Causes of Oil Leakage in Oil-immersed Transformers

1. Welding quality

The oil-immersed transformer shell is a combination of steel plate welding and connection. Longer welds and more welded joints have higher requirements for welding operations.

Due to the influence of external environment, temperature, experience skills, welding materials, plates and other factors, the quality results after welding are sometimes not satisfactory, and there are often welding cracks and blisters, which cause oil leakage in oil-immersed transformers. One of the main reasons.

oil-immersed transformers oil leakage
oil-immersed transformers oil leakage

2. Sealing quality

The choice of sealing type and material is the main reason for the poor sealing problem. When the sealing quality of the transformer is not good enough, the problem of oil leakage may occur during use.

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3. Sealing aging

Due to weather environment, use environment and oil corrosion, the sealing aging of oil-immersed transformers is also one of the main reasons for oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers.

In addition, there will be other reasons, including inadequate daily maintenance during use, and failure to deal with some minor faults discovered in time, which may also cause oil leakage in the oil-immersed transformer.

The above analysis has analyzed several major causes of oil leakage in oil-immersed transformers, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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