Key Technology Design of Bess Power Plant

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The rapid development of social economy has enhanced people’s demand for electric energy and charging station construction requirements. Traditional charging stations have a lower utilization rate due to higher power and shorter charging time. This paper discusses the key technologies in the system construction by outlining the system structure of the integrated photovoltaic storage power plant, focusing on four aspects: battery selection, battery system design, energy management design, and energy management strategy, highlighting the energy-saving and economic advantages of bess power plant construction.

PV type distributed power is the most common clean energy source, with the characteristics of unsustainable power generation and large land area, etc. With the large number of PV type distributed power access, it is likely that the power will not be easily consumed, the stability of the power grid will be reduced, and the price of PV power will drop in the future.

Therefore, by adding energy management system and lithium battery energy storage system to the charging station to build bess power plant, on the one hand, it can balance the load-peak difference of the power grid and realize the maximum benefit of bess power plant, and it is of great significance to upgrade the power distribution network, realize distributed power generation and build smart grid.

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What is bess power plant?

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The bess power plant includes three parts: photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage system and energy management.

Among them, the photovoltaic power generation system includes solar cell array, photovoltaic inverter and other equipment. The energy storage system contains batteries, battery management modules, two-way alternators and other equipment.

The energy management system is the pivot of the power plant operation, including power monitoring, source network cast-off equipment, communication interface, calculation control module and other equipment.

Bess power plant battery how to choose?

The current power system to form a large-scale pilot energy storage methods are mainly lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, vanadium liquid flow batteries.

Although the charging power plant covers an area of small, but there are two requirements: First, the need for a large instantaneous power output, so the battery storage system should have a good multiplier charge and discharge and specific energy performance.

The second is the safety requirements of rechargeable batteries, mainly for high output voltage, high capacity, non-toxic or less toxic, and wide operating temperature range. This coincides with the technical characteristics of lithium batteries, that is, safe, reliable, non-explosive, at 100% DOD and room temperature conditions, cycle life greater than 7500 times.

Especially lithium iron phosphate battery has the advantages of high output voltage, high capacity, safe and reliable, stable voltage, long cycle life, and strong cycle capacity of charging and discharging.

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How to design the battery management system?

The battery management system consists of a three-level architecture, the system collects information from the control unit and uploads it to the master control unit, and through the unification of the summary information of each unit to realize the interaction between the bidirectional alternator and the master control unit to complete the charging and discharging of the battery pack.

The bi-directional alternator uses a bipolar converter to charge and discharge the battery pack, with the AC side connected to the 380V AC bus and the DC side to the battery pack. Meanwhile, the secondary measurement and control equipment and load configuration switch are used in the measurement and control throwing and energy collection management system to meet the power demand.

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How is the energy management system designed?

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The energy management system can monitor the operating power of microgrid, peak shaving, charging station power supply, microgrid power exchange, energy storage system charging and discharging in real time. Under the premise of islanding operation of microgrid, the system can provide frequency and standard voltage by regulating energy storage to ensure balanced power distribution among power sources, realize orderly and safe operation of the isolated grid system, and ensure continuous power supply of charging stations.

If the external grid system works normally, the energy management system can guide the isolated grid system to quickly integrate into the main grid by monitoring the system frequency and voltage to promote the grid-connected operation of the system.

One of the energy management methods is as follows: 1 cycle per day to increase the service life of the energy storage system; maximizing the consumption of PV power.

As far as possible, use the usual power or low valley power; peak power is less than the set value, so as to reduce the impact on the grid.

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How to design the energy management strategy?

The energy management strategy should follow the principle of optimal economy, based on the high fit between PV power generation curve and grid load curve, peak and valley tariff range, develop dynamic energy storage control plan, charge at low peak and discharge at peak, and use PV power generation to increase power plant economic income.

There are three types of energy management system operation modes.

One of them is grid-connected operation.

The PV system connects the power generation directly to the grid to ensure the process of grid-connected power generation of clean energy. The energy storage system can level out the electrical peak power of PV power generation, so that the frequency and bus voltage meet the requirements.

Second, off-grid operation.

The energy storage system constructs the frequency and voltage with the help of the main power supply, realizes the normal work of the system under the control of the energy management system, and at the same time scientifically adjusts the power surplus, if the power generation is higher than the station load, the excess power can be stored in energy storage to strengthen the energy utilization rate.

Third, switch operation between grid-connected and off-grid in time.

The system can combine the low and peak periods of electricity consumption, and take the form of active switching between grid-connected and off-grid, highlighting the time-sharing working method and reducing the cost of electricity consumption.

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In summary, bess power plant has greater practical and economic significance, its key technologies should include charging system, monitoring system, photovoltaic system, energy storage system and other structural design, while in the power plant energy storage system design should choose lithium iron phosphate batteries, and energy management strategy settings need to be combined with the local grid load situation and tariff policy, so that the system design to meet the safe, reliable and economic Energy saving requirements to ensure the best economic operation of bess power plant.

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