750KVA transformer, Everything You Should Know

750kva transformer

There are many types of 750KVA transformers, such as dry-type transformers, step-up transformers, step-down transformers, pad-mounted transformers, distribution transformers, etc.

In this article, you will learn more about the transformer 750kva, its specifications and dimensions.

Dealim’s transformers have been produced and sold for 15 years, and the rich design experience can meet your various needs.

It can solve various types of problems for you, save time and other costs, and solve the problems you encounter more efficiently.

At the same time, Dealim transformer 750 kva has passed a number of international certifications, including: IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA. Make sure that the transformer you buy can be installed and run smoothly in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain and other countries.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that can provide you with quality products and reliable operations, Dealim is the way to go.

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What is a 750KVA transformer?

PadMounted Transformer

A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one AC circuit to one or more other circuits, increasing (boosting) or decreasing (stepping down) a voltage.

750KVA refers to a distribution transformer with a rated capacity of 750KVA. Currently the most widely used on the market is the 750KVA pad-mounted transformer.

Pad-mounted transformers are used in residential quarters, hospitals, docks and other places that require centralized power supply.

The transformer 750 kva has the function of stepping up and down.

The transformer 750kva reduces the voltage to the required voltage through the principle of electromagnetic mutual inductance of the main and auxiliary coils.

Electromagnetic induction changes the frequency by changing the voltage and current on the primary and secondary sides through the magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary windings with the number of turns.

How do I convert 750 kVA to kW?

The conversion of kVA to kilowatt is one of the fundamental conversions in electrical engineering.

In actual use, it is necessary to analyze the conversion of single kVA to kilowatts in different electrical appliances.

KVA generally indicates the capacity of the transformer and is used to indicate active power.

A kilowatt is a unit of power, and a kilowatt is active power.

The relationship between apparent power and active power is: active power = apparent power * power factor.

The relationship between active power P, reactive power Q, and apparent power S: P=S×PF(PF is the power factor)
kilowatt = kVA * power factor

As you can see, with the above information we can get the following formula from KVA to KW:
Active Power (KW) = Apparent Power (KVA) * PF (Power Factor)

For example, if the known power factor is 0.8, then the calculation formula is as follows:600=750*0.8

Why is the transformer rating called KVA?

The rated power of a transformer refers to the power consumed when the transformer consumes, transmits or produces.

There are many units of measurement for these powers, such as kilowatts, kVA, VA, etc.

The unit of measurement used by transformers is KVA.

For the transformer, it is a power supply facility rather than electrical equipment, and the principle of the transformer is based on electromagnetic induction. 

Therefore, there will be two losses of iron loss and copper loss in its work.

The output power of the transformer is related to its load, and its PF is also an unpredictable value.

In such a case, it is more scientific to use KVA as the rated value of the transformer.

In alternating current, the size of the power factor PF depends on the nature of the load.

There are three main types of loads:

Resistive load

Resistive loads refer to purely resistive loads that work through resistive elements.

There is no phase difference between the load current and the load voltage (such as the load is an incandescent lamp, an electric furnace, etc.)

Inductive load

Under normal circumstances, loads with inductive parameters are usually considered as inductive loads to accommodate the characteristic that the load current lags the load voltage due to the phase difference with the power supply (for example, the load is a motor, transformer, etc.)

High-power equipment such as electric motors, compressors, relays, and fluorescent lamps.

Since the inductive load will generate a potential voltage at the moment when the power supply is turned on and off, the peak value of this voltage is much larger than the voltage value that the AC power supply can withstand, which determines the degree of heating of the equipment, and there will be excessive temperature. risk, which places high demands on the insulation performance of the equipment.

capacitive load

A similar capacitor load in a circuit will cause the load current to exceed the load voltage (compared to the supply) due to the phase difference, reducing the power factor of the circuit.

In general, a load with capacitive parameters (that is, a load that matches the characteristics of voltage lagging current) is considered a capacitive load.

