2000 kVA Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable transformer for Bitcoin mining? Then look no further! This article will help you understand all about 2000 kVA transformers, and we will be going over all the details you need to know to ensure efficient Bitcoin Mining.

Thus, DAELIM offers a wide selection of professionally made power supplies for your Bitcoin mining power system.

DAELIM will provide your rig with the power it needs to achieve the highest hash rate. So if you’re looking for a transformer that is well suited for your needs, DAELIM has it for you!

2000KVA Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

2000KVA Pad-mounted Transformer

2000kva Mini Substation Transformer

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How 2000 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer Works for Bitcoin Mining?

The main ingredient to your mining rig is a transformer.

This electrical device takes medium voltage from a substation and converts it to a usable low voltage to give power for mining.

One of the best transformers for Crypto power to deploy is a 2000 kVA Transformer, a cost-friendly option than much larger transformers.

In most cases, you will want to decide on a transformer with a rating slightly higher than the kVA you calculated.

Starting a device requires more current than actually running it. So factoring the startup into your calculations would be dramatically helpful.

2000 kVA Transformer is a reasonable standard for you to go with to make the most out of your resources while slightly leaning towards the extreme higher ranges.

What Is The Common 2000 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer Specification For Bitcoin Mining?

A 2000 kVA Transformer Specification can be different for each manufacturer. But there are a few factors you need to consider when looking at the specifications of a transformer:

Primary Voltage

Primary voltage refers to the input voltage applied to the terminals of a transformer’s primary winding.

Thus, an alternating magnetic field will produce a current in the secondary voltage, which means that the primary must constantly change.

Secondary Voltage

On the other hand, The voltage that sustains your crypto farm power is Secondary voltage.

It is the transformer’s output voltage with varying load resistances, even with a constant voltage input.

Power Rating

It is the maximum power that the transformer can sustain. Expressed as Kilo volt-amps or kVA; it is calculated with the following formula:

S(VA) = I(A) × V(V)

This formula means Single Phase Amps to volt-amp circulations “S(VA)” is equal to the current in amps “I(A)” multiplied by the voltage in Volts ”V(V).”

Enclosure Type

It pertains to the type of casing used to manufacture the transformer. The enclosure can vary from NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 3RX,4, 4X, and 12, depending on the condition you want your transformer to be exposed to.


NEMA 1 is for indoor use, aimed to provide some degree of protection against foreign objects entering hazardous parts of the system.


For basic indoor and outdoor uses, NEMA 3 can guard against solid ingress and liquids like rain. This type of enclosure could also prevent snow from damaging the insides of your electrical system.


These enclosures are constructed for indoor and outdoor use and protect against falling dirt, dust, water ingress, and freezing or ice formation, practically the same as NEMA 3.


3RX is rated enclosures that protect hazardous parts and protect to some degree against dirt, rain, sleet, and snow affecting your system, with the option to include ventilation for dust particles. It is also resistant to corrosion.


NEMA 4 is manufactured to shield your electrical system from windblown dust, rain, snow, splashing water or hose-directed water, and the formation of ice, granting its usage for indoors or outdoors.


Although this is made for indoor and outdoor use, this enclosure protects your system’s internal components against corrosion, ice, dust, rain, and snow.


NEMA 12 is manufactured mainly for indoor usage to guard your system’s most hazardous inner workings. Protecting against falling dirt, circulating dust, lint, fibers, and rain.

What Is The Usual 2000 kVA Transformer Weight for Bitcoin Mining?

Pretty much like a transformer’s specifications, even the weight can vary. But the 2000 kVA Transformer Weight could range from around 5,500 kilograms to 6,200 kilograms.

What Are 2000 kVA Transformer Dimensions For Bitcoin Mining?

The 2000 kVA Transformer Dimensions are also subjective and can differ. However, the most common dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 75 inches
  • Width: 67.5 inches
  • Overall Depth: 86 inches
2000 kva pad-mounted transformer

How Does a Small Substation Transformer Works For Bitcoin Mining?

A substation is an area where electric power is converted from bulk power to local power or the other way around.

Thus, substation transformers are rated by their primary and secondary voltage relationship and their power carrying capability.

Like any transformer, a substation transformer filters high-powered voltage to a more usable voltage to power your rig for mining.

Think of a substation as a hub. It’s a separate location connected to a single main station, processing all the bulk power through transmission lines and converting the power to a premium power sent out to businesses, houses, and in your case, your bitcoin mining rig.

2000kva mini substation transformers
2000kva mini substation transformers

What Are Usual Small Substation Transformer Specifications for Bitcoin Mining?

Generally, the specifications of a substation transformer will be different for every unique manufacturer. But the general specs will be the same as the transformer you will use. And in this case, the 2000 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer Specifications will reflect on your substation, as seen below:

  • Oil Filled
  • Size: 2000 KVA
  • Primary Voltage: 12470
  • Secondary Voltage: 440
  • Weight of each unit: 5600 Kg approximately
  • Drain and sample valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Temperature indicator
  • Control box
  • Silica breather installed in conservator tank

What Are 200 kVA Small Substation Transformer Dimensions For Bitcoin Mining?

The dimensions of small substation transformers can also vary based on their manufacturing. But to get an idea, here are the general dimensions of a typical small substation transformer:

  • Height: 81 inches
  • Width: 94 inches
  • Depth: 79 inches
  • Footprint Width: 69 inches
  • Footprint Depth: 37 inches

What amount of bandwidth do I need for bitcoin mining?

The short answer is that you will not need a lot of internet bandwidth. In fact, around 5mbps would work for a medium-sized rig.

Thus, even a large-scale mining farm would not have any problems with this much bandwidth.

A bigger concern would be your latency; this is the amount of delay a receiver would take before recognizing it as input.

A higher latency would mean you send and receive information a lot slower compared to lower latency. So now the question would be: How long does it take to send and receive data?

Wifi has higher latency than direct Ethernet connection.

It can affect the lowest threshold you could mine, which applies to all miners.

So directly connecting your miners to your router is recommended for the best performance.

Does bitcoin mining need a lot of electricity?

Bitcoin mining consumes around 91 terawatt-hours of electricity annually and roughly 0.5% of all energy consumption worldwide.

That’s more than seven times the electricity used on all global operations by Google.

And the reason for that is because of the mining competition. The more people who compete, the more electricity is consumed.

2000KVA Pad-mounted Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm
2000KVA Pad-mounted Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

What power supply does bitcoin mining need?

The power supply depends on the graphics card you use. But your power supply should be able to achieve at least 80% efficiency.

An average mining system with 3 graphics processing units can consume 1,000 watts or more.

You need to estimate or calculate the maximum power consumption of all the components you have on your mining rig.

2000kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer for Bitcoin Mining

2000 kVA Pad-Mounted Transformer is a system that is more than capable of powering your crypto farm. It is above entry-level, so you would have nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that the high and low latency matters when mining.

Even with low bandwidth and a moderate power supply, you can still get the most out of your system’s capabilities.

Consider contacting DAELIM for any advice and recommendations you want to look for.

DAELIM’s team consists of well-trained professionals eager to help you with your projects and are more than willing to assist you. So feel free to ask questions and clarifications.

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Custom 2000KVA Transformer For Bitcoin Mining Farm

If you need to purchase more than 2000kva transformer, or you need a customized transformer for your Bitcoin mining farm. You can contact Daelim.

Daelim has an experienced transformer design team. They can customize the transformer for you according to the size and power consumption of your mine. And it is guaranteed that the delivery will be completed within 6 to 7 weeks.

Daelim’s transformers have passed IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA, AU certification. It has been applied in many Bitcoin mining farms.