Top 6 Transformer manufacturers in Texas

Texas is the second largest continent in the United States and a major energy supplier. There are many factories in Texas and therefore a great demand for transformers. The main transformer manufacturers and suppliers in Texas are located in the Houston area. In this article you will find a detailed overview of 6 local transformer suppliers in Texas. Daelim is also recommended for you.

Transformer manufacturers in Texas

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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Excellent after-sales service

Daelim has an always experienced installation team in Texas and can provide you with a perfect after-sales team.

Perfect product quality

Daelim’s manufacturing plant strictly adheres to the ISO 9001 production management system. With a wide range of transformers manufactured in accordance with IEEE, CSA, ANSI C57.12.00, IEC60076, GB1097 and GB/T6451, we can confirm that Daelim transformers are perfectly matched to the needs of the electrical industry in Texas.

Outstanding transformer design capabilities

Daelim has dozens of patented technologies and a team of experienced designers who can design transformers specifically for you according to your needs. Our sales team can also provide you with a complete transformer solution.

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Energy Rental Solutions Cat

Transformer supplier in Texas- ERSC

Location and Contact

Energy Rental Solutions is a provider of Transformer manufacturers in Texas. energy Rental Solutions is specifically located at 4300 Rice Drier Road, Pearland, Texas 77581. Energy Rental Solutions CAT offers many different electrical distribution equipment that can safely provide power to any location. 

Energy Rental Solutions’ transformers are specifically designed to offer an efficient method of meeting the requirements for voltage in a wide range of situations. The sturdy units are built to be moved and placed wherever needed. They are designed to be used for long-term or temporary applications , and are equipped with lugs made of metal for simple installation. We have a range of electrical transformers for lease, including 9kVA,15kVA 25kVA, 45kVA 75kVA 112.5kVA 150kVA and 1000kVA, 750kVA, 2500kVA, 3750kVA and 7000kVA units. We are able to design, provide and install an efficient as well as reliable electric distribution system that will fulfill the specific requirements of your facility. Learn more about this system below.

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Energy Rental Solutions provides temporary or continuous utility rental for planned events or in the event of an emergency. Energy Rental Solutions has the resources and personnel to ensure that your requirements are met. Energy Rental’s fleet comprises rental of generators and temperature control as well as compressed air, and distribution of power.

Energy Rental Solutions understands the demanding demands you have to meet in running your business. GRS can assist all hours of the day, every day throughout your stay on the Gulf Coast. Energy Rental’s unbeatable support for its products include design engineering, installation, and operation, to address any temporary energy needs.ERS offers the strength that is the power of the CAT Network, as well as the experience and expertise of a professional rental company to our customers to efficiently and safely address their needs for utility services that are temporary.

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All United Electrical Solutions

Transformer manufacturers in ALL UNITED ELECTRICAL

Location and Contact

All United Electrical Solutions is an electrical supplier located in Houston, Texas, and transformers are one of its many businesses. all United Electrical Solutions is located at 308 W. Hamilton St., Houston, TX 77091.


Allied Electrical Solutions is dedicated to serving the electrical industry by distributing electrical products. Allied Electrical Solutions strives to deliver the best customer service with a deep understanding about the items we offer as well as lightning speed responses, as well as friendly staff. Since its inception in 1999, Houston Circuit Breakers and Electrical Supplies is still a family owned and operated.

All United Electrical Solutions is an online retailer with New and Used Electrical Distribution, Circuit Breakers and Control Products. Our company is an authorized dealer of ABB, ACME, MGM, Milbank & Connecticut Electric. We also stock New as well as Used Surplus products from leading manufacturers like Eaton, Square D, Siemens, General Electric and other. Our products come with one to two years of warranty, which is free of charge.

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Sigma Electronics Inc

Transformer suppliers in Texas-SEI

Location and Contact

Sigma Electronics primarily offers a major producer of high-frequency Transformer manufacturers in Texas. The company’s address is at 10830 Kinghurst St, Houston, Sigma Electronics can design or create custom high frequency transformers by using different designs and materials for HP/HT subsea, downhole, industrial, and other uses. Over 10,000 custom designs for components are on hand in the Sigma Electronics in-house.


Sigma Electronics, Inc. is a custom-designed transformer and wire-wound magnet component manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas. Sigma is committed to offering OEMs high-quality custom transformers, inductors coils, chokes and other wire-wound magnetic parts, emphasizing high voltage/high-temperature applications of 260 degrees Celsius.

