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Do you need a 37.5 KVA Transformer to supply or generate power for your business? Transformers are a necessary piece of equipment for any business that needs to supply or generate power. They come in different types, sizes, and voltages, each with unique purposes. So, you must be knowledgeable about the power the transformer provides.

Keep reading more about the different types of 37.5 KVA transformers and 37.5 KVA transformer specifications.

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37.5 kva transformer

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is a 37.5 KVA Transformer?

37.5 pole mounted kva transformer

A 37.5 KVA Transformer is manufactured to decrease higher voltage power. Then it utilizes voltages for effective use in different big industries. Most of these transformers are designed to fit indoor and outdoor use, with aesthetically pleasing and sturdy housings.

Additionally, part of 37.5 KVA transformer specification is that it’s three-phase, meaning it has three sets of primary and secondary windings. These sets are also scattered around a leg of an iron core assembly.

It also has a power-saving feature at a low maintenance cost. This transformer is also IP24 rated, with a temperature of 150°C and a 220 insulation system.

Below are more details about the specifics, features, applications, and benefits.


The 37.5kva transformer usually has a single-phase unit with two voltages, a 240x480V primary and 120/240V secondary. It is robustly constructed using high-grade materials like budding and cold-roiled silicon steel laminations. This equipment is also powered with innovative technology to ensure it’ll serve its purpose safely and efficiently.

Most businesses found this transformer ideal as it is one of the few low operating costs energy-converting equipment. It can’t also be emphasized enough how manufacturers have found a way to make this 37.5KVA transformer friendly to the environment.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen on sizes and weight, this transformer weighs 260 pounds and has ‎a 28x32x26 inches product dimension.

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The key selling point of this transformer is how it significantly benefits the environment while helping businesses produce low-cost energy. This result is made possible by the transformer’s high efficacy and sturdiness, which assists in producing lower bills in longevity.

Most transformers are also easy to install as it normally manufactured with floor and wall mounting brackets. But, of course, you still need professionals if you’ll be installing one. It’s just that you need not wait for a longer time.

Meanwhile, manufacturers can customize the transformers’ mounting brackets depending on where you install them.

pad mounted transformer, everything you need to know


A 37.5 KVA rating transformers have general purposes, but it’s best used in commercial and industrial establishments and businesses.

Its focus is on providing energy without sacrificing a chunk of operating profit. So, you can use this transformer type to cut your monthly utility cost. It will be a great advantage for the overall state of your business.

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How Many Types of 37.5 KVA Transformer?

Like any other transformer rating, the 37.5 KVA has different types that serve specific purposes. Know more about these types below:

37.5 kva Single-phase Transformer

37.5kva single phase transformer

A single-phase type is considered an isolation transformer that has separated windings. It means that the primary and secondary windings are not physically connected but can still perform and provide efficient energy.

With this type, power taken from point A is fed into another, even without an electric connection between circuits. The single-phase transformer blocks direct current transmission, only allowing alternating current’s signal to pass.

Most single-phase 37.5 KVA transformers are made of solid resin mass, sealed in silica sand. This coverage is to enclose and protect the coil. The winding materials used in this transformer are copper with a 600V and 120/240V primary and secondary voltage, respectively.

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37.5 kva Pole-Mount Transformer

37.5 kva Pole-Mount Transformer

37.5 kva Pole-Mount Transformers are distributors of electric utility attached to either wood or concrete service poll. This transformer type is usually used in homes and small-scale commercial buildings to convert distributed voltage. It usually converts voltage to 120/240-volt power to ensure its effectiveness in bringing energy.

The 37.5 kva Pole-Mount Transformer transformers have a wide range of KVA, starting at 16KVA to 100KVA, and transform from 400 to 33,000 volts. Pole-mounted transformers are also structurally small, so they can easily be attached and installed on a single-pole post. They are normally attached five meters above the ground to avoid damage and vandalism.

The materials used to build this type of transformer also ensure durability with specifications to fit the usage. Also, the shapes and protective finishes are just a few examples, guaranteeing it can withstand extreme weather and conditions.

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37.5 kva dry type Transformer

37.5 kva dry type Transformer

The last transformer type on the list is the dry type. From its name, dry-type is the specific type of 37.5 KVA transformer that has never used insulating liquid. Instead, its windings are pressurized through a safely sealed tank.

There are two types of this transformer: the Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer (CRT) and Vacuum pressure Impregnated Transformer (VPI). CRTs are mainly used in moisturized areas as epoxy resin prevents moisture from creating winding damage.

Meanwhile, the VPI is designed with slightly flammable materials, with windings formed using continuous layers of foil.

37.5 KVA Transformer Mining Power Supply

37.5 KVA Transformer Mining Power Supply

The bitcoin mining power system has been buzzing in the currency industry for its undeniable profits. But this system requires a great power supply, especially for producing clean and stable energy.

You might be curious why such a mining power supply is needed when Bitcoin processes are mostly blockchains on the web. Here’s the answer: hundreds of graphic cards make crypto-mining farms’ power possible. But for these cards to work, it needs many other components, including a power supply.

With the power and stability of the transformer 37.5KVA, your mining power supply will be steady and productive.

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What is the difference between transformers for outdoor and indoor?

The most noticeable difference between outdoor and indoor transformers is the finish, specifically, the waterproofing. Also, the material must be widely considered since some of the transformers’ wirings should not be exposed to moisture.

Moreover, outdoor transformers are mostly filled with oil. They are not mounted inside a premises to avoid leakage and fire. Additionally, they are designed with locked enclosures and a weatherproof finish.

In contrast, dry resin transformers usually have an air-cool feature to avoid too much temperature when installed indoors.

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Can you convert a three-phase into a single-phase transformer or vice versa?

single-phase transformer or vice versa

Not really. Though you can acquire a single-phase from a three-phase transformer, converting seems not the right term.

Transformers don’t have a feature wherein you can change the phase from single-phase to three-phase. However, it can connect these different phases, including six-phase, two-phase, or 24-phase.

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Is it possible for a transformer to operate without a load?

Yes. If a transformer operates without a load, there’s an open circuit in the secondary side winding. There are no attachments, hence no load.

But if you’re worried it might harm your transformer, don’t be. The worst could happen with heat generation and wasted power.

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The 37.5 KVA transformer is easily mounted and energy-efficient, which also helps businesses be more progressive, especially in environmental protection. So if you’re already convinced with this transformer type, feel free to contact DAELIM. This experienced company has all types of transformers and can customize them depending on your need.

Get only your transformers from the best manufacturer. Reach out to DAELIM now to know more.

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