Top Electricity Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers in The USA

Most of the transformers in today’s market come from different electric distribution transformer suppliers.

They are companies that sell transformers and other small to massive electrical components for industrial purposes. One of them is Daelim Electric Co. Ltd.

Daelim Electric has been around for over a decade and has become one of the leading distribution transformer suppliers.

The company has independent R&D capabilities which provide reliable quality products and customize projects according to customer needs.

Daelim serves hundreds of customers, and successful projects are spread all over the world.

When you need the most powerful, durable, and affordable transformer, you can rely on Daelim.

Daelim’s transformer range is made to meet your needs with the latest technology.

We keep up with all technological developments to provide our customers with reliable and efficient storage solutions for power transformers.

With all that said, what makes a transformer supplier unique? Who are the transformer manufacturers near me?

We’ve compiled the best information to answer those questions.

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What Is the Importance of Transformer Suppliers?

The main importance of transformer manufacturers in the USA lies within the device they’re producing.

It is important to realize that these electric devices are used in many applications. Primarily and perhaps most importantly, transformers aid in the distribution and regulation of power across long distances.

Consequently, transformers are key to the safe operation of power systems.

People can use them to raise and lower voltage levels as and when needed, such as the control of a switch or the battery regulation.

Another key point is the device’s versatility.

Transformers are utilized in industries like automobile, steel manufacturing, aerospace, and telecommunication.

Despite being used primarily for industrial purposes, some residences are equipped with small-scale transformers.

Transformer Suppliers-Daelim
Transformer Suppliers-Daelim

Which Company First Makes Transformers?

Before knowing the company that made the very first transformers, it is essential to understand its origin. The history of modern-day transformers dates back to the 1800s where Michael Faraday laid out its theoretical foundations.

Faraday was dabbling with electricity and found what we call now the Law of Electromagnetic Induction.

After fifty years, Lucien Gaulard and John Dixon Gibbs, a French inventor and a British engineer, made the prototype.

However, the two sold the patent to George Westinghouse, an American entrepreneur, and engineer.

He improved Gaulard and Gibbs’ prototype with the help of William Stanley, under the Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Therefore it is safe to say that the Westinghouse Electric Corporation made the first commercially-used transformers.

Which Are Known as the Best Transformer Manufacturers in the USA?

According to the 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report, the global power transformer market will value $35 Billion by 2024.

The increase in value is due to the rising need for transformers to regulate electricity in industries.

You might ask yourself, “Are there transformer manufacturers near me?”

To answer that question, here are the best transformer manufacturers in the USA.

Transformer Manufacturers
Transformer Manufacturers


One of the leading transformer manufacturers in the USA, BDI was established in 1935.

With almost a century of expertise, it has over 200 locations within 12 countries.

The company has a range of sectors to work with, like automotive, food processing, public utilities, and mining.

Aside from transformers, the company also offers automation systems, electric components, and generators.

Triad Magnetics

For over seven decades, Triad Magnetics has been one of the consistent transformer manufacturers in the USA.

It has reached an international level with manufacturing facilities in the Philippines and China.

Design engineers work closely with their factories to quickly change or revise any custom product requirements.

The company has solutions for power conversion, filter, isolation, and more.

They are a global leader in magnetics technology catering to audio, medical, dental, wall-mount, and plug-in applications.

Triad Magnetics offers inductors for the current sense, common mode, toroidal, filtering, and power applications.

Neeltran, Inc.

Neeltran, Inc. design, fabricate and install transformers for oil-filled, dry-type, and water cooling systems.

The company was founded in 1973 and since then offers transformers in different types like power packs and phase changers.

Neeltran is a manufacturer of rectifier-transformers and rectifiers that are used in the electronics industry.

The company is one of the handfuls of businesses that make and design rectifier-transformers and rectifiers in the same facility.

It has developed the manufacturing process that has allowed it to be more competitive than other manufacturers.

Pacific Transformer Corp.

Pacific Transformer has kept its commitment to offering the best transformer design and engineering while staying true to its roots.

Since its fruition in 1981, the company has produced standard and custom electric transformers.

