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Before starting crypto currency mining, a powerful engine must be added to the mining farm. As the first step in power supply, a good transformer can help you save money before you start making money.


Save at least 20% of your purchase cost. Let you make more money


Provide you with a one-stop service. With local installation team service.


Improve your power efficiency by 20%. Reduce electricity bills.


Delivery and use within 6~7 weeks. Help you improve efficiency.


Until now, Bitcoin mining power transformers have been shipped out from Daelim's transformer production plant in China every month. They were sent to the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Kenya and other countries. These countries are also the countries with the most bitcoin production in the world.
  • Designed for Bitcoin mining power system, providing professional services for your mining farms;
  • Rich experience, applied in many countries, can quickly customize the program for you;
  • The power utilization rate is more than 15% higher than other transformers in the market, saving you money;
  • 15 years of the transformer production factory, professional design team, fast effect;

Currently, Bitcoin mines mainly use three-phase power supplies.

Mainly used in places that require a large amount of electricity, such as industry, commercial core areas, Bitcoin mining farms, etc.

In North America, the main output voltage of the power station is usually between 12kv and 36kv. When outputting power from a power plant, boosting is performed in order to increase efficiency. Decompression distribution will be carried out to the use area.

This has created a contradiction in the electricity demand of the encrypted farm. Because the PSU of the encrypted farm requires high-voltage power to improve the efficiency of digging.

Therefore, the encryption farm needs to purchase step-up transformers.

The configuration of power transformers in Bitcoin mines is mainly calculated according to MW:
That is: 10mw requires 4 sets 2500kva step-down transformers.

Determine how many step-down transformers you need to purchase based on the MW used by your encryption farm.

There are two main types of step-up transformers suitable for encryption farms: pad-mounted transformer and mini substation Transformer.

Large encryption farms usually choose pad-mounted transformers. Small and medium encryption farms usually buy: mini substation Transformer.
You can also tell us your needs. We can provide you with solutions.

  • Output power: The designed transformer must satisfy that the secondary winding can transmit the rated power to the load, so as to meet its operating requirements.
  • Operational efficiency: It determines the maximum power loss allowed by the transformation.
  • Maximum temperature rise: When the transformer works under certain conditions, its ambient temperature, heat dissipation capacity, altitude and other factors must be considered.


Loop Feed Pad Mounted Transformer
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mini substation transformer
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