Connection Mode of Working Winding of Three-phase Transformer

The three high-voltage windings U1U2, V1V2, W1W2 and the three low-voltage windings u1u2, v1v2, w1w2 of the three-phase transformer are respectively connected to form a star or delta. The primary winding is connected to a three-phase power supply, and the secondary winding is connected to a three-phase load.

Three-Winding Transformer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

three-phase transformer winding
Connection methodHigh voltage windingLow voltage winding
Star with neutralYNyn
Star without neutralY

Three-phase transformers specify five standard connection methods: (Y,yn), (Y,d), (YN,d), (Y,y), (YN,y).

Three of the most commonly used are:
(Y, yn): Mainly used for three-phase distribution transformers;
(Y, d): Mainly used for power supply system (downhole lighting);
(YN, d): High voltage, ultra-high voltage power supply system.

Star line (Y type) delta (D type) connection mode of phase transformer winding

Yyn0 connection mode: connect the tail ends of the three coils together, the first end leads to the connector, the number of points is 12 points. Dyn11 connection mode: A head—-B tail, B head———-A tail, C head——–B tail The number of points is 11 points.

The connection group of epoxy dry-type power transformer is generally Dyn11, and the connection group of oil-immersed power transformer is generally Yyn0.

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