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This article will tell you the main points to pay attention to when purchasing power transformers in China, which are the standards of China’s power transformer market.

A power transformer refers to a stationary device with two or more windings that transforms the AC voltage and current values of one power system into different voltage and current values in another power system at the same frequency in order to transmit electrical energy. In infrastructure construction, purchasing power transformers is one of the important tasks.

As a major manufacturing country, China has many power transformer factories, providing high-quality power transformers to the world.

Daelim’s transformer factory is located in Jiangsu Province, China, which is adjacent to the port, ensuring that power transformers can be delivered quickly after production. At the same time, daelim’s power transformers have to undergo a number of tests before leaving the factory. At the same time, Daelim will provide you with design drawings and key time nodes during your purchase. You can control the production nodes and keep abreast of the production progress of your products.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Dry-type Transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

In the process of electric energy transmission and distribution, power transformers are the core of energy conversion and transmission. Its performance and quality are directly related to the reliability and operational benefits of the power system operation. Power transformers are widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, and urban communities, and their losses account for about 40% of power losses in transmission and distribution.

For transformers that run every day and consume a lot of electric energy, improving power efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and saving electric energy are the indicators that users are most concerned about. So, for buyers who have procurement needs in this area, how to choose high-efficiency and energy-saving power transformers?

Energy Efficiency Standards for Power Transformers

power transformer from china

At present, there are two main China’s mandatory standards for energy efficiency indicators of power transformers, namely GB20052-2013 “Three-phase Distribution Transformer Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Grade” and GB24790-2009 “Power Transformer Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Grade”. Both of these standards have been implemented for a long time, and the performance parameters specified in the standards have been inconsistent with the current technical requirements. In order to better promote the energy saving and consumption reduction of power transformers, the new mandatory standard GB20052-2020 “Power Transformer Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades” was officially released on May 29, 2020, and will be officially released on June 1, 2021. implement.

The naming method of power transformers JB/T3837-2016 “Methods for Compiling Transformer Product Models” stipulates the naming rules for power transformers. Enterprises can voluntarily name power transformers according to this standard. Generally, the model specification includes the structure type, core material, voltage level, rated capacity and other information of the power transformer. Usually, the power transformer will also add the label “-NX1” (first-level energy efficiency) or “-NX2” (second-level energy efficiency) at the end of the model to clarify the energy efficiency level of the product.

Taking the oil-immersed power transformer as an example, its specifications are: the high-voltage side voltage is 10k V, the rated capacity is 2000k VA, the iron core material is silicon steel sheet, the iron core structure is a three-dimensional wound iron core, and the energy efficiency level is level 1.

The model specification is named in the following way: S-M·RL-2000/10-NX1.

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Key indicators for purchasing power transformers

Select the transformer according to the usage environment. Under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers can be selected. In multi-storey or high-rise main buildings, non-combustible or flame-retardant power transformers should be selected. In places where dusty or corrosive gases seriously affect the safe operation of the transformer, closed or sealed power transformers should be selected.

High and low voltage power distribution devices without flammable oil and non-oil-immersed distribution transformers can be installed in the same room. At this time, the distribution transformers should be provided with protective casings to ensure safety.

Select the transformer according to the power load. Usually selected according to the capacity of the power transformer recommended in GB/T17468-2019 “Guidelines for Selection of Power Transformers”, dry-type transformers should generally be selected according to GB/T1094.12-2013 “Guidelines for Loads of Dry-Type Power Transformers” and the calculated load determine its capacity.

Learn about insulation classes. Insulation grade refers to the heat resistance grade of insulating materials used in electrical equipment. Insulation materials can be divided into 7 grades according to their heat resistance, and their temperature rise limits are also different.

The insulation class of commonly used power transformers is between A and H, the insulation class of oil-immersed transformers is generally A, and the insulation class of dry-type transformers is generally For H.

Watch out for no-load losses. No-load loss refers to the active power dissipated through the line terminals of a winding when the rated voltage at the rated frequency is applied to the terminals of one winding and the other windings are open-circuited. Load loss is the active power dissipated at rated frequency and reference temperature when rated current flows through the line terminals of one winding and the other winding is short-circuited.

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Main product categories and applications

Power transformers can be divided into oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers and gas-filled transformers according to the insulating medium.

Oil-immersed transformers include mineral oil-immersed transformers and high ignition point oil (synthetic oil and natural ester) immersed transformers.

Mineral oil-immersed transformers are widely used in various places, but the fire protection and safety requirements of the installation site should be fully considered. Because of its higher flash point and ignition point than mineral oil, high ignition point oil has higher safety performance.

Therefore, high ignition point oil-immersed transformers are often used in places with relatively high safety requirements or places with insufficient fire protection distance from buildings.

Dry-type transformers usually have epoxy resin cast insulated dry-type transformers and impregnated insulated dry-type transformers. The transformer should meet the requirements of the combustion grade specified in the china’s standard, and is usually used in indoor substations built in conjunction with buildings or in underground substations with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

Gas-filled transformers use non-combustible gases such as sulfur hexafluoride or mixed gas as the insulating and cooling medium.

Factors to consider when purchasing a product

china power transformer

Verify that the product meets the standards. When selecting a transformer, it is necessary to clarify the standards that the transformer meets. On the basis of the relevant standards of GB/T1094, oil-immersed power transformers should generally comply with the provisions of GB/T6451, GB/T25438, GB/T25446, JB/T2426, JB/T10317, NB/T42067 and other standards. Dry-type power transformers should meet the requirements of GB/T10228, GB/T22072, GB/T32825, JB/T2426, NB/T42066 and other standards.

If the product has other requirements, it should be indicated in the inquiry or bidding documents and specified in the contract. In principle, it is the most basic requirement for power transformer products to comply with china’s power transformer standards.

Pay attention to energy-saving indicators and certification marks. GB20052-2020 “Power Transformer Energy Efficiency Limit Values and Energy Efficiency Grades” clarifies the maximum allowable limits of no-load loss and load loss of power transformers under specified conditions. According to the “Transformer Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan (2021-2023)”, by 2023, high-efficiency energy-saving transformers (in line with the newly revised “Power Transformer Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades” (GB20052-2020) in the 1st and 2nd level energy efficiency standards The proportion of transformers operating on the grid increased by 10%, and the proportion of new high-efficiency energy-saving transformers in the year reached more than 75%). From June 2021, newly purchased transformers should be energy efficient transformers.

China Quality Certification Center identifies and evaluates the energy-saving indicators of power transformers by means of product certification. The qualified equipment is an energy-saving product, and the equipment manufacturer expresses it by applying the “section” certification mark to prove that the product has excellent energy-saving performance. Performance is one of the important references when purchasing.

Comprehensive consideration of product indicators. When selecting a transformer, it should be based on the overall reliability of the transformer, comprehensively consider the advanced nature, rationality, economy and environmental friendliness of technical parameters, combined with load development, safety requirements, operating environment, operating mode, operating conditions and losses Evaluation methods, etc., and put forward reasonable technical and economic indicators and performance evaluation indicators.

At the same time, the possible impact on the safe operation of the system, environmental protection, transportation, installation space and operation and maintenance should also be considered.

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