2022 Ultimate Mini Sub Manufacturers for Crypto Farm Guide

Mini Sub manufacturer For Crypto Farm

With substations currently in high demand due to a lot of people staying at home, mini sub manufacturers have created different types of mini substations, but the question here is that are they worth considering? With various mini substation drawings created by mini sub manufacturers, it can be confusing to make a purchase decision.

This is the reason why DAELIM, one of the best mini sub manufacturers in China, is going to help you understand these topics so that you will be able to make a smart and correct purchase decision.

To begin with, it is highly recommended that you learn about substations first, because they are basically the bigger version of mini substations but they have different functions and components.

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The Complete Guide to 500 kVa Mini Substation


What is the role of a Substation?

A substation is basically an electric device that plays a vital role in the distribution system, transmission system, and generation system.

Its main function is to transform voltages from high levels to low levels or vice versa.

Or to perform other functions. The center of the house and station that provides generation is associated with it, and it is expected that there is an electric power that is going along with it but with numerous substations and different voltage levels.

A substation is also usually partnered with an electrical transformer.

The reason behind this is to adjust the voltage levels when it is at high transmission voltages, but this does not mean it cannot control lower distribution voltages because they are capable of adjusting them too.

You also have the option to use them as a way to interconnect different transmission voltages. The typical interconnection for this is usually 2 voltages.

If you have been looking for substations for a long time, then chances are you might have heard that they are operated by electrical companies but they can actually be used by industries and consumers as well, but they must undergo specific requirements to do so.

For instance, a wide knowledge about substations is a must.

In general, substations are usually left on remote operation since they rely on S.C.A.D.A for low supervision and operation.

The name of the electrical device was made before the distribution system was considered a grid.

And when central generations expanded, there were generating plants that were turned into distribution stations.

By this, consumers were receiving electricity from power plants.

This means that consumers are no longer required to use their own electrical generators if they have one around.

When it comes to the topic of the substations back in the days, they were first specifically designed to link a power station, and only one power station.

Even the generators in the past were used differently because they were subsidiaries for substations.

As mentioned before, substations are not just used for one function because this type of electric device is versatile.

In fact, substations have the ability to be an interface for transmission systems and even distribution grids.

When it comes to its setup, this will require an area that is fenced-off for decreasing voltage purposes in the transmission lines.

Furthermore, this setup would also make the transmission lines compatible with the transmission grid.

Mini sub manufacturers designed these devices with a built-in circuit breaker for safety purposes.

In general, circuit breakers are used to prevent the system of distribution from encountering any problems or issues.

Circuit breakers are also utilized to gain better control of the current and voltage flow.

They are also capable of smoothing out and filtering out the voltage fluctuations that are commonly caused by increased loads.

How Can a Substation Operate?

mini sub transformers
mini sub transformers

The most common electric device that is associated with substations and mini substations are electrical transformers, and they are usually referred to as a device that is capable of adjusting voltage levels from high to low or low to high.

Substations usually have a bus that is responsible for splitting the current into different and many directions.

This also includes circuit breakers and switches that help isolate and regain control of specific parts of the distribution system and transmission system.

It is not rare for substations to have capacitors that are already built-in with them, and the main purpose of this is to gain better voltage output.

What is the function of a Mini Substation?

Daelim's mini substation transformer in Ecuador
Daelim's mini substation transformer in Ecuador

A miniature substation or better known as a mini substation is basically a regular substation but with a different power rating and size (lower kVA rating).

Moreover, it has less in terms of secondary distribution equipment such as breakers, switchgear, and many more.

This type of electrical device is also expected to be easier to operate since it has a less sophisticated system compared to regular substations, which means that protecting the transformers.

Feeders, metering, and other controls will be easier to manage.

What's the type of Mini Substations?

When it comes to the different types of mini substations, there are plenty of mini substation drawings that were made in order to successfully develop smaller substations with numerous variations.

Mini substation manufacturers basically made sure that these substations were capable of (nearly) replicating what normal substations can do.

Mini sub manufacturers also made some compromisations to lower the prices of these mini substations.

Mini substations that are like this are categorized according to their voltage class, but this also involves what types of parts it has, their application, etc.

Moreover, the method that is being used to insulate most connections is also an indicator.

The same goes for their style and materials as well that is what is making up their structure.

However, these classifications are not necessarily disjointed.

A good example of this would be solving a problem with a mini substation utilized in the process for their distribution functions.

Mini Converter Substation

Mini Converter Substation
Mini Converter Substation

Conver substations are usually associated with an H.V.D.C converter plant and as well as a traction current.

However, if there is no traction current, interconnected networks that are non-synchronous can be used as a substitute.

Mini sub manufacturers designed it to acquire power electronic devices to shift their frequency of the current. Converting alternating current or better known as “A.C” to a current that is direct.

Making it possible if properly operated. Rotary converters are also used to change the frequency, and the purpose of this is to intertwine two systems.

Mini converter substations are one of the substations nowadays that are hard to find.

