315 kva Transformer, The Ultimate Guide

A 315 KVA transformer can help individuals in different places since they are helpful in almost all circumstances that you might face.

Transformers are equipment used to transmit electricity and adjust voltage from an input line to an output line. There are many distinct transformers, each with its size, characteristics, capability, and purposes.

A transformer is necessary because it can convert the power provided by utility providers into the voltage your equipment requires. However, purchasing the incorrect transformer can substantially harm your gear.

It is why learning about this type of transformer is helpful for you and your decision-making. And DAELIM provides cutting-edge technology to ensure that the transformers are at their best performance.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Dry-type Transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is a 315KVA Transformer?

Types of 315 KVA Transformer

A 315 KVA transformer offers complete voltage transition in the distribution grid. It also regulates the voltage and provides separation between the primary and secondary circuits.

This transformer is ideal for supplying electrical transmission systems with appliances, lighting, mechanized machines, and power loads.

The transformer 315KVA will endure the customary high electrical strains, and the huge, robust radiators will swiftly disperse any heat generated by “Eddy” currents’ maximum reduction.

315 KVA Transformer Specification

For starters, the transformer load’s electricity size is measured in kVA. The kVA unit represents Kilovolt-amperes. Generally, a 1.0 kVA transformer has the same rating as a 1,000 VA transformer and can take 100 voltages at 10 amps of energy.

This transformer should be eligible to be installed outside. With a three-phase, 50Hz, 11-kV circuit, the neutrality is effectively electrically insulated and should be built to withstand voltage level changes of up to 12.5 percent.

A 315 KVA transformer must be able to supply specified capacity continuously, and it should surpass the indicated temperature increase. Additionally, this transformer and its voltage levels under no-load must be 11000/433-250 Volts.

The core is cold-rolled grain-aligned annealed steel of good quality. Also, the minimal loss and good grain characteristics are covered with hot oil resistance.

Generally, the insulation is firmly fastened together to the frames to reduce movement or noise. Zinc Chromate and paper are used to properly insulate all core clamping screws; with the prolonged operation of the transformers, the core design must ensure core losses’ permanency.

Keeping tabs on the 315 KVA transformer specifications and researching them is better than wasting money on the wrong model.

Types of 315 KVA Transformer

315 kva Oil Immersed Transformer

315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer

There are different types of 315 KVA transformers that you can choose from, and these types all cater to what you need.

A 315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer is an immobile device that uses environmentally acceptable temperature heat insulation. It has no revolving parts.

“Cast resin type transformers” are another example of this type of transformer. It has a wide variety of business, industrial, and utility purposes.

Copper Strip/Foil is used to make the 315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer windings. This cutting-edge technology ensures better resilience to electrodynamic pressures than standard elix windings.

Class F/H material is used to provide insulation between both windings. 315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformers also use Metals, ceramics, fiberglass, and resin as fire-resistant materials.

Additionally, because there is no oil, it is environmentally friendly. And consumers could use it in a humid, chemically polluted environment.

315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer are ideal for those who care about the environment and want to limit their carbon footprint.

315 kva Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer

315 kva Oil Immersed Transformer

The 315 kVA Oil Immersed Transformer is pole placed or positioned in a distribution station for daily illumination and factory power with an LV output of up to 0.4kV.

Transformers with oil-immersed heat dissipation are known as 315 kva Oil Immersed Transformer converters. In fact, they have been utilized in power distribution system installations for centuries.

Oil-immersed power transformers have become the most commonly used electrical technology because of their simple structure, strong history, extensive industrial capacity, and higher reliability.

A magnetic core, windings, and bushings make up an 315 kva Oil Immersed Transformer. The oil storage container is a component of oil-immersed transformers. It makes operation easier by keeping track of the oil storage tank and allowing for temperature increases of the oil.

315 kva Oil Immersed Transformers make up the majority of the transformers in the power grid. A dry-type transformer, as the name suggests, is one that dissipates heat through the air rather than transformer oil.

The transformer’s oil is insulated from the atmosphere thanks to the corrugated tank’s thermal expansion and contraction elements.

Generally, the 315 kva Oil Immersed Transformer uses Ester Fluid and is an outdoor type of installation. Its winding material is made out of Aluminum, and it is ground-mounted.

Additionally, it has a maximum altitude of < 1000 M. It also has 3 phases, a frequency of 50 HZ, and its primary voltage is 22kv.

Crypto Power of 315 KVA Transformer

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, the need for high-power-rated transformers is in the market right now. And, of course, finding the best transformer for you is needed so that you can have more power for mining.

This transformer has a high performance and is simple to install. Also, It’s perfect for sending power without experiencing voltage fluctuations or adjusting the required frequencies.

Also, the rating might be continuous, allowing you to overload for brief periods. However, depending on the transformer’s design, the capacity may only be for a certain time.

This transformer has precision measurements and a precise layout. It can transmit in heavy-duty devices, power stations, and other commercial settings.

Crypto power is an essential component in the world of cryptocurrency.

Does the kVA of a transformer matter?

Transformers are measured in kVA or VA rather than kW. All-electric use is always assessed in kW, whereas power generating and transmitting devices (generators and transformers) are measured in kVA.

The perceived power source is kVA. It mixes instantaneous active and reactive energy, and transformers are built with the circuit current.

As a result, it can be used to power any electrical load (either resistive, capacitive, inductive, or combination loads). There may be some misunderstanding about the type of load being supplied if the transformer is registered in KW.

dry type 315 kva transformer

What happens if the transformer overloads?

The windings generate heat as the load is raised and decrease the temperature when the load is reduced. So it will explode if the load is severe for a short period, but this is unusual.

Elevated loading over a long time will cause the transformer to fail. In essence, overloading a transformer affects its life, but not as much as other equipment.

Overloading is often less in dry-type transformers. Because there is no oil to cool these transformers, overloading might cause a break in the insulation, leading to equipment failure.

How do you calculate a transformer's maximum load?

315 KVA Transformer Specification

People can double-check calculations with excel spreadsheets. However, calculating a transformer’s full load power is kVA/ (1.732 x Volt).


When it comes to purchasing a transformer, individuals have multiple alternatives. However, with so many complicated components of power transmission to address, finding one that is perfectly compatible with your equipment and meets the facility’s safety criteria is no easy process.

Several aspects must be properly examined while guaranteeing that all key priorities are addressed. So, choose the correct transformer, such as the 315 KVA transformer, and check if the said product’s specifications are compatible with your needs.

DAELIM offers high-quality transformers perfected with cutting-edge technology that fits consumers’ needs.

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