When the capacitive load is charged and discharged, the voltage cannot change abruptly, the corresponding power factor is negative, and the corresponding inductive load is positive.

What are the dimensions of a 750 kva transformer?

750KVA Pad Mount Transformer Dimensions








750KVA dry-type transformer size








750KVA Oil-Immersed transformer size








750kva Transformer Specifications

750KVA pad mounted transformer

Core: Silicon
Winding material: copper
750KVA pad mounted transformer weight:
Oil volume: 655 liters
Total weight: 2540kg

750kva dry-type transformer

Number of phases: three-phase
Winding Material: Aluminum
Net weight: 1387.993 kg

750KVA Oil-Immersed transformer

Cooling method: KNAN (high ignition fluid natural air Natural)
Winding Material: Aluminum
Installation method: ground installation
750KVA Oil-Immersed
transformer weight:
Oil volume 650 liters
Total weight: 2550kg


750 KVA distribution transformer

Number of phases: three-phase
Cooling method: oil cooling
Winding Material: Aluminum

What is the phase of 750kva transformer?

750KVA has three-phase type.

Common three-phase transformers are: power transformers,pad-mounted transformers,dry type transformers,distribution transformers etc.

Three-phase design

A three-phase transformer 750kva refers to three sets of primary and secondary windings that form a three-phase transformer.

The housing is a housing filled with insulating oil.

The transformer can be connected using star or delta method.

Three-phase transformers are lightweight, small in size, low in cost, easy to install, more practical and efficient, and are used more in manufacturing, healthcare, electrical contracting, and more.

What's on the transformer nameplate?

Dealim is a company specialized in the production and sales of transformers. From the factory nameplate we can see the parameters and information about the product.

In Dealim’s factory nameplate, we can see product specifications, rated capacity, rated frequency, transformer wiring group, transformer impedance, transformer operating frequency, transformer primary rated current, transformer secondary rated current, transformer weight and model, Transformer factory serial number and production date, transformer production standard code and other information.

The following will give you a detailed introduction to the 750KVA oil-type transformer.

What are the standard specifications of 750KVA transformer?

750KVA is an Oil-Immersed  transformer, which is a three-phase transformer.

Rated Capacity

The rated capacity of the transformer is 30, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 50, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500kva, of which the transformers of 630KVA and below are collectively referred to as It is a small transformer; 

a transformer of 800~6300KVA is called a medium-sized transformer;

 a transformer of 8000~63000KVA is called a large transformer; 

a transformer of more than 90000KVA is called an extra-large transformer.
The 750KVA transformer in this article is a medium-sized transformer.

The oil volume of 650L is the capacity of the Oil-Immersed


The refrigeration method of the 750KVA transformer is KNAN (high ignition fluid natural air)

K refers to insulating liquids whose ignition point is greater than 300 degrees Celsius;

N means that the oil flow through the cooling equipment and inside the winding is a natural heat convection cycle;

A means air;

N is for natural convection;

This is one of the cooling methods for oil-immersed transformers of 750kva. In addition to this method, there are other centralized methods to cool the transformer, including ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, OFWF, ODAF, ODWF. You can learn about them in other ways.

Nominal frequency and number of phases

The 750KVA transformer is rated at 50 Hz.

The number of phases of 750KVA is three-phase.

The three-phase transformer has the advantages of energy saving and low noise.

It has high reliability and large capacity.

Generally, the probability of using a three-phase transformer is greater than that of using a single-phase transformer.

Application standard

The installation method of the 750 KVA transformer is ground installation, which is a transformer installed outdoors.

Other information content

The content of other information also includes relevant information of the manufacturer, product weight, applicable environment and other information.

Transformers are made up of several different parts that function in different ways to enhance the overall functionality of the transformer.

These include iron cores, windings, insulation, transformer oil, tap changers, oil conservators, breathers, cooling pipes, Buchholz relays and explosion vents.

