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There are many types of transformers, such as oil type power transformer and dry type transformer, pad mounted transformer, etc. Montreal is located in Quebec, Canada. As the largest city in Quebec province, it consumes a lot of electricity and has a great demand for the purchase of transformer for Mountreal.

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This article has selected nine of the most suitable transformer manufacturers, some of which are local in Montreal, and some are the most suitable transformer factories in Montreal. Helping you in Montreal find the best transformer supplier near me.

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Daelim Belefic

Daelim is a transformer factory with professional production and design experience since 1996.

Daelim has obtained CSA, IEEE, CNAS, CESI, SGS and other certifications. It is a transformer manufacturer based in China, but in the past three years, Daelim’s business in Montreal has grown significantly, and in 2021 alone, daelim has sold and installed more than 500 transformers in Montreal.

They include pad mounted transformer, power transformer, pole transformer, and dry type transformer.

Abb Inc

Abb Inc

ABB is a world-renowned power equipment manufacturer. They can provide you with a full range of transformer products and components. ABB’s products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With more than 130 years of transformer production and sales history. The products it produces are automated and intelligently produced through software, providing you with a complete solution.

Federal Transformer Ltd

Federal Transformer Ltd

Federal Transformer Ltd is a Canadian based transformer supplier that provides transformers to the vinyl, aluminum and electrical industries.

Their company is located at 5059 boul Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Pointe-Aux-Trembles, QC H1B 5V3.

They source quality transformers from all over the world to provide Montreal with quality transformer products.



Marcus Transformer is a transformer supplier founded in 1942. They have obtained UL, CSA, CUL, CE and other standard certifications. Design, manufacture and deliver your custom transformer within 7 days. They mainly supply dry-type transformers and industrial control transformers to Montreal. Marcus not only excels in product quality and customer service, but has also proven to be a leader in innovative technology, customer service and reliability.

Electro Meters

Electro Meters is a provider of test and portable transformers primarily for the Montreal area.

Their portable products provide you with a turnkey solution. Their products meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code, SPE-1000 and the Canadian Electrical Code.

Guillevin International Cie

Guillevin International Cie Transformer Montreal

Guillevin is one of Canada’s largest electrical equipment distributors and they were founded in 1906. It is also a major player in the distribution of products, safety equipment and industrial supplies.

They mainly buy and sell electrical related products from ABB, Bel, Belden, cendrex, etc.

They are located in Montreal distribution points and can also supply you with transformers.

Grid Solutions Canada ULC

Grid Solutions Canada ULC

Grid Solutions Canada ULC is the renewable energy division of GE Corporation. Has more than 13,000 employees. They source and sell a large number of electrical products.

They supply products, including transformers, to power companies and industries in Montreal.

A complete grid solution can be provided. Grid Solutions canada is located at 1400 Rue Industrielle, La Prairie, QC J5R 2E5.


Nedco Transformer Montreal

Nedco is a sub-brand of Rexel. Rexel is a solution provider for the electrical industry. Nedco is one of Canada’s leading electrical and data distributors and also has their branch in Montreal.

They can supply you with medium and high-voltage equipment in Montreal.

Rexel’s strategy of partnering with best-in-class suppliers ensures that electrical professionals have access to the best products on the market.

Lumen Electric , Inc

Lumen Electric is a business that specializes in commercial, industrial projects and renovations for clients in the Grand Rapids area and Western Michigan. Lumen Electric’s commitment to customers is to provide high-quality electrical service safely and on time, within budget. Lumen delivers high-quality electrical systems on time and on budget.

Final thoughts

This is about the nine most suitable transformer suppliers and manufacturers in the Montrea area. If you need to purchase transformers in the Montrea area, please tell us your needs, and we will give you the most professional transformer solutions immediately.

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