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Transformers are used in a variety of industries. From telecommunications to agriculture, transformers are useful. There are many types of transformers, from big ones to small ones like the 15 KVA transformer.

DAELIM has been producing this kind of transformer for more than 20 years. Within that period, the company established itself as one of the leading makers of high-quality transformers. You’ll be confident that the company’s products adhere to international standards such as ANSI, IEEE, IEC, CSA, and AS/NZ.

15 KVA Transformer1

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is a 15KVA Transformer?

15 KVA Transformer1

A 15 KVA transformer is powerful, dependable, and environmentally friendly. It is always cut out for both outdoor and indoor use. As a result, it provides greater and more reliable protection against essential equipment failures. It also acts as an additional level of protection by isolating the power supply from the connected device.

The KVA transformer is appropriate for various applications and enterprises because of its lower running costs. It also has lower heat emissions and lower cost of ownership.

Generally, the transformer needs an air temperature of a maximum of +40°C and a minimum of -25°C to function properly. It also needs an average monthly humidity of 95% and a daily average humidity of 90%. The maximum installation altitude of this transformer is 200 meters above sea level.

Also, the surrounding air should be free of corrosive and combustible gasses, vapors, and other pollutants present. Moreover, there should be no violent shakes for optimal and uninterrupted usage.


The unit’s cores are made with non-aging cold-rolled silicon steel laminations and technology, resulting in a sturdy design. It has a low operating cost and is extremely energy efficient. The unit is also IP10 certified and has 220°C insulation with a 150°C temperature rise.

It has a mild steel tank for direct pole mounting with welded lifting lugs and hanger brackets. Additionally, the transformer has ANSI cover retention criteria met with a single-piece clamped cover band. A polyester powder paint technique is also applied electrostatically for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Additionally, it has an HV porcelain cover bushings installed. On the other hand, low-voltage porcelain or polymer bushings are installed on the tank wall. There are tin-plated bronze terminals for copper or aluminum connections.

The transformer is coupled with wildlife protection with an insulated cover for a sturdier exterior. There are also welded arrester mounting nuts to the tank and high voltage lighting arrester placed externally.


The transformer 15KVA has numerous advantages for the client. Precision cut aluminum transformer winding material aids in performance enhancement. Burrs are also removed or lost due to the tight tolerances used during manufacturing.

Each core is specifically treated to keep moisture out and is electrically balanced to reduce axial forces in short-circuit conditions. It also offers significant energy savings and environmental benefits. The offset outward-facing installation holes provide easy power tool access. Also, the integrated mounting brackets make installation quick and uncomplicated.


The transformer is widely utilized in rural areas, isolated regions, and scattered communities. It offers reliable power for everyday lights, agricultural production, and industrial facilities. Apart from these, it is also appropriate for energy-saving railway and urban grid projects.

You can also use it in hospitals, schools, theaters, factories, office buildings, and other facilities requiring a transformer. It’s best used in these places as it has no exposed live parts and has a quiet operation.

Safety Precaution

The 15KVA transformer offers greater protection against electric shock to operators. It can also reduce electrical noise in sensitive devices. Moreover, it can safely transmit power between two circuits that are not supposed to be connected.

These safety precautions are achieved by disconnecting or “isolating” the powered device from the power source. Providing insulation between the primary and secondary power sources also give rise to those safety measures.

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15 KVA Transformer Specification

The transformer has a 60Hz frequency and an IP10 rating. It also has an efficiency of 0.981 and a temperature rise of 150°C. The insulation of this transformer is a good 220°C with a sound level of 45 dB.

Another 15 KVA transformer specification is the taps. It has a 2 x 2.5% FCAN; 2 x 2.5% FCBN. Additionally, it has a primary voltage of 240 x 480V and a secondary voltage of 120/240.

Types of 15 KVA Transformer

The 15 KVA transformer has many types and comes in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of them:


One of the types of 15 KVA transformers is a three-phase one. Increased wire compartments in 3-phase transformers enable a bending radius of 250 percent for primary cables.

Lower operational costs, increased profitability, and reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions are some of the benefits of this type. It’s also supposed to be at least 3dB quieter than the ST-20 standard. The terminals are large enough to accommodate lug kits, making installation easier.

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15 KVA Transformer1

A signal-phase 15KVA transformer has back and bottom knockouts. Its core is made of high-grade silicon steel. There are side mounting holes for convenient access, and the wiring compartment has a ground stud.

Generally, a 15 KVA single-phase transformer can have AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuits. It has a low-temperature rise and high efficiency. The enclosure has an IP 20 protection rating for indoor or outdoor usage, suitable for hazardous sites and tough industrial situations.


15 KVA Transformer1

A 15KVA dry-type transformer, like others, converts voltage as close to the load as possible for power distribution and economy. It has a tap-off of 6 2.5 % 2+ 4 and a temperature rise of 150 °C.

Lighting, heating, air conditioning, fans, and machine tools are common loads for dry-type distribution transformers. Commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential structures all have such loads.

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15 KVA Transformer Power for Mining

15 KVA Transformer1

One of the most crucial things in cryptocurrency mining is having a reliable and efficient power source. That is why many miners opt for a 250KVA transformer mining power supply.

The transformer is perfectly developed for crypto mining power and provides various benefits. For starters, it’s extremely efficient, allowing you to mine more Bitcoin with less power. Second, it’s highly expandable, allowing you to add more mining rigs as your business expands.

Finally, a 15 KVA mining power supply is inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for small-scale miners. It is worth considering if you’re seeking a stable and cost-effective crypto mining power option.

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How many times a year do you need to check your transformer?

Regular maintenance examinations on your transformer are recommended for optimal performance and increased product life. Every six months, inspect your electrical transformer for IFT, DDA, flash point, sludge content, acidity, and water content. You should also check dielectric strength, as well as transformer oil resistance. 

Is it okay to overload a dry-type transformer?

It is not okay to overload a dry-type transformer or any other type. When a transformer is overloaded, it heats up too much. The high temperature produces overheating, which causes the insulation to deteriorate quickly and the transformer coils to fail completely.

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Can you splash water over an overheating transformer?

15 KVA Transformer1

The oil’s insulated power inside the transformer is vulnerable to water. Generally, water can cause the oil to no longer have its breakdown strength and the cellulose insulation to age faster.

It also gradually loses the paper-oil insulating qualities (discharge voltage, dissipation factor). This results in electrical flaws that can lead to electrical discharges and power arcs in the transformer.


Transformers are crucial in today’s society. They are massively responsible for transmitting huge amounts of electricity over long distances with minimal loss. 

DAELIM is one of the leading manufacturers in the electrical sector. That’s why the company’s values ensure that your 15 KVA transformer is held to the highest standards.

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