What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing a 750KVA transformer?

• When installing the transformer, the down conductors and bus bars of the wiring need to be surrounded by insulating materials, such as copper cores and aluminum cores;

•There must be a distance between high-voltage down-conductors, high-voltage busbars and fuses to ensure their safety. This distance is also specified, and it is stipulated that it must not be less than 300mm;

•It is also necessary to pay attention to the sequence of grounding. During the installation of the transformer, the circuit breaker, the lightning rod ground wire, and the low-side voltage wire of the transformer cannot be omitted. These lines should be in the grounding process. carried out simultaneously;

• Before installing the transformer, measure whether the plane where the transformer is installed is level. If there is a certain tilt, the tilt angle should not exceed 30mm;

• Regarding the installation of wiring, the low-voltage wires cannot be passed through the high-voltage down-conductors for safety reasons.

How much oil is in the 750KVA transformer and its function?

Transformers 750kva produced by Dealim generally indicate the oil content in the 750 kva transformer on the nameplate.

First of all, we need to know that in addition to the capacity of the transformer, there is also a voltage limit.

In the manufacturing process of the usual manufacturer, the voltage of the transformer and the capacity of the transformer have a certain correlation.

This correlation problem determines the size of the capacity of the transformer.

The higher the voltage, the larger the capacity; the smaller the voltage, the smaller the capacity.

There are many types of transformer specifications, and due to different classification methods, their specifications and models are also various.

If it is divided by voltage level, then the transformer specifications can be divided into: 1000KV, 750KV, 500KV, 330KV, 220KV, 110KV, 66KV, 35KV, 20KV, 10KV and 6KV, etc.

Whether it is a dry-type transformer or an oil-immersed transformer, the transformer capacity is not arbitrarily customized.

To sum up, we can know that the capacity of the transformer cannot be changed arbitrarily, which is related to its voltage, but you can choose the transformer that suits you from Dealim, because there are many types of transformers in Dealim, whether it is Oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers can meet your needs, allowing you to complete your needs more efficiently.

Apart from the problem of capacity, the oil quantity of the transformer is not only related to the voltage of the transformer like the capacity, but also related to its manufacturer and external dimensions.

Transformer oil has many functions, among which the functions we most need to understand are as follows:

(1) The oil of the transformer plays a role of high-strength insulation. In the transformer, immersing the insulating material in the oil of the transformer further strengthens the insulation effect, which can not only avoid the influence of weather factors such as cold waves, but also increase the insulation strength. . This is many times greater than the strength of the insulation presented by air.

(2) The specific heat of transformer oil is large, and it is often used as a coolant in transformers. When the transformer is running, a certain amount of heat will be generated. At this time, the oil of the iron core and the oil of the winding will be heated and expand to a rising state, and the heat will be dissipated from the radiator through the upper and lower convection. Such a relatively complete cooling system can ensure normal operation of the transformer.

(3) The arc is generated due to the switching of the contacts of the on-load voltage regulating switch, and the thermal conductivity of the oil plays a major role. The larger pressure thus improves the effect of arc extinguishing.

Some of the transformers mainly play the role of heat dissipation and cooling in operation, and play the role of insulation and insulation protection for windings.

How much does a 750KVA transformer cost to buy?

The price of the transformer is mainly affected by four aspects: model, material, voltage level and capacity.

There are many factors that affect the price of the transformer, such as the model of the transformer, the material used for the transformer, the capacity of the transformer, the voltage level of the transformer, etc.

Understanding a transformer also needs to start from these aspects.

Dealim can take you to know more transformers of different styles and models, so that you can buy transformers that better meet your needs.

If you need to know the price of a 750KVA transformer, then you can learn about its material, capacity, and voltage, which can help you judge the price of the transformer more accurately.

The capacity is 750KVA, and the aluminum core material is based on these characteristics to find the price of the relevant transformer.

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