These transformers can range from audio, toroidal, low-profile, power to an inverter type.

Pico Electronics Inc.

As one of the best distribution transformer suppliers, Pico Electronics Inc. has to stay on top of its game.

One of the company’s greatest achievements is the development of small-scale transformers.

Thermal shock resistance, electrostatic shielding, and magnetic shield design are only a few of the features offered by the company.

Although they specialize in miniature transformers, the quality is still world-class.

To date, Pico Electronic still offers miniature transformers in fields like military and commercial flights.

MPS Industries Inc.

MPS Industries, Inc. specializes in custom transformers, inductors, common mode chokes, current sensors, and power supplies.

During its 60 years of existence, it had become a major maker of electronic components.

The company provides a diverse product line, custom design capabilities, high-quality products, and services.

It also has local design and manufacturing assistance in the United States while international production and shipping.

Lenco Electronics

Lenco Electronics, Inc. has various items to choose from, like autotransformers, three-phase transformers, and custom transformers.

Products are checked regularly during manufacturing to ensure that clients receive our products’ greatest quality and reliability.

The company provides low-cost samples and has a speedy turnaround of products for customers all over the world.

Like any transformer manufacturers in the USA, Lenco Electronics wants customers to have faith in the product, manufacturing process, and materials’ quality.


ROMAC is a transformer distributor situated in Commerce, California that sells low voltage, dry type, and compartmental transformers.

Circuit breakers, fuses, switchgear, electric motors and controllers, and switches are also available.

Also provided are rentals, reconditioning, retrofitting, custom equipment, and obsolete parts.

The company often has shorter lead times on design and build projects and works to strict specifications and timelines.

Bruce Electric Equipment Corp.

Bruce Electric Equipment Corporation is one of the prominent transformer manufacturers in the USA.

It is one of the largest dealers and master stocking distributors of premium electric power equipment in the US, which provides you with a comprehensive range of products to suit all your needs.


Torelco manufactures toroidal transformers, both custom and standard but other toroidal and bobbin items are also available.

Individuals can also inquire about reverse engineering, custom manufacturing, and rebuilding services.

Glen Magnetics

With 40 years of experience, Glen Magnetics has a reputation for creating high-quality transformers and inductors at reasonable rates.

Every transformer and inductor is custom designed and built to the customer’s specifications.

How Do the Prices of Distribution Transformers Vary?

Different factors affect the final price of a transformer. Here are some of them:

  • Location – prices of materials used may vary depending on where the manufacturer is located;
  • Production – creating transformers require utmost human precision to ensure the quality;
  • Flying Leads – the material needs to be manually placed, which adds to the production costs;
  • Larger Diameter – a larger diameter of the wire equated to a higher production cost;

Correspondingly, different transformer suppliers have their factors to consider when pricing their products. Daelim has been well-known for its competitive yet friendly costs.

What is the largest transformer manufactured?

In Nuremberg, Germany, the world’s most powerful HVDC transformer just completed its testing phase.

With a transmission capacity of twelve gigawatts, direct-current electricity can be transmitted at 1,100 kilovolts.

The transformer will enable low-loss high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power transmission across a distance of 3,284 kilometers.

Why is there a shortage of transformers?

Transformers are massive, intricate, expensive, and time-consuming to produce.

There are only a few transformer suppliers that build them; therefore, inventory is restricted.

Moreover, raw materials are scarce, expensive, and highly volatile.

They are also vulnerable to transportation problems, which can be detrimental to the manufacturing processes.

How can I buy a transformer from a supplier?

First, know what you need before finding a supplier.

There are different types of transformers, and each has a specific usage.

Once you’ve established your needs, search for the right transformer supplier like Daelim.

Take note that not all suppliers have the same process flow, prices, and delivery of service.

Make sure to know them first before saying yes.

Indeed, a transformer is a component that turns electrical energy from one circuit into another.

The process can be done to connect circuits or transfer energy from one circuit to another.

With that information in mind, you need to have a trustworthy and reliable distribution transformer supplier like Daelim.

Daelim offers the best quality products and provides tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs.

We will work with you to design and produce the products that best suit your needs.

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