For mini converter substation inquiries, do not hesitate to contact DAELIM’s team of professionals.

Mini Switching Substation

Mini Switching Substation
Mini Switching Substation

A mini switching substation is a type of mini substation that does not require a transformer for it to operate. 

For miniature switching substations, they are capable of operating at voltage levels that are stagnant or single. This means that you can use them as a mini distribution substation or mini collector substation.

There are even cases that they are primarily used for switching the current to back up the lines or for parallelizing the circuits if ever there is a failure in the system. 

A common example of this is a switching station for the H.V.D.C inga-Shaba transmission.

A mini switching substation is also designed by mini sub manufacturers to be used as a switchyard. 

They are commonly located directly adjacent to a power substation for accessibility purposes. If not adjacent to a power substation, it can be anywhere else nearby.

With that in the way, generators will be now capable of providing power towards the generator bus or yard, but this means either party can be on a specific side. 

This goes the same for transmission lines that will take the power from a feeder bus that is on the other side of the yard.

One of the important functions of substations is their switching capabilities, this means that is often connected and disconnected from transmission lines and other components from and to the system.

For switching cases, these do not necessarily mean that it should be planned because they can still process it unplanned. 

It is vital that the components will be de-energized to properly check the device for modification or maintenance.

An example would be removing or adding a line of transmission for safe supplying purposes. mini sub manufacturers are creating new mini substation drawings to improve the system’s operation.

Mini Distribution Substation

Mini Distribution Substation
Mini Distribution Substation

For miniature distribution substations, they are primarily used to transfer power from a transmission system to a specific distribution system.

Although the process of this is considered costly or uneconomical, it is still an important device to have around especially if you have a continuous supply of power in your area.

Unless if they use large amounts of power, the purpose of this is to reduce the voltage to a more suitable level for the local distribution.

In terms of the input of the distribution system, this is usually within the vicinity of two or more sub-transmission lines or regular transmission lines.

Furthermore, the input voltage is typically ranging from 110 kV or so.

For the output, this will depend on how many feeders are there.

The case is different for distribution voltages because this usually ranges from 2 kV to 30 kV or more.

A huge factor that will determine this is the size of the area. The methods of your purpose also have a significant effect on this factor.

If you are wondering about the feeders, they are commonly found in public.

But this does not mean that they are not applicable underground because you can find feeders underground as well.

For feeders that can be found in public, they are strictly secured first before letting them operate.

A transformer is used to aff more voltages and the function of distribution systems is to isolate the faults of both parties.

This is also the reason why these electrical devices are considered as the main point of voltage regulation.

But excess components can be used like distribution circuits to further extend the voltage regulation.

Downtown areas that are crowded places like cities must have complex distribution substations with a switch that is capable of handling high voltages, and a backup system for low-voltage purposes.

These distribution substations are expected to have switches that are built-in with them.

This can also be included with a transformer and even small facilities as well but this would all depend on the manufacturer.

Mini Transmission Substation

Mini Transmission Substation
Mini Transmission Substation

A mini transmission substation is a type of mini substation that is capable of connecting two or more transmission lines. If you have transmission lines with the same level of voltage, then this mini substation is definitely the right choice for optimum application.

In this case, the mini transmission substation will have a high-voltage switch that allows the lines to be connected, and it can also be used to isolate them for fault clearance or maintenance purposes.

A mini transmission substation can have transformers for the purpose of connecting two transmission voltages. 

Furthermore, you will be able to have better control of the power that is flowing through the various power systems.

Moreover, mini transmission substations are made by mini sub manufacturers to be simple and easy to operate compared to the regular version. 

This electrical device is also capable of containing more than one bus. In addition to that, for safety purposes, they can be installed with multiple circuit breakers as well.

A large transmission substation is capable of covering a large area of many acres or hectares with numerous voltage levels, circuit breakers, and protective devices.

Mini Collector Substation

Mini Collector Substation

For projects that involve distributed generations is expected that a collector substation or mini collector substation is required for these projects.

This will form a substation that is similar to distribution substations because there is an involvement of a power that is flowing to the opposite direction of the wind turbines and inverters as well towards a specific transmission grid.

In a normal case, the economy of construction of the mini collector substation will operate around the range of 35 kV, but some mini collector substations can reach 12 kV, but this will most likely depend on your preference between you and the mini-sub manufacturer.

In the case of mini collector substations, they can be used to provide power factor corrections as well but this error seldom happens only.

They can even contain H.V.D.C converters for the station.

You can find this electric device in power plants that are hydroelectric, and as well as thermal plants.

Mini Distribution Substation

Mini distribution substations basically decrease the sub-transmission voltage in order to make it compatible with industrial or consumer use.

This is before the power will be delivered to the load. Moreover, the facilities of this setting will usually be located underground.

Mini Step-down Substation

The facilities of these will lower the voltage from the transmission lines, which is also known as sub-transmission voltage.

In terms of the sub-transmission voltage, think of it as a way to be used for industrial or commercial reasons, but with its output directed to a mini distribution substation.

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