A Comprehensive Guide to 1000kVa Transformers

For every business operation to run optimally, you’ll need reliable electric power machines to ensure a steady and uninterrupted power supply. One of the many smart choices would be to look for a competitive 1000 kVa transformer price and invest in them.

DAELIM is an established name in electronic equipment manufacturing. With over 20 years of industry experience, DAELIM has proven to be a top producer of world-class, industry-leading transformers that power thousands of businesses today.

DAELIM is an established name in electronic equipment manufacturing. With over 20 years of industry experience, DAELIM has proven to be a top producer of world-class, industry-leading transformers that power thousands of businesses today.

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Liquid-Filled Radial Feed Pad Mounted Transformer

Rated Power:75~2500 kva No-load Loss:180~2680W On-load Loss:1250~27786W

Liquid-Filled Loop Feed Pad Mounted Transformer

Primary Voltage Ratings: 34.5-19.92/13.8-7.957/13.2-7.62/12.47-7.2 or others

Pole Transformer

TypeCSP type Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Single Phase Pad mounted transformer

Rated Power:15~167 kva No-load Loss:50~350W On-load Loss:195~1410W

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What is a 1000kVa Transformer?

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Transformers, in general, are equipment used to transfer electricity from an alternating-current (AC) circuit to one or a few more circuits by reducing or increasing the voltage. Like every other transformer, a 1000kVa transformer uses electromagnetic induction in order to change voltage.

A 1000kVa transformer serves various purposes. Among these transformers’ most common functions and purposes is to lower voltage to low-voltage power instruments like home security sensors, doorbells, and lighting. Conversely, 1000 kva transformers will increase the voltage of electric generators to transmit electric power distantly.

1000kVa transformers are the most common of their kind. They are usually installed in malls, industrial or residential areas, or small factories. The 1000kVa is a denotation of the transformer’s apparent power. You’ll usually read this rating and other specs on a 1000 kva transformer nameplate.

DAELIM manufactures top-rated 1000 kva transformers that can power your business for decades while maintaining reliability and efficiency. To know the 1000 kva transformer price, you can book a quote with DAELIM today. But before that, you may want to continue reading this article to learn more about 1000 kva transformer specification and types.


Types of 1000 kVa Transformers

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While there are different types, styles, and sizes of 1000 kva transformers in the market that you can choose from, these apparatus are all classified as three-phase transformers. As such, they employ a three-phase power supply with the secondary and primary windings having three windings set.

The 1000 kva transformer price is also varied with varying specs and properties. Below are three types of 1000 kva transformers you need to know about oil-immersed distribution transformers, pad-mounted transformers, and dry-type transformers.

12131000 kVa Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

The electrical industry is constantly seeking game-changing developments in transformers’ energy-saving qualities, and oil-immersed distribution transformers are a product of that.

One of the main features of an oil-immersed distribution transformer is its compact build, which reduces radial force when there is a short circuit. This property also enables resistance to sudden short circuits in the first place.

The Oil-immersed transformer core arrogates increased magnetic permeability with low-loss cold-rolled oriented strips of silicone steel. Along with a preferred lamination structure, these core properties minimize magnetic flux density distortion that achieves reduced no-load loss and no-load current.

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Oil-immersed 1000 kva Transformer specification and Features

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These are the main features of DAELIM’s 1000 kva oil-immersed distribution transformer.

1. Oxygen-free coppers make up the lower and upper-pressure windings. A multi-layer cylindrical structure is adopted for high-voltage windings, while lower-voltage windings of 500 kva and less have a double layer.

2. The 1000 kva oil-immersed distribution transformer includes a fully sealed structure that extends its service life and eliminates hanging cores, making it maintenance-free.

3. Compared to other products of similar capacity, DAELIM’s 1000 kva oil-immersed distribution transformer reduces no-load loss by 30%, no-load current by up to 70%, and noise down by up to 10DB.

