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In layman’s terms, transformers basically ‘transform’ the amount of electricity a circuit has into a higher or lower voltage. A 200 kVA transformer is one of the types of transformers used to transfer large amounts of electrical energy over long distances. 

The 200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformers are widely used in our everyday lives when changing the voltage of a specific circuit. It is used in doorbells, toys, and electrical generators. There are many ways in which transformers are used, but it is an undeniable fact that everyone should be knowledgeable about them.

Electricity has always been a vital part of our everyday lives, and engineers and scientists have been thinking up new ways to make and deliver electricity over long distances. This is where transformers come in. Their ability to deliver loads of electricity over thousands of miles is deemed to be a very important part of why we have electricity all around the world/

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This article aims to give everyone a lending hand in learning what a 200 kVA transformer is, how it is used in everyday life, and how important it is to everyone. Read more to find out!

200 KVA Transformers

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Dry-type Transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is a 200 KVA Transformer?

200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer

Going into the specifics of this type of transformer, it steps up voltages between 240 and 480 volts and operates at either fifty or sixty hertz. It is an isolation type of transformer, which means that it has the huge advantage of better safety for users and a reduced number of power surges. 

Transformers with voltage ratings higher than 150 kVA would be equipped with an alarm. This alarm will be triggered if the transformer’s temperature rises to around 150 degrees. It must be manually stopped and suspended.

What are the specifications of 200 kva transformer?

A 200 kVA transformer is a phase-3 type of transformer. A phase-3 transformer means three sets of primary and secondary windings. Three single-phase transformers conjoined into one. 200 kVA would be the highest capacity it can contain, and the wires have to weigh between 495 to 705 kilograms.

This 200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer’s primary voltage is 480 volts and a secondary voltage of 240 volts. Its frequency lies around 50 or 60 hertz, and it has both aluminum and copper wires coiled around it. Also, it utilizes a dry air cooling type with a warranty that lasts for a year.

Generally, this 200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer can work around negative fifteen to forty degrees celsius. Additionally, it can also work with a humidity of less than or equal to 90 percent RH, provided no condensation is present in the machine. Finally, it can work properly only if it is placed less than 1 kilometer above sea level. 

How many types of 200 kVA transformer are there?

200 KVA Transformer

Transformers can be categorized in many different ways. They can be classified among purpose, construction, use, etc.

Additionally, these types of 200 kVA transformers can overlap, so people must know their differences.

200kva Dry-type Transformer

3-Phase dry type Distribution Transformer

Unlike other transformers, a dry-type transformer means that it doesn’t use any insulating liquid where its windings and cores are submerged in a type of liquid. Dry-type transformers have their windings and cores within a sealed tank pressurized by air.

The advantages of having a dry-type transformer include the following:

  • Better safety for users
  • Very Easy Installation
  • No Fire hazards
  • Great for Damp Areas
  • Excellent in seismic events
  • High capacity when supporting overloads

These may seem like the best type of transformer out there, but it doesn’t come without a few shortcomings like:

1. There is a minimal chance that a dry-type transformer would have a winding fail, but the whole setup needs to be altered once it occurs.

2. Dry-type transformers are usually more expensive than oil-cooled transformers.

200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer

Unlike the Dry-type transformer, this 200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer specifications have windings submerged in oil.

This type of 200 kVA transformer comes as a cheaper option, has a pole mount for easier installation, and uses oil for its cooling method. 

This type of 200kVA 3-Phase Distribution Transformer is used for transmitting and distributing power for long distances with high efficiency and low loss.

Corrosion resistance meets professional standards, and this transformer can be built using silicon steel or amorphous metal, depending on the client’s requirements.

200 kVA 3PH Isolation Transformer

200 kVA 3PH Isolation Transformers work just like regular transformers but with different main tasks.

Their main objective is to provide galvanic isolation to the electrical system. They can become a step-up or a step-down transformer with equal primary and secondary voltages. 

Additionally, isolation transformers are used mainly in a handful of electrical devices such as measurement devices, computers, or specific electrical devices for industries.

Another special application of isolation transformers includes pulse transformers, which provide special electrical isolation.

Learn more about the 3200 kVA transformer

How many amps can a 200 kVA transformer handle?

200 kVA 3PH Isolation Transformer

How many amps can a 200 kVA transforWith a three-phase transformer, engineers use a formula to determine the kVA of a transformer.

First, multiply the voltage and amperes, and multiply the answer by 1.732. Afterward, you would have an answer in terms of voltage and amperes. To get the kVA, you would have to divide the answer by 1000.

So, with this formula, we could manipulate it to get the number of amperes that a 200kVA transformer would be able to handle.

The final answer will be 288.68 amperes if it is a 3-phase transformer and 833.33 amperes if it is a single-phase transformer.mer handle?

How do I determine the size of a transformer needed?

200 kVA 3PH Isolation Transformers

Sizing the transformer is very important when considering safety.

A wrong judgment about the VA measurements could lead to the transformer breaking down due to the overloads that it has to endure throughout the whole process.

To determine the appropriate VA required, you would have to multiply the secondary voltage needed to the required amperes of the system.

For example, if your required secondary voltage lies around 30 volts and your amperes are 1.3 amps, then by doing the calculations, the VA that you would need would be 39 VA.

If a fault occurs due to the transformer overloading, you should look for a short circuit in the system before replacing the whole transformer altogether.

The transformer rarely breaks down on its own, so you should do your due diligence to check all the other parties involved in the breakage. 

Can you use transformers in mining Bitcoin?

Mining Bitcoin is an extremely energy exhaustive task for a system. You would need a lot of crypto farm power to operate it. A utility company’s transformer may be very beneficial in giving you substantial power for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in general.

How much should a transformer be oversized?

To maximize the efficiency and cost of installation, there should be substantial agreements between the company, the engineer, and the installers to calculate how much leeway can be utilized. This is important as the engineer would not properly understand how much power the transformer would use.

You must check the amount of power the transformer would utilize since there is a huge chance that the operating cost would exceed the initial price. Efficiency would mean that you should pay attention to the core steel and winding materials used in the transformer.


200kva Transformers are very important in our world today as they are responsible for delivering huge amounts of energy between large distances with minimal loss. DAELIM has been one of the leading manufacturers in the electrical industry, and DAELIM’s ideals would assure you that DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE would hold your 200 kVA transformer to the highest standards. 


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