Maintenance Procedures for Pad Mounted Transformers

The Complete Pad-mounted Liquid Filled Compartmental Transformer Guide

1. Capital investment is reserved for transformers, disconnect the bottom voltage side isolation switch of the pad mounted transformer for maintenance, take out the actual operating commercial insurance for operating the switching power supply, and indicate the direction of the suspension “No reclosing” at the door handle of the power switch.

Pad Mounted Transformer Maintained

2. Disconnect the isolating switch on the high voltage side of the maintenance transformer, cover the power switch of the grounding device, and after fully charging and discharging the transformer, lock the high-voltage cabinet, and suspend the “No reclosing” at the door handle of the power switch to indicate the direction.

Transformer three-phase dual power supply automatic switching

3. Check whether the grounding device of the transformer is good and whether the grounding wire is corroded. If the corroded is more serious, it should be replaced.

What are the main neutral grounding methods of power systems?

4. The maintenance of the van-type soft starter is to clean the porcelain waterproof casing and casing first, and then check whether the casing, gaskets, and porcelain waterproof casing are cracked, charging and discharging marks, or whether the leather cushion is embrittled, Whether the cable and bus duct is deformed, and should be disassembled and replaced if they are cracked.

5. Clean up the dust around the transformer and parts, check whether the fire-fighting equipment and exhaust system are good.


6. Check whether the surface of the bus duct is clean. The air oxide layer should be removed from the surface and coated with compound grease for power engineering.

7. Tighten the wire terminals, pins, grounding device screws, and wire busway screws. If they are loose, remove the screws, or file the surface with a thin flat file, or remove and replace the spring washers and screws until the touch is good.


8. Connect the bottom pressure side isolation switch to operate the switching power supply to actually operate the commercial insurance, and again hang up the “No reclosing” direction to avoid reverse closing to the transformer.

9. Turn off the power switch of the grounding device on the high voltage side, lock the high-voltage circuit breaker section, and measure the grounding resistance with a 2500V shaker. And compared with the value measured before the original factory of the transformer, the grounding resistance should not be less than 70% of the original record at the original factory. If it does not pass, it should be reported and resolved immediately.

10. Cover the power switch of the grounding device on the high voltage side again to allow the transformer to charge and discharge.

11. Check whether there are any special tools left in the transformer room and the transformer, and withdraw from the spot.

12. Turn off the power switch of the high-voltage side grounding device, and re-check the control line of the transformer on the spot and the bottom-voltage side. After the accuracy is correct, cover the transformer’s high-voltage side isolating switch, and let the transformer test run and take out the high-voltage side indicating direction .

13. Make a record of maintenance and trial operation of the pad mounted transformer.

The above is the 11 maintenance procedures for pad mounted transformers, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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