: What is the standard of package?
A: Export standard package or special package according to customer’s requirement.

Q: Which markets have you already sold your products to?
A: South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Q: How long have you been worked in the electric industry?
A: We have been worked in the electric industry for nearly 25 years.

Q: Why should I choose Daelim?
A: After comparing the quality, delivery, and price of the same products, you will find out the answer.

Company Profile

BEIJING DAELIM GREEN EP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Locates in Beijing, China,is a professional transformer manufacturer and international electrical engineering contraction company. The expert team of DAELIM controls each process from product development to design , production and manufacturing in order to achieve its goals. They have strong R&D team and they have more than 20 years of transformer design experience and are familiar with lots of international transformer standards, such as IEC, IEEE / ANSI,CSA, etc. The technical team of DAELIM are experts, electrical engineers, CAD first-class draftsmen, etc. They also use the latest technology, machines and other modern facilities to produce transformers, but meanwhile DAELIM transformers are made of qualified standard materials which meets the standards of world-renowned suppliers through international procurement as well.

daelim factory