How to Install a Distribution Transformer?

At present, the construction of the distribution network pays attention to standardization and standardization and strengthens the role of leading and demonstrating models to improve the quality of construction. Based on work experience, the author puts forward the following items that should be paid attention to when installing distribution transformers for reference.

install distribution transformer
install distribution transformer

(1) The power distribution transformer platform on the column adopts the equal-height pole method, and the electric pole adopts a non-prestressed concrete pole. Double cross arm and double vertical insulators should be used at the top of the main and auxiliary poles.

(2) Two parallel groove clamps should be used to connect the high-voltage down conductor to the 10 kV line, with the tail facing the power receiving side.

(3) When selecting wires, use JKLYJ-10/50 overhead insulated wires from the main trunk line to the upper pile head of the drop-out fuse, and use JKTRYJ-10/35 overhead insulated wires from the lower pile head of the drop-out fuse to the distribution transformer.

(4) All wiring should be straight, the arc should be beautiful and consistent, and the distance between the cross arms should meet the typical design requirements. Except for the drop-out fuse cross arm which is installed on the high voltage side of the distribution transformer, all the other cross arms are installed on the low voltage side of the distribution transformer. Drop-out fuses and test grounding rings should be installed on the high-voltage side of the distribution transformer. The distance between the insulation piercing grounding clamp and the pile head of the fuse should be greater than 700 mm.

(5) The installation of the arrester should be as close as possible to the distribution transformer, and its grounding down conductor should be connected to the neutral point of the secondary side of the distribution transformer and the metal shell of the distribution transformer.

(6) The mounting bolts should use “two flats and one elastic double nut”, the screw fasteners should be exposed in the same way, and the washers should be square.

(7) Install warning signs of “No Climbing, High Voltage Danger” on the poles on both sides of the platform, with a size of 300 mm×300 mm. The color of the rectangular backing of the prohibition sign is white, the round frame with slashes is red, the sign symbol is black, and the auxiliary sign is white on a red background with bold letters. The nameplate is installed on the distribution transformer support on the right side of the front of the stand. The size of the nameplate is 300mm×240 mm (without frame), with red letters on a white background and bold letters. The upper edge of the installation is aligned with the upper edge of the distribution transformer support. And fix it on the support with a steel belt.

(8) The low-voltage integrated distribution box adopts suspended installation, and the lower edge is not less than 2.0 m from the ground. It can be appropriately increased if there are flood control requirements. In D and E power supply areas such as rural areas, farming, and pastoral areas, the height of the lower edge of the low-voltage integrated distribution box can be reduced to 1.8 m. The inlet and outlet of the integrated distribution box shall be blocked with fire-resistant mud and other materials.

(9) The grounding body shall be laid in a closed loop around the distribution transformer, with more than 2 vertical grounding electrodes, and the buried depth of the grounding body shall not be less than 0.6 m. The grounding flat iron should be installed on the other side of the low-voltage outlet of the integrated distribution box. The grounded flat iron shall be painted with yellow and green marking colors. Reflective stickers should be attached to the root of the pole.

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