Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

The single phase pad mounted transformer is designed to improve performance in terms of KVA rating, compact dimensions, lighter weight, safety, and sustainability. No distribution room, can be directly placed in the indoor or outdoor, can also be placed in the streets and the greenbelt and reliably ensure personal safety, both power supply facilities, but also decorate the environment. It is low-profile, compartment-type transformer, which supplies suitable for mounting outdoors on pads without additional protective enclosures, and meet the following standard: IEC60076, ANSI/IEEEC57.12.00, C57.12.38, C57.12.90 .


Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

What is the single phase pad mounted transformer?

1. The high-voltage porcelain sleeve installed on the box cover is equipped with ring-shaped terminal blocks, suitable for aluminum or copper cables.

2. The box cover adopts a ring-shaped overlock structure, which has uniform force and reliable sealing.

3. The low-voltage casing and terminal of the box wall are ring-shaped bolts, and the surface is tin-plated.

4. Equipped with a self-sealing pressure release valve.

5. Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer is manufactured according to ANSI standards.

6. High voltage with plug-in fuse.

7. Double voltage switch can be selected for high voltage, which is convenient for different power grids.

8. With pressure release valve, safe and reliable

9. Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer hook and support frame are produced according to American standards

10. The ground terminal is American and can withstand large currents

Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications

two types of three phase pad mounted transformer
two types of three phase pad mounted transformer
(kva) Rated Power(v) High Voltage(v) Low VoltageNo-load Loss (W)On-load Loss (W)
1534500/19920/13800/7957/13200/7620 or others120-240 240-480 347  60050195

Daelim's Transformer Certification

What Are the Standard Sizes of Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformers?

(kva) Rated PowerDimension(mm)Weight(kg)
WDHOil WightTotal Wight

Use environment of single phase pad mounted transformer

1. The altitude does not exceed 1500m

2. Use environment temperature +40℃—-20℃

3. The annual average humidity does not exceed 90%

4. Both indoor and outdoor

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