The Basics of 315 kVa Transformer

The 50 kva transformer is an electrical device utilized to adjust voltage levels while preserving power balance. It possesses a capacity of 50,000 volt-amperes and can be tailored to various voltage ratings according to application and electrical standards. Among different factors, 50 kva transformer price will vary for different types and capacities.

The 50 kva transformer price is dependent on several variables. Examples include the manufacturer, design parameters, voltage ratings, extra functionality, materials, manufacturing techniques, and market conditions. These factors must be taken into account since they affect the transformer’s total cost.

Situated in China, DAELIM is a reputable provider of transformers with a skilled team of technicians capable of designing various transformer types that meet all the necessary international standards while maintaining a competitive 50 kva transformer price range. DAELIM also possesses a range of transformer test reports from well-regarded institutions.

315 kva transformer price

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is The Standard Price of a 315 kVA Transformer?

315 kva transformer price list

Specifically designed and manufactured using top-quality technology and equipment, the 315 kVa transformer price ranges from $1,880 to $18,800. The price varies depending on the type of 315 kVa transformer you wish to acquire.

For a 315 kVa dry-type transformer, the price usually ranges from $3,680 to $6,500. If you wish to get a less expensive transformer, you might want to consider an oil type. An oil-immersed 315 kVa transformer price typically starts from $1,880 to $5,500.

Another option is a three-phase type transformer. The three-phase 315 kVa transformer price may vary from $1,500 to $8,000. Lastly, the most expensive transformer you can get is a pad-mounted type. A pad-mounted 315 kVa transformer price typically costs $8,900 to $18,800.

To deliver better customer satisfaction, DAELIM also offers a warranty, on-time delivery, trade assurance, refund policy, comprehensive installation guides, installation and maintenance services, and transformer testing and report.

DAELIM delivers value and long-lasting transformers to all of its customers. The company’s quality control system carefully monitors and tests transformers to ensure functionality. To ensure you get what you pay for, DAELIM offers a testing plan and comprehensive test report. The provided 315 kVa transformer price list is subject to change depending on the transformer’s size, type, and purpose.

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Other Useful Information About 315 kVa Transformers

Regarding how many amps the transformer can handle, the calculated 315 kVa transformer amps is 1515.4446 at 120 volts. This can be calculated by multiplying 315 kVa by 1000 and dividing the result by the voltage to get the current in 315 kVa transformer amps. Moreover, the 315 kVa transformers are apt to supply specific power capacity and can surpass the increase in temperature.

A 315 kVa transformer is fully sealed equipment designed to be durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Overall, this transformer features minimum loss, robust structure, reduced noise, and high efficiency, which is good for saving electricity.

Benefits of 315 kVa Transformers

Aside from high-quality design and features, 315 kVa transformers offer several benefits.

1.Increased Temperature Tolerance: This transformer can surpass indicated temperature rise and continuously supply specific power capacity.
2.Fire-resistance: The 315 kVa transformer uses fire-resistant materials such as metals, ceramics, fiberglass, steel, and resin.
3.Maintenance Free: This transformer requires little to no maintenance thanks to its strength and excellent materials and parts.
4.Environmentally friendly: 315 kVa transformers are good energy-saving devices that provide efficient energy supplies. The 315 kVa dry-type transformers require no oil or other liquid when operating for a more environmentally friendly choice. They can also be installed and used in busy industrial and commercial areas where it’s humid and polluted.
5.Lower noise value: Because the core is strongly fastened together, these transformers have low noise and reduced vibration.

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315 kVa Transformers Characteristics

315 kva transformer nameplate


The 315 kVa transformer core is made of a high-quality cold-rolled, grain-aligned silicon steel material. In addition, this distribution transformer features minimal core loss and a fine-grain structure with adequate hot oil resistance. Insulation is also firmly bound to minimize movement and noise.


This 315 kVa transformer’s high and low-voltage windings are made of oxygen-free copper or excellent foil conductor.

●Low Voltage Windings: The low-voltage winding has a compact structure design, allowing a safe electricity flow.
●High Voltage Windings: The high-voltage windings feature an excellent design of a multi-layer cylinder structure, improving energy distribution.


Together with its other accessories, the 315 kVa transformer is assembled with all fittings, such as the 315 kVa transformer nameplate, and the rating and terminal marking plates shall be included. Other essential fittings that may be included with this transformer are HV and LV bushings, tap switches, level gauges, drain and filter valves, explosion vents, thermometers, and more.