4. DAELIM’s oil-immersed distribution transformers are compliant with GB1097 (power transformers), GB/T6451, IEC60076, and ANSIC57.12.00 standards.

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Pad-Mounted Transformers

Also known as pre-installed substations, 1000 kva pad-mounted transformers function as a low-voltage power supply line converting a 10 kV step-down transformer into a lower voltage 0.4 kV (3 phases) four-wire supply line.

This type of 1000 kva transformer encloses high-voltage switchgear, a lower-voltage distribution segment, and an automatic power compensation. DAELIM manufactures these pad-mounted transformers as prefabricated compact distribution equipment with an efficient wiring layout.

The transformer’s movable steel structure, anti-theft, fireproof, full enclosure, and heat insulation make it fit for urban deployment.

Pad- Mounted Transformer Specs and Features

Here are DAELIM’s 1000 kva pad-mounted transformer’s main specifications.

●This DAELIM 1000 kva transformer type employs high-quality prefabricated silicon steel to produce a new iron core.
●Compliant with IEEE, ANSIC.57, CSA, and DOE standards.
●Exhibits characteristics of high voltage without floating neutral points.
●The precision-cut silicon steel cores are accurately arranged for the highest efficiency, eliminating corner joint gaps. These qualities make up for the competitive 1000 kva transformer price.

1000 kVa Dry-type Transformer

As the name suggests, dry-type transformers do not employ liquid to disperse excess heat or control the overall temperature requirement. Unlike its liquid-base kind, dry-type transformers utilize dry or gaseous insulation components.

A 1000 kva dry-type transformer produces low partial discharge and loss, reduces noise level, and can register at a 120% load rate at forced air cooling conditions. Commonly there are three dry-type transformers: ventilated, encapsulated, and non-ventilated.

DAELIM’s guaranteed easy installation, maintenance-free, and loaded safety qualities make it easy to take on their 1000 kva dry-type transformer price. As the leading transformer manufacturer, you’ll get great value with this product.

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Main Features of 1000 kva Dry-type Transformers

Refer to the list below to know more about what features DAELIM offers relative to their 1000 kva dry-type transformer price.

●Daelim’s 1000 kva dry-type transformers secure GB6450, UEC726, and GB/T10228-1997 standard certifications.
●Copper components are embedded into the dry-type transformer’s head, its intermediate tap, and the end of its higher voltage winding.
●DAELIM’s dry-type transformer surface adopted resin insulation that resists rust, noise, and moisture.
●The transformer is tuned and optimized to self-cool. Ventilation spaces are incorporated within the wall of both voltage coil casts. There’s also an option for a cooling device installation to force heat dissipation. The transformer’s output rate can be bumped up to 20 % with forced heat dissipation.

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How Many Amps Do 1000kVa Transformers Have?

A 1000 kVA transformer registers an amperage rated at 2624.32. Remember that this equivalence is not of constant value since computation varies per different phases of electric transformers.
To know its exact figure, you can always look at a 1000 kva transformer nameplate for accurate reference.

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How Much Do Dry-type 1000kVa Transformers Weigh?

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On average, a 1000 kva transformer registers a weight of around 3,200 kg or 3.527 tons. But like its amperage, its weight varies depending on several factors like choice of materials, components, types, and manufacturer.

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How Long Do 1000kVa Oil-Immersed Transformers Last?

An oil-immersed transformer, immaterial the rating, can typically last around 2 to 3 decades. Proper maintenance allows you to double this lifespan and avoid further costs. Observing these transformers’ normal operating capacity and condition will go a long way.

Leading The Industry With Quality 1000kVa Transformers

As a top-notch company, DAELIM is international standards compliant with IEEE, IEC, ANSI, AS/NZ, and CSA certifications. Investing in high-quality transformers in an age where everything requires electricity to run can be your smartest business move. With DAELIM, you’ll get top-tier value with their competitive 1000 kva transformer price. DAELIM has become a key industry player and a leading transformer manufacturer for over 20 years– a reputation you can trust!

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