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With its unique advantages of low loss and low noise, the 16 mva dry-type on-load voltage regulating resin-cast transformer has been installed in the city’s center and close to residential areas.

The first choice is the 35kV 16MVA on-load voltage regulating dry-type transformer. This paper introduces the design of the 35kV class 16MVA on-load voltage regulating resin-cast dry-type transformer.

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35kV Class 16 MVA Dry Type Transformer

Pad-mounted Transformer

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Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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Parameters of the 16 MVA Transformer

16 MVA transformer reduce noise
  • Rated capacity: 16MVA
  • Voltage combination: 35+-4×2.5%/10.5kV
  • Label for the Connection Group: YNd11
  • No-load loss: 22kW
  • Load loss: 75kW
  • Short Circuit Impedance: 8%
  • Noise level: 65dB
  • Partial discharge: <=10pC
  • Insulation level: LI170 AC70/LI75 AC30

What's a 16 MVA transformer?

The 35kV 16MVA dry-type voltage regulating transformer has a broader range of options than the non-excitation voltage regulator transformer.

The capacity of the 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformer for taps should not be changed. 

This will result in problems like impulse gradient distribution, ampere turn balance, and mechanical force.

 The overall performance and characteristics of the on-load voltage regulator resin cast dry-type transformer will be affected by the selection of the tap-changer.

What's the electrical strength of the 16 MVA Transformer?

16MVA On-load Voltage Regulating Dry-Type Transformer

The low-voltage winding uses a multi-layer cylindrical structure that has a uniform distribution of initial voltage. It also offers good impulse resistance. This is to increase the transformer’s ability to resist the lightning impulse.

High-voltage windings are equipped with a unique segmented cylindrical partition compensation system.

The 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformer has a 3x higher electrical output than the regular segmented cylindrical.

This structure can adjust the configuration relationships of each longitudinal electric capacitance and ground electrical capacitance so that it can reach the optimal compensation status of the partition. It reduces the initial potential gradient and improves the transformer’s ability to resist lightning strikes. 

Partial discharge can significantly impact the insulation strength for 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformers.

The winding’s unique cylindrical segmented structure eliminates high local potential.

One of the best ways to reduce partial discharge is to prevent stress cracking and eliminate bubbles.

The 35kV class 16MVA off-load voltage regulating dry type transformers’ windings are made with high-quality copper wires. Ends and sections are then filled with non-weft multidirectional glass fiber mats. It is cast in a vacuum and dried.

They are almost equal in terms of their thermal expansion coefficients. 

The composite insulation of resin and glass fiber is (1618]x10-6/K. At the same time, the expansion coefficient for the copper conductor in winding is 17×10-6/K. 

Cracking is caused by stress between winding conductors and insulating materials due to thermal expansion, and the cold contract is eliminated.

The partial discharge voltage of solid insulation can reach 8MV/m (pin plate electrode structure, 50Hz; 90), which is the partial discharge capability of the 35kV Class 16MVA On-load Voltage Regulating Dry-Type Transformer. All measured values are less than 6pC.

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What's the thermal strength of the 35kV Class 16MVA On-load Voltage Regulating Dry-Type Transformer?

16MVA OLTC dry type transformer

The 35kV class 16MVA regulating dry type transformer must have adequate heat dissipation to ensure it can operate safely and reliably even after the capacity has been increased by 50%.

We installed cooling air passages in both the core column of the 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformer core. This increases the heat dissipation surface by 35%.

35kV class 16MVA dry-type transformer winding uses multi-layer and segmented cylindrical types. Axial cooling air passages are placed between each layer to ensure that heat dissipation is good for each turn and layer—analysis and calculation of hot spot temperature rise, and winding distribution.

It is essential to select a 35kV 16MVA OLTC transformer with natural air-cooled maximum continual operation capacity (19MVA) to guarantee that the 35kV 16MVA OLTC transformer can meet the safety and reliability requirements of 50% capacity increase under forced cooling running.

