10 MVA Transformer Price and Purchasing Guide

There is a wide variety of transformers for different uses and applications. Larger companies need a higher transformer capacity to substantiate their operations, usually around a 10 MVA rating. Companies must get the best value for a reasonable 10 MVA transformer price to ensure optimum performance, quality, and reliability.
Supply and demand in any market need to be balanced at all times. Bigger companies are at the forefront of mass production of services and goods to cater to the ever-growing demand of every industry. They will need a reliable power distribution system through a minimum 10 MVA rated or 10000 kva transformer to run an uninterrupted operation.
DAELIM has been a leading transformer manufacturer in China for many years and is now expanding rapidly in the global market. With two decades of manufacturing experience, DAELIM has provided many industries with the highest-quality transformers for the most competitive price. Browse through this definitive buying guide to learn more about 10 MVA transformers.

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Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What is the Standard 10 MVA Transformer Price Range?

10 MVA transformer

The 10 MVA transformer price is dependent on several factors. Price point changes depending on the materials, type, voltage level, standardization, customization, and brand. Even the 20 MVA transformer price range has a wide gap between its offerings.
Material-wise, a 10 MVA transformer specification that employs copper winding can be 30% more expensive than those with windings made from aluminum. A transformer’s cost will also be affected by its type, whether single-phase or three-phase and if it is oil-immersed or dry-type.
The voltage level is also a direct cost additive since it relates to a transformer’s capacity and power. Following different international standards will also result in price disparity, which means adding or removing materials differently and varying the capacity.
A brand and manufacturer’s reputation can also be a major price driver. Globally established brands and leading manufacturers typically price their products higher than the lower-level market players. It is because leading brands have already built a reputation out of quality, advanced technology, innovation, and other guarantees.
In general, all these price factors affect different transformers. There is no single 15 MVA transformer price, as there is no single 16 MVA transformer price.
The 10 MVA transformer price falls between USD 120,000 and USD 150 000. It’s always best to consult industry professionals when shopping for transformers with this price point. On the other hand, a 20 MVA transformer price can start at USD 85,000, reaching up to USD 250,000.

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10 MVA Specifications and Uses

10 MVA Specification

A 10 MVA transformer, or 10000 kva transformer, is used for different purposes. Mainly, this transformer is used for power generation and distribution since it’s employed to supply electric power. The 10 MVA transformer is also used in different substations, larger-scale industrial applications, and long-distance transmission.
This transformer is efficient in stepping up or decreasing voltages and reducing loss during transmission. And it remains at an optimal level when used at full capacity 24/7.
Here are the main 10 MVA transformer specifications by DAELIM:
●Power rating: 10,000 kva
●Freq.: 50Hz
●Cooling: ONAN
●V Ratio: 33000/11000 Volts
●V Regulation: 16-step OLTC (motorized), on-load tap changers
●Oil Temp. Rise: 65K
●Wind Temp. Rise: 60K
●Oil Weight: 7500kg approx.
●Transport Weight: 16500kg approx.
●Tot. Weight: ≈28000kg

10 MVA Transformer Types

When it comes to transformer types, 10 MVA transformers are commonly classified into two: the oil-cooled 10 MVA and three-phase (3PH) 10 MVA.

Oil-Cooled 10 MVA Transformers

Oil-cool denotes the cooling method that a 10 MVA transformer employs. This type uses oil immersion to control and maintain the temperature at optimal operating levels. The cooling method in transformers is essential to operate the machine at an ideal level.
Temperature control is not just about increasing or decreasing the heat level; it ensures the transformer can function at the highest level without breaking down or overheating.
Unlike dry-cooled transformers, the oil-cooled type submerges the coils in mineral oil to dissipate heat effectively. Oil-immersed 10 MVA transformers are installed with oil conservator tanks and cooling radiators for effective temperature control.
A 10 MVA transformer tank normally holds up to 3383 gallons of insulating oil. This transformer is also installed with an oil conservator to prevent the oil from foaming. At the same time, an added oil gas separator prevents it from malfunctioning by removing dissolved gas in the oil. It is worth noting that oil capacities will also vary depending on the transformer’s design, size, and build.

Three-phase 10 MVA Transformers

10 MVA three-phase transformers are built with six coils, forming three primary and secondary windings pairs. A pair of these windings wrap a specific iron core assembly. Three phases mean three individual single-phase windings in one core.
Three-phase transformers are ideal for heavy-duty and industrial applications since they guarantee efficient power loads in longer ranges, conductor efficiency, and smooth power delivery.
Compared to single-phase transformers, three-phase ones are more lightweight and compact, which makes up for their convenient installation and easy transportation. It is also proven to be more cost-effective and affordable than other types.

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Where can you install 10 MVA transformers?

You can install a 10 MVA transformer in any of the following:
1. Underground: One way of placing a 10 MVA transformer is placing it along the cables in an underground place. Although today, pad-mounted transformers are much more preferred– positioned outdoors and enclosed in a metal cabinet.
2. Overhead: Overhead placement is more common among larger transformers, like the 10 MVA. They are usually located beside high-voltage conductors and along electric wires and poles. Install it on fenced ground pads, alleyways, or building sides. The only caveat with this placement is that transformers become exposed to rain, ice, wind storms, and heat which may corrode their materials.
3. Buried directly: Other companies have tried burying their transformers directly to hide them and protect them from damage due to external or physical contact. However, this is not recommended since it will limit your access, result in poor ventilation and heat dissipation, and exposure to harmful chemicals, moisture, and elements within the ground.

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Why is it necessary to conduct a transformer oil analysis for 10 MVA transformers?

Oil analysis for oil-immersed transformers is done to determine the chemical and physical properties of the oil mineral, which might affect or harm the overall performance of a transformer.

Why is the Three-Phase 10 MVA transformer preferred over the other type?

Three-phase 10 MVA transformers are much preferred for their compact and lightweight property, cost-effectiveness, affordability, convenient installation, less maintenance requirement, and better efficiency.

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Transcend Your Business with 10 MVA Transformers!

Transformers have made a great deal of impact in improving the operations of many businesses for a long time. They have powered small and large market players, shaping local and global communities today.
With the right idea of 10 MVA transformer price and specifications, you can shop through with confidence and ease. Powering your business with this reliable machine means powering your success.
Contact DAELIM today and trust them with your 10 MVA transformer purchase. Their global standards and market reputation guarantee will guarantee years of efficient and reliable power distribution.

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