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2000kVA transformers are the most widely used transformers on the market. Types of 2000 kVA transformers: dry-type transformers, mini substation transformers and pad mounted transformers.

Daelim has over 15 years of experience in 2000kVA transformer design and production. Daelim can design and manufacture transformers specially for you according to your needs. A professional team of engineers can guarantee your power supply.

The 2000kVA transformer by Daelim is especially suitable for application in large-scale electricity consumption places such as encryption mines. In particular, their mini substation transformer and pad mounted transformer have been applied in many major bitcoin mining areas such as Ecuador, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Russia.VA

2000 kva transformer

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What is a 2000 kVA Transformer?

A 2000kVA transformer refers to a distribution transformer with a rated capacity of 2000kva.

Theoretically, when the power factor is 1, 2000 kW of active power can be passed through, which can be represented by 2000 kW at this time.

KVA represents the total power (active + reactive), while KW only represents the active power, that is, the energy that can be consumed.

Such transformer types mainly include oil-immersed transformers, pad mounted transformers and dry-type transformers. What they have in common is that they are all three-phase transformers.

The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, with stepped three-level joints, and the surface is coated with cured paint, which reduces loss and noise;

The coil is wound with high-quality oxygen-free copper wire, the heat dissipation adopts a new oil channel structure, the design is reasonable, and the insulation process is optimized, which improves the mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance, and has a beautiful appearance and reliable operation.

2000 kva Transformer Weight

2000kva pad mounted transformer Oil weight: 950kg; Total weight: 6430kg.

2000kva Dry-type transformer weight:5180kg

2000 kva Transformer Dimensions

2000kva pad mounted transformerdimensions


2000kva Dry-type transformerdimensions


What Does kVA Mean on a Transformer?

KVA is a unit of apparent power (or nominal capacity) of a transformer.

It is equal to the square of the active power plus the square of the reactive power and then the square root, which is the hypotenuse of the right triangle.

When the power factor is equal to 1, the reactive power is equal to zero, the active power is equal to the apparent power, and the output is the largest;

When the power factor is equal to 0, the reactive power is equal to the apparent power, and the transformer has no active output.

What we pursue is that when the power factor is equal to 1, the reactive power is equal to zero, the active power is equal to the apparent power, and the output is the largest.

Daelim 2000 kva mini substation transformer
Daelim 2000 kva mini substation transformer

What is The Rated Current of 2000kva Transformer?

How much current can a 2000kva transformer carry, what is the rated current of a 2000kva transformer, the rated current of the high-voltage side is 115.4A, and the rated current of the low-voltage side is 2886.8A.

Calculation method of rated current of 2000kva transformer

Transformer capacity (A)/1.732/400 (V) = low-voltage side current (A)

Transformer capacity (A)/1.732/10 (KV) = high-voltage side current (A)

2000KVA transformer high voltage side rated current

The rated current of the high-voltage side is 2000000/10000/1.732=11.54A

2000kva transformer low voltage rated current

The rated current of the low-voltage side is 2000000/400/1.732=2886.8A

Daelim 2000 kva pad-mounted transformer

How Many kW Can a 2000 kva Transformer Drive?

How many kilowatts kw can the 2000 transformer carry, and what is the maximum load of the 2000 transformer, about 1600KW.

First of all, these two units are different and have different meanings. KVA (kilovolt-ampere) represents apparent power, and kw (kilowatt) represents active power.

1. The output power of the transformer is the apparent power, and the relationship with the active power (KW) is: apparent power = active power × power factor.

2. Calculated with an average power factor of 0.8, a 2000KVA transformer can provide (200KVA×0.8) 1600KW of active power for the load.

how much does 2000 kva transformer cost

How much is a 2000 transformer, we only know the capacity of the transformer, and there is no way to determine the price of the transformer.

There are many types of transformers, and the price gap is relatively large.

Some transformers are tens of thousands, while others are dozens.

The price of transformers cannot be determined by simple capacity.

At present, dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers are most used in our power grid, and box-type transformers are also used.

The price of oil-immersed transformer is between 36000~42000usd for s9-2000 copper core transformer.
The price of dry-type transformers is between 38000~45000usd of scb10 copper core transformers.

There are two kinds of dry-type transformer shells, one is conventional, and the other is increased to 2.2.

A transformer with a capacity of 2000 will affect the working efficiency of the transformer under high-temperature conditions.

The working efficiency of the transformer will decrease as the temperature increases, and the two are inversely proportional.

Toroidal waterproof transformers are widely used in cold areas because of the outstanding advantages of toroidal transformers with good low temperature characteristics.

When the ambient temperature exceeds the range of the 2000 transformer, the life of the 2000 transformer will be shortened and the loss will increase.

If you want the working efficiency of the transformer to be higher, you can choose a larger iron core to produce or thicken the diameter of the copper wire wound when designing the transformer parameters, so as to achieve higher working efficiency.

Of course, the cost of 2000 transformers will also increase relatively.

The low temperature will not affect the working efficiency of the transformer, but will only affect the startup of the transformer.

Unlike the switching power supply, the toroidal transformer can still start normally at minus 30 degrees, which is very suitable for outdoor use in cold areas in winter. , and the switching power supply is difficult to start at minus 10 degrees, so pay attention when using it at low temperature.

How to convert kVA to KW

How Many KW Equipment Can a 2000KVA Transformer Supply?

A 2000KVA transformer can carry a load of 1700 kW if it is all electrothermal (resistive) loads. But if all of them are inductive loads such as motors, they will be discounted by 40%, that is, the motor load of 1200 kW.

If there are both types, they will be discounted by 30% (1400KW) or 20% off (1600KW), depending on which one The load accounts for more proportion.

In fact, according to the regulations of the Electric Power Bureau, the maximum load is 85% of the full load, which is 1700KVA. Maximum line current is 2586 amps.

Calculate like this: 1700KVA÷380V÷1.732=2.5859446KA=2585.9949A≈2586A≈2600A.

According to the apparent power formula S=1.732UI

High voltage rated current I=S/U=2000/1.732X10=115A

Low voltage rated current I=S/U=2000/1.732X0.4=2887A

Converting to kilowatts is to convert to active power, according to the active power formula P=1.732UIcosΦ=ScosΦ=2000X0.8=1600KW

You can remember such a method.

To find out how much equipment a transformer or switch can drive, multiply the capacity of the transformer or switch by 0.8, which is the total power of the equipment it can mop.

Calculation method of primary and secondary side current of 2000KVA power transformer

10KV/0.4KV, 2000KVA power transformer primary side current: I1=2000/(1.732*10)=115.47A, secondary side current: I2=2000/(1.732*0.4)=2886.83A.

Calculated current I = Transformer capacity/(Transformer voltage X1.732)

The high-side current is divided by the high-side voltage, and the low-side current is divided by the low-side voltage.

Daelim 2000 kva distribution transformer

how Many Amps is a 2000 kVA Transformer?

Different voltage levels have different rated currents. The higher the voltage, the less the rated current, the lower the voltage, the more the rated current.

10KV/400V transformer if 2000kVA transformer

According to the formula, the capacity of the transformer


Primary side rated current



Secondary side rated current



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