Sigma Electronics’ experience and experience have established us as a leader in developing and producing transformers for extreme environments and wire-wound magnetic components designed for oilfield downhole service applications. The success of Sigma Electronics is due to years of experience and quality, as well as the service we’ve offered our customers for over 45 years.

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Transformer Protector Corp

Transformer manufacturers in Texas- Transformer Protector

Location and Contact

TRANSFORMER Protector is the producer of transformer protection devices located within Humble.TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR is situated in 1880 Treble Dr, Humble, Transformer Protector Corporation (TPC) is the sole Transformer Protector (TP) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in North, Central and South America. The design and refinement of TP has taken place over the course of 15 years of intensive research and testing, TP is the sole known and tested solution to stop transformer explosions as well as fires.


Transformer Protector Corp. (TPC) TPC is the first producer of equipment for the TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) for North, Central and South America. TPC is also positioned to oversee projects across the globe.

TPC is the market leader in fire and explosion prevention. Anyone who sees the results of research carried out by TPC appreciates the amount of knowledge displayed. This is true for both prospective and current customers.
TPC can be proud to be the recipient of many awards, including:

  • The confidence of hundreds of customers who are protecting their transformers by using the TP
  • A certificate from CEPEL High Voltage Laboratory
  • The most researched article published in Power Gen Europe
  • Numerous Successful TP Activation Certificates issued by the end-users
  • Rapid Depressurization System that is endorsed by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Recommendation No. 850, Edition 2015.
  • ISO 9001 Certified with high quality standards

TPC is also located in Peru as well as Brazil as well. In Lima and Sao Paulo, through Transformer Protector South America S.A.C. (TPSA) as well as also in Sao Paulo with Transformer Protector Ltda (TPL). Both locations provide their TPC knowledge to South American market, along with the knowledge and quality of service. The proximity of the two locations gives customers a quick response for sales and after-sales services.


AMS Group

Transformer suppliers in Texas- AMS Group

Location and Contact

AMS Group is a Houston-based company that offers full solutions for transformers used in substations. AMS Group is located at 2337 Naomi St. Established on the 26th of June 2006, in 2006 by David E Hess, AMS Group is a service company specialising in substation transformer decommissioning power plant, substation transformer decommissioning and the management of assets that are decommissioned.


GroupShi Asset Manager at AMS and specialist contractor for surplus industrial equipment and plants that are available for recycling, resale and demolition.

AMS Group specialize in substation transformers. They additionally process generators, turbines cables, motors, breakers, valves, pumps whole substations, industrial facilities, and other scrap metal.

AMS GroupDe solutions are carried out at the facilities of our clients across the nation. When it is logistically feasible, we are able to transport the materials into our Houston or ports processing facilities. Equipment is assessed for its maximum the value of the item and, if it can’t be sold in a timely fashion then it is taken apart and recycled.

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Alamo Transformer Supply Company (ATSCO)

Transformer manufacturers in Texas- ATSCO

Location and Contact

Alamo Transformer Supply Company (ATSCO) was founded in the year 1963, at San Antonio, as Transformer manufacturers in Texas Since then the company has continued to expand and expand our operations to meet the ever-changing demands and requirements of our clients. Alamo Transformer Supply Company (ATSCO) is among the top transformer manufacturers in Texas. Located at 4931 Space Center Dr. P.O. Box 39908.San Antonio, Texas 78218.


With offices in San Antonio and Houston, ATSCO is strategically positioned to meet the business needs of utility/cooperative and industrial/petrochemical customers in five specialized areas. Repair, Refurbishment, Rewinding, Rental and Recycling.

San Antonio facility San Antonio facility includes a 27,000 square-foot facility set on 2 acres. It is responsible for its distribution transformer department. It repairs to transformers that are up to 500 kVA . It also supervises the rewinding process of the three and single phase transformers with up to 200 KV BIL and voltages as high as 12/15 MVA. The second facility is located within San Antonio is on 8 acres and has storage areas and transformer processing facilities. It also functions as our center for material recovery.

Houston is the Houston location is center of the Power Systems Division. The facility, which is more than four acres of land, brought more capacity and improved efficiency with the new expansion. The new facility and overhead crane has effectively increased our lifting capacity by a third as well as hook length (now more than 30 feet) which allowed us to expand the size rating of transformers being repaired in Houston up to the weight of 60,000 pounds.

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