The 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformer’s maximum unbalanced ampere turn amplitude is 2.9% at the minimum tapping. This indicates that the ampere distribution of the winding is reasonable. It can be calculated as follows:

Axial short-circuit mechanical force winding: Fi=98kN.

Low-voltage winding wire stress s = 14.1MPa allowable copper wire stress 156.8MPa

The stress of high voltage winding wires: s = 7.8MPa allowable strain copper wire 156.8MPa

Calculation of the short-circuit withstands capacity of critical components in a 16 MVA transformer.

The ability of the critical components of the 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformers to resist short-circuits under the action of the axial short-circuit mechanical for 98kN is calculated as n=3.

Data shows that the short-circuit mechanical action reduces the stress on critical components of the 35kV 16MVA dry-type transformer. This is in line with the safety factor n=3.

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16 MVA transformer with low no-load noise design

16 MVA transformer

Urban grid transformers must be low-noise.

Two parts make up the noise of an air self-cooling resin cast dry type transformer. One is the vibration of the sound source core.

The second is vibration noise due to the electromagnetic force of winding. Experiments have shown that transformer noise values under load are shallow compared to no bag. 

This is due to the unique mechanical strength and elastic buffer structures used for compressing and supporting the fixed winding.

The winding is wrapped around the iron core column and acts as an insulation wall. It is essential to focus on the noise source to reduce noise from the transformer.

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How can the 16 MVA transformer reduce noise?

35kV Class 16 MVA On-Load Voltage Regulating Dry-type Transformer

a. The core material is high magnetic permeability, grain-oriented silicon sheet with low magnetostriction.

b. The machining accuracy of the core part can be improved (dimension deviation 0.1mm, burr = 0.01mm).

c. The stacking process uses a five-level stepped stepping lamination that effectively reduces seam area and local magnetic density.

d. Adjust the size of the iron core, and decrease the proportional coefficient between the geometric dimensions and the iron core’s geometric 
dimensions (Kpc = 0.3) so that the iron core’s natural frequency (Fz =168Hz) does not exceed the fundamental frequency magnetostriction, the third and fourth high frequencies, and so avoids resonance.

e. The device allows the winding, which is made of the iron core clamp, spacer, pull plate, and pull ring, to be compressed. The butterfly spring and steel pressure nail contact the clamp and the cushion block while the ground absorbs vibration noise, thermal expansion, and contraction of winding. This ensures that the whole body is compressed.

The steel tie plate can also satisfy the tension of the lower and upper clamps. It has a good clamping action on the core column (the relative deviation of the core columns is less than or equal to 0.05%). 

This prevents unclamping from causing deflections in the core silicon steel sheets. Magnetostriction is increased by bending. The vibration of the iron core due to the electromagnetic attraction between the silicon steel sheets’ joints and the laminations is also decreased. Loss and noise are significantly reduced.

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On-load tap-changer for 16 MVA transformer

35kV, 16MVA dry-type transformer with regulating resin cast, on-load voltage regulating resin. 

The selected switch is a VT-type on-load tap-changer manufactured by a German MR company. This switch uses vacuum contacts to provide arc contacts.

 It is based upon the principle of fast transit resistance. A single-phase design with 9-level linear voltage regulation can be connected to a 3 CVT three-phase switch group, which is used for voltage regulation for three-phase Y/D-connection windings. 

Its easy wiring, beautiful appearance, and no pollution make it ideal for On-load voltage regulation for dry-type transformers.

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To reduce partial discharge, large-scale on-load voltage regulating resin-cast dry-type transformers are required. 

First, selecting an appropriate on-load-voltage regulating tap-changer for dry-type transformers is necessary. 

Second, choosing a suitable winding type and insulation structure is essential. To improve the impact resistance of the 35kV Class 16MVA On-load Voltage Regulating Dry-Type Transformer, it is necessary to analyze and calculate the winding hot spots’ temperature and temperature rise. 

This will allow for the 35kV Class 16MVA On-load Voltage Regulating Dry-Type Transformer under forced air cooling and self-cooling. Heat dissipation capacity. It is essential to use low-noise design methods and measures.

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