Ultimate Transformer Light Pole for Guide

Are you currently looking for transformer light poles for your business project or cryptocurrency projects? You would be amazed how these devices can perform which is why this article will be focusing on the various lighting pole parts, parking lot light pole parts, and as well as light pole accessories.

With the help of DAELIM, a professional transformer light pole manufacturer from China, it is expected that you will have sufficient knowledge to understand what this type of transformer is capable of.

But before going through the complex characteristics of transformer light poles, it is highly recommended that you learn or review first the basics of transformers so that you will not be confused as we go deeper into the article.

Ultimate Transformer Light Pole for Guide

Completely Self Protected (CSP) Transformer

Single Phase Conventional Transformer

What is a Transformer Light Pole?

A transformer light pole is basically a transformer that is mounted on a utility pole that can be found almost anywhere you go in public.

But this type of transformer can also be used underground along with the wires that are connected to it.

So, why do we need transformer light poles, and why are they even mounted on utility poles?

This type of transformer can have different power rates or voltages, depending on the manufacturer.

Basically, there are several reasons why this type of transformer is on utility poles.

For starters, the first reason why is for public safety. Although these transformers are displayed in public, it still does not mean that it is safe for human contact.

In fact, it can electrocute or severely harm people and animals if made contact with.

In addition to the reason why this type of transformer is mounted on poles is that the pole will assist the transformer in taking down the energy to a certain level of voltage that is lower so that it can be distributed to a home.

The reason why the voltage has to be decreased is simply that too much voltage can damage the house or cause a fire and even an explosion.

Despite the size of the transformer light poles, they can be heavy with even the smallest ones weighing about 300 to 400 pounds this is because of their lighting pole parts or parking lot light pole parts, the enclosure’s weight, and more weight if there are light pole accessories included.

But before the power reaches the pole, the power will first come from power generating stations, and these cables are capable of containing 130.000+ volts with them, which is considered a large amount of power.

In a different type of setup, transformer light poles can have huge power lines with a lot of electricity flowing in them.

In fact, if you go close to one (at a safe distance), you can even hear the energy flowing through electrical buzzing.

What is Inside a Transformer Light Pole?

Inside a Transformer Light Pole

To begin with, to get a better grasp of understanding of what transformer light poles are about, it is important to know what their essential parts are first.

But first, to take off the transformer, you must remove the bolt or bolts (since one can have many bolts locked to the transformer).

Afterwards, you can then proceed with removing the seal of the transformer and opening the lid of the transformer.

At first, you won’t be able to completely open the lid nor remove it because there are wires connected to the lid that you must unscrew their bolts first.

Once you have completely unscrewed the lid of the transformer, you can then see what is inside clearly.

And at first glance, you will be able to see an indicator for the oil level, which is the label that will help you know if the oil is enough inside the transformer.

The lack of mineral oil in a transformer can cause them to overheat and potentially get their performance affected. 

On the outer part of the transformer’s enclosure, you will see two small bushings, and these two bushings are providing power.

Two 120 volts with a total of 240 volts, will be provided out of these two bushings. 240 volts is the maximum voltage you can get for a house.

Inside the transformer, you will see a large battery-shaped component, wherein the electromagnetism action happens.

This large component that you will see will have a lot of wirings stuck together that are very thick and made out of metal.

This component is where a large amount of voltage comes in, and it is generated as it goes through.

You will also find the coils inside of it as well, which are the primary and secondary winding that are expected to be covered with insulation but only with a small amount.

This small amount is sufficient for cooling.

If you cut open this large component, you will be able to see the countless layers of aluminum sheets that are piled together with epoxy glue.

The purpose why aluminum sheets are used for this is because they are good conductors for electricity.

Depending on how much electricity do you want to provide or transform, the variant will depend on your needs.

As long as 120 volts can get out of the transformer, this is already enough for cryptocurrency mining.

However, if your cryptocurrency mining setup consists of many graphic cards on several mining rigs, you may want to contact DAELIM’s team of professionals for a better suggestion.

How Do Transformer Light Poles Work?

Basically, transformer light poles work just like any other transformer out there. Transformers are used to step up or step down (these are the terms for increase and decrease in transformers) before it proceeds to its final destination.

So, you might be wondering, why does it have to go through this process?

Can’t electricity just pass through and go into houses and buildings directly? 

The simple answer to these questions is that this process is important because, without this process, the electricity will burn or cause the houses and buildings to explode due to the oversupply of electricity.

Original power distribution voltage can range from 7,200 Volts all the way to 20,000 Volts and even more.

But this will have to depend on the electric utility provider’s practice and the distance to the furthest member and also the number of loads being served.