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315 kVa Transformer Specifications and Design

A 315 kVa transformer is an excellent option for efficient electricity transmission and distribution to diverse equipment. Generally, they are capable of supplying power to various industries and locations. Rural, remote, or outdoor installations are all eligible for this kind of transformer.

DAELIM’s 315 kVa transformers are available in these designs: three-phase, single-phase, pad-mounted, dry, or oil-type transformers. However, depending on your requests, you can get specific transformers tailored to your needs. Remember that the 315 kVa transformer price list may depend on these specifications.

Typically, a 315 kVa transformer has nominal system voltages of 11KV and a standard voltage ratio of 11000/400V. It also has 2800W load losses and 324W no-load losses. Additionally, it features the Dyn11 connection symbol, which can improve the power supply’s quality and reduce the impact of the harmonics in the system.

Regarding the transformer’s tank, the body is typically designed to be fully sealed and made with mild steel material to ensure robust and long-lasting performance. Other specifications include cooling radiators, magnetic circuits, and a conservatory.

DAELIM is committed to meeting its customer’s needs and diverse equipment demands through high-quality designed solutions. With DAELIM, rest assured that you will experience valuable and excellent service.

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315 kVa Transformers Conditions of Use

A standard transformer has a service life of 30 years. However, depending on the external and internal factors influencing the device, the service life may be shorter or longer than the average. To ensure the 315 kVa transformer remains functional for a long time, you must ensure it operates under normal service conditions.

Typically, the transformer altitude should not exceed 1000 m. However, upon the special request of custom transformers, the altitude may reach 4,000 m. The ambient temperature must also be monitored. For the equipment to remain at optimal condition, the ambient temperature must not exceed 40° C and be lower than -25° C.

Similarly, the air humidity should not exceed 90% or 25° C. When installed outdoors, the outdoor wind speed the transformer can withstand is 35m/s or below. The maximum wind pressure is 250 kg/m2, and anything above this may cause damage to the equipment and affect its performance.

Ensure the transformer structure is not exposed to violent vibration and movement. As much as possible, there should be no gas or conductive dust that can severely affect the transformer insulation. Avoid tampering with the electrical components to avoid explosion hazards and breakdown of parts.

You can get customized ones to achieve service conditions exceeding the above standard. However, remember that the 315 kVa transformer price varies depending on your chosen type, specifications, and needs.

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Other Important Features

These precisely engineered 315 kVa transformers have passed the UL/cUL and CSA certifications. Other features of this product include:

●The 315 kVa three-phase transformers rely on oil as the main insulation means, cooling medium, and more.
●The main components of this transformer are a copper/aluminum core, windings, insulating tank, tap switch, breathing device, explosion vent or tube, radiator, thermometer, 315 kVa transformer nameplate, and more.
●Transformers undergo quality control and testing plans. A comprehensive test report is also included after testing.
●This transformer requires little to no maintenance thanks to its moisture-proof structure and ability to withstand the surrounding extremes.
●A 315 kVa transformer can be used in various locations, whether remote, rural, or outdoor settings. Typically, industrial and commercial sectors use this transformer, such as mining companies, oil production venues, airports, malls, and more.

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Can a 315 kVa distribution transformer work for a 500KVA load?

315 kva transformer amps

A 315 kVa distribution transformer may work for a 500 KVA load. However, the device may overheat as the load needed to be supplied exceeds the specified limits. Upon continued use, the transformer may deteriorate and not function as it used to due to overloading.

How heavy are 315 kVa transformers?

Typically, a 315 kVa transformer weighs about 1660 kg. However, this may depend on the type, materials, components, and many other factors.

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What is the oil capacity of 315 kVa transformers?

For a 315 kVa transformer, the oil capacity is 380 liters. Transformers always have the required amount of oil. In addition, vegetable oil may be offered.

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Giving Power Through 315 kVa Transformers

With the increasing need for a sustainable and efficient power supply, a 315 kVa transformer is the best option. This transformer plays a major role in enhancing safe and energy-saving electrical transmission systems in diverse applications.

And with DAELIM as your go-to transformer supplier, rest assured that your 315 kVa transformer is guaranteed to be produced using high-quality materials, technology, and equipment.

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