Distribution Transformer Capacity Solution for Processing Factory

With the development of the economy, the capacity selection of distribution transformers has increasingly become the key to energy saving.

The processing plant can be said to be a place for the production of industrial products. The production capacity of the processing plant is very huge, and the gradual increase in production capacity brings about a gradual increase in the demand for electricity.

Therefore, each processing plant will have different types of transformers. These transformers have different grades and ranges including UHV, EHV and other transformers with limited range.

If the power consumption is too large, the transformer will generate a load under continuous operation.

Today we are mainly talking about the capacity selection of distribution transformers in transformers. What I want to advocate is a method of selecting the capacity of distribution transformers, the economic upper limit method.

In fact, the economic ceiling method is not the only option, there are many other power distribution methods, but today we will focus on the economic ceiling method.

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What is a Distribution Transformer?

Distribution transformer generally refers to a power transformer with a voltage level of 10kv to 35kV and a maximum capacity of 6,300kV in the distribution network that directly supplies power to end users. The loss of distribution transformer is divided into constant loss and variable loss.

The economic operating area of distribution transformers can be deduced based on the operating conditions within a day.

It realizes that distribution transformers are widely used today, but the technology required for the production of distribution transformers is relatively high. The market for distribution transformers is still fiercely competitive. Distribution transformers neglected to save energy in the production process.

However, with the development of the economy, people’s demand for energy saving and environmental protection is increasing, and more and more factories have begun to produce energy-saving distribution transformers.

Daelim is a distribution transformer manufacturer with 15 years of production and design experience. Daelim’s products are mainly sold to countries that have already put forward requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, daelim’s distribution transformers can provide a favorable guarantee for your energy saving and environmental protection requirements.

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What Are the Selection Criteria for the Capacity of Distribution Transformers?

Distribution Transformer Capacity test
Distribution Transformer Capacity test

There is a standard to be followed in the selection of the distribution transformer capacity: the maximum load value of the user is less than the upper limit of the economic operation area.

When selecting the capacity of the distribution transformer, the factory should calculate it according to the formula, and strive to find the most suitable capacity.

For example, if the calculated load in the processing plant is 400kW. The voltage in the factory is 480kVA. The factory implements a two-shift system, so the capacity of the factory’s distribution transformer should be 266,77kW.

Calculation Formula of Transformer Transformation Ratio

Use the copper loss and iron loss of the distribution transformer to compare the maximum economic load rate of the transformer everywhere under equal conditions and the ratio of the transformer rated capacity to the maximum load.

How to calculate the power losses of the transformer, the calculation method of the transformer iron losses and copper losses power

In fact, the main reason for the selection of the capacity of the distribution transformer is to extend or ensure the service life of the equipment within the maximum range and reduce the production cost.

How to Maintain a Distribution Transformer?

Improper capacity selection will have very severe consequences. If the capacity is too large, it will result in an underload operation.

Then there will be fires and irreparable losses due to the overheating of the equipment and the burning of the equipment.

Abnormal sound from distribution transformer

Don’t ignore the abnormal sound when the distribution transformer is in operation. The staff should conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment in time until the problem of the equipment is found.

The staff will record the content of the problem and submit it to the technical department and stop the operation of the distribution transformer in time until the problem is solved.

Temperature detection

The detection of equipment temperature is very important. It is necessary to regularly measure the temperature of the equipment, because the equipment may have load problems.

If the abnormal temperature cannot be detected in time, the equipment may be damaged. The critical temperature of the distribution transformer is 95 degrees Celsius.

Once a temperature is exceeded, the service life of the transformer will be reduced. This is a very wasteful behavior.

Whether the oil level is normal and whether there is oil leakage

The fuel tank supports the operation and use of the distribution transformer. Under normal circumstances, there will be no problems with the fuel tank, but you cannot relax your vigilance. Check whether the fuel tank is in normal use every day.

Once the oil leakage occurs and the temperature of the transformer is high, if it cannot be found in time, it is easy to cause a fire, and the equipment and the factory will be very dangerous.

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Concluding Remarks

This article puts forward specific research methods and limiting factors for the selection of the capacity of distribution transformers through various presentations and researches, as well as some issues that we need to pay attention to in our daily work.

On the other hand, in fact, the choice of distribution transformer capacity is diversified. We should make specific choices based on the actual situation of the processing plant. After all, no matter how we choose, our ultimate goal is to save energy, reduce costs, and create better Economic benefits.

Custom Distribution Transformer

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