Some voltage rang can either be too much voltage for consumer use.

The transmission lines are responsible for connecting the power to substations.

Substations are usually surrounded by transformers and control equipment as well.

That is basically the first place is where the transformer will change the voltage to manageable levels or the distribution system.

The voltage will then travel through the distribution lines to decrease one or more steps down before arriving at your place.

Regular appliances that are connected to outlets usually receive 120 volts while water heaters and heavy appliances use 240 volts, which are both significantly lower compared to the original voltage.

Basically, just like any other transformer, transformer light poles start with an iron core.

On each side of the iron core, there are coils attached to it.

When it comes to the high voltage side or high voltage coil, it is expected that it is wrapped several times on the core tightly.

This side is capable of receiving and sending high voltage of the coil.

In terms of the other side, the second coil is wrapped less and has the ability to both receive and produce low voltage.

As the electricity is flowing through the high voltage, it creates a magnetic field and induces a lower voltage onto the other coil on the other side.

That is how transformation works.

Why Do Transformers Explode?

There might be an instance in your life that you have witnessed a transformer exploding, but those explosions that have a high possibility of leading to a drastic failure are usually caused by mechanical and dielectric failure.

In both situations, the transformer is expected to no longer be able to perform when it comes to carrying the load or adjusting voltages by increasing or decreasing it. 

One of the most common reasons why this occurs is due to the poor manufacturing process, overloading, no more insulation, moisture, lack of maintenance, or outside disruptions.

Yes, there are people out there that sabotage transformers to ruin it, which can be very dangerous to the houses and people nearby.

The most common type of transformer to explode are transformer light poles, but why does this happen?

For starters, there are several reasons why transformers explode with each having different complications of itself, and for transformer light poles, it is usually do to poor maintenance or manufacturing.

One of the things that electrical companies analyzes are the gases that evolve in the transformer and get dissolved in the oil.

This means that it is important to carefully check them because even ones with lids can still cause gas to escape.

How Often Do Transformer Light Poles Explode?

You would be surprised to know that this phenomenon actually happens often, but compared to back in the old days, transformers do not just randomly explode nowadays since manufacturers have applied advanced technology to their transformers.

However, there are still manufacturers out there that create low-quality transformers that are usually hunted by the government to stop their operation.

Transformer explosion can also happen even in underground setups, not just transformer light poles.

Transformer Light Pole Setups

As mentioned, there is a transformer on the power generating station that is responsible for adjusting the electricity from thousands of volts. 

In addition to that, there will be another transformer that will be sending it to different areas.

Then there will be another substation that distributes it to the streets than on to the transformer light poles to send it to houses and other buildings. 

The copper conductors protect the inside of the transformer, and for every transformer, its build will be different.

Behind those conductors will be the primary and secondary winding. For big transformers, what holds these all together are actually just paper and cardboard. 

This goes to say that the conductors are wrapped with insulation that is cellulose, which is precisely the same material that brown grocery bags are made out of.

The lower part will be capable of holding out the weight of the coils on top that could accumulate several thousands of pounds. It is expected that it is heavy since it is made out of solid copper.

As big transformers operate, the mechanical parts in them will then be forced to move because of the magnetic fields.

In the case that the paper insulation fails, the failure of the transformer is expected to follow. 

As mentioned before, large transformers and as well as transformer light poles make use of oil as their insulation.

This type of oil is named mineral oil, which is the best type of insulating liquid for transformers.

The oil in transformers is also responsible for taking care of the paper, this means that you won’t be able to maintain the paper directly with your hands.

But if you focus on the oil instead, the mineral oil will simply do its part in taking care of the paper.

So, focus on providing high-quality mineral oil to your transformers always.

Final Thoughts on Transformer Light Poles

If you have a small to medium project going, including such as cryptocurrency mining, it is highly recommended that you get a premium transformer light pole since it is expected that you will be consuming a lot of power.

A cheap or low-quality transformer light pole can easily get burnt out especially if your mining rigs are of high specs and are on 24/7.

Investing in a high-quality transformer light pole will definitely prevent you from wasting money on maintenance and frequent oil change.

But if you have little to no knowledge about transformer maintenance, DAELIM themselves will provide you with all the necessary information you need to maintain your transformer.

A transformer that is well taken care of is expected to last for decades.

Just make sure that you are connected to a generating power station that does not black out easily because this can ruin your mining rigs and cause you a lot of money if some of your graphic cards receive short circuits.

It is also recommended that you use high-quality surge protectors for your mining rigs in order to prevent them from getting damaged.

If you have any questions or clarifications about cryptocurrency mining and transformer light poles, please do not hesitate to contact DAELIM right away.

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