220KV Class Three Phase Two Winding OLTC Power Transformer

Daelim’s 220kv three-phase self-coupling (OLTC) transformer has an enhanced anti-break circuit design. It can provide unparalleled low loss rate (30% lower than the IEC standard), high reliability and cost-effective combination. The zigzag oil guiding structure can provide whole-body cooling for the coil, which ensures that the three-phase self-coupling (OLTC) transformer can provide efficient and high-quality power services in a stressful electrical environment.


Primary : 220-242kv

Secondary:200 MVA




Less than 80pc.

Core Features

  • Can provide 220~242KV and 100MVA voltage.
  • The no-load loss rate is lower than the industry standard and more than 30% lower than the IEC standard. reduce waste.
  • Three Phase Two Winding OLTC Power Transformer passed the short-circuit withstand test, and the whole production process complies with the KEMA quality inspection system.
  • Independent research and development, with product patents. The Three Phase Two Winding OLTC Power Transformer achieves low partial discharge and can prevent sudden short circuits.

A Complete Guide to Power Transformer

Ultimate Reliability

Daelim’s Three Phase Two Winding OLTC series power transformers exceed the industry standard requirements in all aspects: low noise, low loss, high efficiency, independent patents, and low discharge capacity.

Super Overload Capacity

The zigzag oil guide structure can cool the transformer in all directions, prolong the service life of the windings, provide unparalleled protection for the transformer, extend the overload time of the transformer, and ensure the insulation life.