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Daelim Electric Co.Ltd has been engaged in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high-quality electrical products and equipment for more than 15 years.

Our team has been systematically trained and is committed to continuous improvement of quality guidelines and practices. Our business, experience and technology are built on a foundation of electrical product expertise that we have built over the years.

For DAELIM, our mission has always been to meet the needs of customers and earn their trust by being a trusted partner for them. Our dedicated customer service, product innovation, engineering excellence, and a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility have made us a valued and trusted power solutions partner to the global power industry.

outstanding projects

Latin America

69KV Series Substation. Built in 2016, the 69kv series substation incuding: ·Kaliti-l 69/13.8 mva substation; ·Cotebie 69/22kv 20mva substation; ·Kaliti-II 69/13.8kv 24mva substation; ·Weregenur 69/13.8kv 30mva substation.


14.4kV and 35kV Pad Mounted Transformer, Installation in 2018, is used to supply power to an electric furnace, which lowers the high voltage to the furnace-required lower voltage. It was designed according to client's request.


Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer Project, used in Saskatoon, Canada, 2019. We provided single phase transformers of 2.4kv, 7.,2kv, 13.8kv and 14.4kv. They are used for remote village net work.

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