8+FAQ About the CSP Transformer

A completely self-protected transformer (CSP) is designed to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning, switching surges, and severe overloads.

The power grid components are exposed to various environmental conditions that may cause the power grid components. Protect the grid components from these harmful environmental conditions with a reliable deterrent system.

Daelim is the world’s leading producer of CSPs. It has the most advanced transformer technology in the industry. 

There is a variety of Daelim transformer products not only in Korea but also worldwide.

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CSP Transformer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Is A CSP Transformer?

Single phase transformer CSP type
Single phase transformer CSP type

A CSP transformer is a device that converts electric power from one voltage to another.

These devices are used for several different purposes.

Transformers can be used at electric substations to lower high voltage transmission lines.

Power plants use these to step down voltage from an incoming transmission line.

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How To Reset a CSP Transformer?

Transformers are not all created equally. A CSP transformer needs a different reset method than a traditional transformer.

It’s important to know the difference when working with CSP transformers to avoid any unnecessary damage.

For instance, anyone may have lost power to a CSP transformer as a result of a storm.

In case of a power outage, they will need to reset the transformer manually.

To restore power, you will need to switch off the power at the breaker for approximately 20 seconds, then switch it back on.

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What Features To Look For in a CSP Transformer?

If you are looking for a CSP transformer, then you’re in the right place.

Here is a list of features to look for in a CSP Transformer. These will give you more control over your electronics and appliances.

parts of pole-mounted transformer
parts of pole-mounted transformer

High Voltage Isolating Link

A high voltage isolating link is a feature that allows the transformer to be plugged in and disconnected.

It works without disrupting the power of the primary and secondary sections, which is important for taking a transformer out of service or for troubleshooting.

It also protects the transformer from damage during installation.

Without it, voltages of the power line will interfere with the voltage of the low-voltage side, which would be fatal.

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Overload Switch and Circuit Breakers

A CSP transformer overload switch is designed to prevent transformers from burning up if the load exceeds the capacity.

Overload switches are installed parallel with primary windings and open the circuit when the transformer voltage is high.

This feature prevents both transformer and equipment damage.

Circuit breakers are an important component of any CSP transformer.

It is the main safety device for the distribution system.

Also, it works by protecting the CSP transformer operation and all downstream equipment from overcurrents and voltage fluctuations.

These can be installed either locally or remotely, depending on the application.

Lightning Arrester

Lightning arresters are a safety device that protects the electrical grid and the devices connected to it.

They protect from voltage spikes that occur when lightning strikes, which can cause outages and possible explosions.

The arresters help to prevent these hazards by diverting the strike’s energy and safely grounding it.

Signal Light

Signal lights can let you know if your device is on and off and has power.

All electrical equipment should have a signal light.

It is important because the operator cannot see the entire unit to ensure it is operating properly.

This light shows when electricity is flowing to connected equipment.

If there is no light or it does not stay on, there’s a problem with the power supply line.

What Is the Difference Between CSP Vs Conventional Transformer?

If you have worked with pole mount transformers, you have most probably known about both CSP and conventional types.

Have you wondered what each means and how these two types differ from each other? Keep reading to learn more.

CSP transformers have several safeguards to avoid problems that could cause possible overloading or damage to transformers.

These features may not be present for conventional transformers.

Meaning that they usually need to be attached to a cutout switch.

In conventional ones, a pole-mounted transformer has two primary bushings.

It is used individually to provide single-phase power or banked with two similar transformers, providing three-phase power.

CSPs pole-mounted transformers with a primary bushing are utility-type transformers and are commonly used in residential applications.

The primary bushing is labeled “H1”. A grounding nut on the tank is labeled “H2”.

This transformer is connected between a phase and neutral.

They usually include a primary fuse, a primary arrester, and a secondary breaker with a weak link.

What Does Red Light On Transformer Mean?

Some breakers have a red signal light, warning that the load has landed on a value close to tripping points.

When the signal light is lit, it signifies that an electric circuit is open.

If the breaker operating handle is turned off, the light shuts off.

Transformers must not be operated under load conditions that can cause transformers to overheat, hence a red light. 

It’s an indication of an overload on transformers.

When such conditions exist, a larger transformer is recommended as a substitute to avoid impairing the life of the smaller unit.

What Is the Function Of the Fuse Cutout?

Fuse cutouts are combined fuse and switch in overhead distribution lines to protect distribution transformers from current surges and overloads.

A cutout has three components. First is the cutout body.

It has an open C-shaped frame that supports the fuse holder.

The ribbed porcelain or polymer insulator electrically isolates conductive portions of assemblies from the support to which insulators are fastened. 

The second is the fuse holder, which is an insulating tube containing the replaceable fuse element. When the contained fuse melts, it opens the circuit.

Fuse holders drop out of the upper contact and hang from a hinge at the lower end. 

This hanging fuse holder lets you see that the fuse has operated and assurance that the circuit is open.

The third is the fuse element, which is the replaceable portion of the assembly.

It melts and breaks the circuit when the electric current through it exceeds its rated current value.

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CSP transformer

What Is a Conventional Transformer?

Conventional transformers are a device that transfers power by electromagnetic induction used for converting alternating current to direct current.

It is a static machine that passes electrical energy from one end to another without changing the frequency.

It has two separate windings, namely the primary and secondary windings.

They are both electrically insulated, and their winding circuits are connected electrically and magnetically.

Daelim has been committed to the development of transformer technology for decades.

Daelim is the only transformer manufacturer in Korea with a complete product line of transformers to meet all needs. 

The complete range of Daelim transformers is designed to have the best attributes in the industry.

Contact Daelim now to learn more.

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