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A reliable power supply is everything in running a business or powering communities. One of the most in-demand transformers in the industry is the 200 kVa-rated transformer. You will commonly see its kind widely employed in power supply substations and distribution facilities. 200kva transformer price may vary by type, quality, materials, and manufacturer.

As its name suggests, transformers are used to ‘transform’ a circuit’s electricity either into low (step-down) or high (step-up) voltage rates. A 200kva 3PH distribution transformer, for example, increases the voltage to around 240 to 480 V at 80 to 60 Hertz. Transformers rated higher than 150 kva are installed with an alarm system that will be triggered by above-normal operating temperatures or at 150 degrees.

Additionally, these transformers can be an isolation transformer type that reduces power surges and has better safety advantages making them a valuable investment for a reasonable 200 kva transformer price. These three-phase transformers are essential in powering daily devices and equipment, from home safety alarms to generators.

200 kva transformer price

DAELIM has been in the transformer manufacturing business for over 20 years. As a key market player for two decades, DAELIM has supplied thousands of top-quality, international standard-compliant electric products that are shaping the modern business world today.

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer

Dry-type Transformer

Type:Cast resin; Rated Capacity: Up to 25MVA; Rated Voltage: Up to 36KV;

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

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What Is The Standard Price of a 200 kVA Transformer?

200 kva transformer specification

A 200 kva transformer price can be dictated by several factors and conditions. There is also no single price point for all 200 kva transformer specifications. However, in talking about standard pricing, you can purchase 200kVA dry-type transformers for around USD 3500 per unit. One 200kva 3-Phase isolation transformer is available at around USD 1200, while you’ll need around USD 3000 to avail of a unit of 200kVA 3PH distribution transformer.

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Other Useful Information About 200 kVa Transformers

While 200kva transformers only have specific roles and limited functions, it remains an intricate apparatus that can’t be fully understood with just a simple look. To give you a more well-rounded knowledge, below are some detailed 200 kva transformer specification and guide you’ll need to read.

Other Useful Information About 200 kVa Transformers

While 200kva transformers only have specific roles and limited functions, it remains an intricate apparatus that can’t be fully understood with just a simple look. To give you a more well-rounded knowledge, below are some detailed 200 kva transformer specification and guide you’ll need to read.

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200 kVa Transformer Specifications and Design

The difference in 200 kva transformer price is mainly registered due to varying specifications and designs. Commonly, with DAELIM 200 kva transformer catalog, you can choose among single-phase pad-mounted, three-phase distribution, and dry-type transformers.

Below are the more specific details of these 200 kva transformer types.

200kva Pad-Mounted Transformers

DAELIM’s 200kva pad-mounted transformers are well-renowned top-quality products that are namesake to different international standard certificates like CSA, CESI, SGS, UL/cUL, and North American certificates, among others.

You’ll have an option between single-phase or 3PH 200kva pad-mounted transformers that are designed for outdoor stationing through a metal cabinet enclosure. DAELIM’s pad-mounted transformers use self-cooling and oil insulation medium for optimal temperature.

Depending on the circuit type, these mounted transformers have two configuration options in a loop or radial feed. DAELIM also utilizes copper or aluminum winding that is optimized for size and efficiency.

200kva 3PH Distribution Transformers

200 kva transformer weight

Also known as ‘service transformers’, distribution transformers are widely utilized in power substations.
These transformers are commonly the best economical option, with low loss and higher efficiency in distant power delivery or transportation.

DAELIM’s 200kva 3-phase distribution transformer operates on a primary 480 voltage and 240 secondary voltage, with frequency lying between 50 to 60 Hz. This transformer can operate even at around -15 to 40 degrees or even at places situated less than a kilometer ASL (above sea level). Thanks to its effective dry air cooling medium, this transformer can still properly work with < 90% RH humidity.

3PH distribution transformers are simply three 1PH transformers hooked into one. This means such a distribution transformer employed 3 sets of secondary and primary windings. With 200 kva as the maximum capacity, these transformers can be made with up to 495 – 705 kgs of wires, significantly increasing the 200 kva transformer weight.

200kva Dry-Type Transformers

Unlike oil-based transformers, dry-type ones rely on the air convection method for effective cooling. DAELIM’s dry transformers, which generally employ epoxy resin as their material and method for cooling, are often utilized for smaller capacity and low to medium-voltage transformers.

Dry-type transformers are advantageous by having better heat dissipation and thermal stability, short circuit-resistant properties, reduced noise, low loss, compact and lightweight, and higher 200 kva transformer load capacity.

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Benefits of 200 kVa Transformers

Transformers have many critical uses and applications in running a business or powering residential areas. The benefits of these transformers are well reflected in their prominence and various applications in different areas.

Aside from DAELIM’s commitment to international standards and unparalleled quality, the company ensures you get every value for their 200 kva transformer price. Below are the general benefits of DAELIM’s 200 kva transformers.

●Cost-effectiveness and efficiency
●Reliable power distribution and transmission
●Optimal voltage change
●Wide applications and usage
●Varied options suitable for every need
●Reverse connection
●Convenient installation
●Quality components and parts
●Longer service lifespan

200 kVa Transformers Applications

DAELIM manufactures 200 kva transformers for different purposes, and the company caters to specific builds to meet various market standards. With the company’s flexible and practical transformer designs, different 200 kva transformer specification are made applicable to the power distribution within various commercial buildings.

200 kva transformers are also great for offshore power turbines and cryptocurrency mining like Bitcoin.

200 kVa Transformer Safety Precautions

Like many transformers in the market, 200 kva transformers are equipped with alarm systems to monitor and respond to above-normal operation temperatures. Isolation transformers include electrical noise suppression and heightened protection against electric injuries and shocks. Above all, these transformers employ high-quality and advanced materials and technology to protect themselves from malfunctions and the operators.

Minimum Required Working Environment for 200 kVa Transformers

DAELIM’s increased and improved 200 kva transformer load capacity means it can operate within temperatures reaching minus 15℃ and positive 40℃. The transformer can also work at the rate of ≤90% RH without any problem from condensation. Additionally, it remains suitable for environments less than a kilometer high above sea level.

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How can I calculate the required transformer size?

200 kva transformer load capacity

Proper volt-amperes (VA) measurement is critical to prevent the transformer from overloading and breaking down. To compute for the right VA, just multiply the system amperes requirement by the needed secondary voltage.

If 30 volts is the required secondary voltage and the system ampere is at 1.3 amps, you’ll get the right VA measure at 39 VA.

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How many amps can a transformer with a 200 kVA handle?

A three-phase 200kva transformer can handle 288.68 amps, while a single-phase of the same capacity can have 833.33 amps.

This is derived when you find the product of ‘voltage x amperes’, multiply it with the constant value of 1.732, and divide the second product by 1000 to get the kVa.

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How much oil can a 2000 kVa transformer handle?

A 200 kVA 3PH distribution transformer carries a total of around 160kg of oil inside. This means that a 200 kva transformer weight is significantly increased with the oil it carries for cooling.

The Future is Now With 200 kVa Transformers

DAELIM has been a key player that has shaped the industry for many years and will continue to do so for more. With the company’s top-tier 200 kVa transformers, purchasing one today would be a smart investment for the future.

These transformer types are a mainstay and prominent component for different uses and needs. After reading this guide, you are now equipped with the right knowledge, and getting into the market will be a guided feat.

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