Transformer Solutions For Utilities

In the ever-evolving landscape of power distribution, the need for reliable transformer solutions has never been more paramount. At the forefront of this transformation is Daelim, driving change with their tailored transformer solutions.

Transformer Solutions For Utilities

Role of Transformers in Utilities

As global electricity demand soars, transformers are the unsung heroes ensuring this growth is sustained. However, many utilities grapple with the dilemma of aging transformer fleets, which threatens the consistent delivery of power. Proactive solutions and state-of-the-art transformer technology are the need of the hour.

215 Units Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer in Florida

Taking on the mammoth task of installing 215 single phase pad-mounted transformers, Daelim catered to specific residential requirements, ensuring the transformers were void of a load switch and tap changer. This commitment to customization underscores Daelim’s dedication.

How to test a pad mounted transformer
electricity transformer box for house utility4

24 Units 333 kVA Pole Mounted Transformer in Texas

Beyond numbers, it’s the features that make Daelim stand out. In Texas, they not only installed transformers but also integrated a cooling mechanism (ONAN) and used an eco-friendly insulating medium (FR3 Vegetable oil).

41 Units 300 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer in Vancouver

Navigating the Canadian standards, Daelim installed transformers while complying with CSA C227.4 &CSA C802.1. Their versatility in catering to global standards is commendable.

House market utility transformer for sale
transformer for House market Utility

32 Units 50 kVA Pole Mounted Transformer in Guyana

Ensuring adherence to the ANSI/IEEE C57 standard, Daelim showcased their prowess in offering solutions tailored for specific regions, highlighting their global footprint.

The Transformative Benefits of Daelim's Solutions

Improved Reliability
Unplanned downtimes can be a utility’s nightmare. Daelim’s transformer solutions combat this by facilitating predictive maintenance, enabling early detection of potential issues.

Increased Efficiency
Beyond mere power transformation, Daelim’s smart transformers are revolutionizing the game. By autonomously adjusting voltage levels, these transformers mitigate manual intervention, enhancing overall efficiency.

Enhanced Safety
Safety isn’t an afterthought for Daelim. Their solutions proactively offer early warnings for potential hazards, ensuring both infrastructure and personnel are safeguarded from unforeseen challenges.

single phase pad mounted transformer for House market Utility

Pad mounted transformer Design

daelim Pad mounted transformer Design
Pad mounted transformer Design

Adherence to Standards

Single Phase Transformer CESI