2500 kVA Transformer Used For Bitcoin Mining

Are you a Bitcoin miner looking for a reliable and high-quality transformer? In this article, you’d understand everything you need to know about 2500 kVA transformers.

DAELIM is a trusted provider of quality power supplies for cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Daelim provides a range of professionally made and reliable transformers for your crypto-mining system that would help you reach your highest potential gain.

2500KVA Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

Pad-mounted Transformer

Mini Substation Transformers

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What Is The Amp of 2500 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer Used for Bitcoin Mining?

2500kVA pad-mounted and small substation transformers are mainly used for large commercial or industrial substations.

The main function of a 2500kVA pad-mounted transformer is to provide a good power supply for some devices such as HVAC systems, lighting, etc.

And we can also see that it’s easy to move, such as wind turbine power systems or crypto-mining equipment.

Its size is not too big, so many people use it in their homes as well.

How to convert your 2500 kVA pad-mounted transformer into the amp:

Load(VA) x Line voltage(V) = Total watts = Total amps.

Therefore, if you have a 10,000 VA load on a 2500 KVA pad-mounted transformer, you will need to divide your load by 220V. 10000/220 = 4555 Amps.

Therefore, if your crypto power system is using 1050Amps, then it will require a 20 or 2500kVA pad-mounted transformer or larger.

What Is The Usual 2500 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer Specifications Used For Bitcoin Mining?

Like every other transformer, the specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they will usually be made to your requirements.

The important factor is that you have one with a high enough amount of power.

If you are planning on running up to 5000 KW of mining equipment

In addition, it’s recommended that you get one rated at 6000 KVA or above, depending on how much margin for error you want in case something goes wrong.

Your transformer should preferably have its secondary switchgear built into it, rather than plugging into the main distribution board, which doesn’t allow any protection from overload circuits tripping if there is a fault on any part of your system.

Also, It should preferably come pre-wired as standard unless there isn’t enough space near where you plan to install it to lay down cables.

If that’s going to be an issue, then look into placing it at another location entirely.

2500 KVA Pad-mounted Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

2500 kVA Transformer Impedance For Bitcoin Mining

Most 2500 kVA transformers are mainly used for bitcoin mining.

The reason behind using such a big capacity is that, with a large load on it, power distribution efficiency will increase.

In addition, larger transformers would be able to run at lower operating frequency with no issue.

There will be fewer or no losses in transmission lines at lower operating frequency, which means more energy delivered to bitcoin miners.

As it’s with all electrical appliances, the efficiency of pad-mounted transformers is also important.

Higher efficiency means reduced electricity cost per KW/h.

That’s why engineers construct pad-mounted transformers with higher efficiency than usually required by distribution system standards.

What Are The Types Of Small Substation Transformers Used For Bitcoin Mining?

Since bitcoin mining is an ever-evolving industry, various types of small substation transformers are used for bitcoin mining. These transformers are mainly classified into three:

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Step Up Substation for Bitcoin Mining

A step-up substation is required to increase voltage levels of electrical energy produced from local utilities.

Because of their current setup, miners are forced to use lower voltage standards for bitcoin mining at 5kV due to some countries’ lack of high voltage infrastructure.

However, by installing a step-up substation onsite, transformers can run with higher voltages of 15kV or even 33kV, which increases power efficiency while reducing operating costs on cooling systems.

Also, increasing voltages will decrease electrical energy used per megahash, which is usually more desirable for miners looking to save money on initial capital investment and operational costs over time.

Primary Grid Substation for Bitcoin Mining

Similar to a step-up substation, a primary grid substation is also used to raise voltage levels of electricity produced from local utilities.

Instead of stepping up voltage levels, it lowers them so miners can use lower standard voltages at 400kV due to the lack of high voltage grids in other countries.

However, a primary grid substation does not have transformers, so all electrical energy has to be moved by extra power lines leading to an increase in electrical expenses over time.

Secondary Substation for Bitcoin Mining

A secondary substation is used to lower voltage levels of electricity produced from local utilities so miners can use higher standard voltages of 33kV or even 66kV depending on load requirements over time.

Since these transformers usually come with storage tanks, mining facilities can ensure their production capacity falls below a certain threshold.

Even during peak loads which increase reliability and ensures low operating costs for longer periods than non-substation setups.

Why Miners Should Use 2500 kVA Pad-Mounted and Small Substation Transformer?

A growing number of bitcoin miners are tapping into electric service, lured by the low-cost energy prices they get.

While power costs have traditionally been higher for commercial facilities, some business owners are attracted to mining as a way to reduce their operating expenses or otherwise diversify their revenue streams.

Others cannot purchase electricity from local utilities because of rates that are too high or limited access.

Whatever your reasons for mining on grid power, it’s important to know how you can secure cheap electricity without damaging your equipment or causing outages.

Also, if you aren’t running an efficient facility with enough capacity already on hand, cheap energy isn’t worth much if it doesn’t keep your mining system running at top performance.

In addition, smaller mining operations with limited budgets often don’t have access to low-cost electricity.

So, if you’re running a small facility without direct access to power from a utility, one of your best options is to use a pad-mounted transformer.

This type of transformer is also an effective solution for facilities that are expanding or growing quickly. Some people will install transformers early on as a way to save on later capital expenditures.

2500kva mini substation transformers
2500kva mini substation transformers

Can you make bitcoin mining using solar power?

Yes, it’s possible to use solar or other renewable energy sources to run your mining operation.

But, this would not sustain big corporations because their electricity cost would be very high compared to what they get in return for their hashes.

Therefore, we don’t recommend this option.

How long is bitcoin mining?

Crypto farms must operate at the utmost voltage that the miner’s power supply can handle, which is 250V single or dual-phase.

277V/480V is usually too high for standard PSUs.

Though some manufacturers are now offering 277V PSUs, a majority do not.

How much voltage do I need for bitcoin mining?

Crypto farms must operate at the utmost voltage that the miner’s power supply can handle, which is 250V single or dual-phase.

277V/480V is usually too high for standard PSUs. Though some manufacturers are now offering 277V PSUs, a majority do not.


The primary advantage of using a transformer is that it can supply a much higher voltage to a smaller wire.

In other words, you don’t need large copper cables to carry your electricity from one place to another. On top of that, due to their safety features, transformers are also vital in protecting other equipment from surges in electrical currents or power outages during storms or natural disasters.

Indeed, safety is an important factor when choosing different kinds of transformers for bitcoin mining operations.

It would help if you considered contacting DAELIM to buy a transformer for your mining operation. DAELIM provides high-quality products at competitive prices, and DAELIM offers a wide variety of sizes and models.

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