Installation of Transformers Technical Highlights

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With the depletion of energy sources, electricity has become the leading renewable energy source on which society depends. Standard installation of transformers technology still leaves a lot to be desired, and the structure of transformers.

 Companies should improve their installation technology in due course and improve maintenance measures after the installation of transformers to ensure the regular operation of the transformer and to avoid losses in the interests of the substation and the users of electricity.

Electric energy has become the most significant consumption of society, the most considerable demand, and the best prospect for energy development; power transformers and power transmission to thousands of households must have the equipment.

Therefore, this equipment can not afford any failure. If the transformer equipment has problems, it will not be able to supply the electricity in time to some areas, thus bringing losses to the local economy. To ensure the regular operation of power transformers, the installation must first be carried out.

As the process of installing power transformers is very complex, each step must be strictly adhered to the operating instructions of the equipment; once a problem occurs in one piece, it may affect the final use of the equipment.

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Analysis of the primary content of the installation of transformers

Installation of transformers is very complex and requires attention to many issues. The installation of power transformers generally has fixed steps:

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Firstly, a point check of the equipment is required. The so-called point check of the equipment needs to be done jointly by the installation company, the supply company, and the construction company; each party needs to check the equipment and carry out a one-to-one check concerning the construction drawings in order to ensure that the equipment type, size and other information is correct.

Secondly, the secondary handling of the transformer is carried out. The so-called secondary handling is the transfer of the transformer from the depot to the construction site. This step requires the use of specialised handling tools to protect the transformer from damage during handling.

Thirdly, the transformer is stabilised, by which is meant that the main parts of the transformer are fixed to the construction site.

Fourthly, on the basis of the third step, once the main parts of the transformer have been stabilised, the installation of the transformer accessories is carried out, thus completing the overall assembly of the transformer.

The last three steps can be summarised as test steps, mainly to check the working performance of the transformer and to guarantee its normal operation.

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Analysis of the problems that need attention in terms of transformer oil filtration

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In the installation of transformers, it is sometimes necessary to fill the transformer with oil in order to verify that it is working properly. Before filling the transformer, attention needs to be paid to the filtering of the transformer oil.

The oil used in transformers must not contain any impurities and must be of the correct density, otherwise it will impede the operation of the transformer’s internal machinery and ultimately prevent the transformer from working properly.

Therefore, when filtering transformer oil, it needs to be carried out in a closed space, to ensure the quality of the oil, but also to deploy a good proportion of oil, there must not be any proportioning errors.

The last and most important step is to ensure that there are no impurities in the oil after the transformer oil has been filtered. This technique is generally achieved by using a specific oil filter. This step may seem simple, but in practice it is very difficult to carry out and requires special attention from the relevant authorities.

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Problems with electrical installation of transformers

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Installation process equipment is prone to fire

The first problem encountered when installing power transformers is that they are prone to fires. Some power transformers have a certain amount of flammable liquid, and if a spark is accidentally generated when installing such a transformer, it is very likely to cause a fire.

However, many installers still lack attention to this aspect and the probability of such an event occurring is very high when they do not pay attention to fire prevention during installation.

Therefore, in the installation process, always prepare some fire extinguishing equipment, but also need to send some commissioners to the installation site for real-time monitoring, once found in the fire potential, immediately to deal with, and finally to ensure the safety of the installation.

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The installation process of debris easy to fall into the oil tank

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During the installation of power transformers, it is easy for debris to fall into the tank. In the process of power installation of transformers, due to the surrounding environment or staff factors, often make some debris fall in the tank. If the debris falls in the tank, it will contaminate the oil in the tank, but in serious cases it will have an impact on the whole power transformer, making the power transformer system paralysed.

At present, the market are using some advanced air filters to achieve zero pollution in the installation environment and guarantee the quality of installation.

Personal injury can easily occur during installation

Personal injuries often occur during the installation of power transformers as well.

This is mainly due to the occurrence of situations such as leakage of electricity, which causes staff to be electrocuted.

When this happens, it can cause a certain sense of electrocution to the staff in light cases, and in heavy cases, it can cause a great threat to the staff’s life.

Additional personnel should be assigned to supervise the site and react immediately once something has happened so that the installation can be guaranteed to proceed normally.

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Power installation of transformers work a few suggestions

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Fire prevention measures during installation

The first thing that should be ensured is the safety of the installation environment. The environment of the installation should be far away from open flames and the surrounding air should have a certain degree of circulation.

Secondly, it is strictly forbidden for the installation staff to smoke during the installation process, etc.

Finally, be careful and cautious during the installation process so that no sparks are generated due to human factors that could cause a fire and unnecessary loss of life and property.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment during the installation process

First of all, when carrying out the installation of transformers, it is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

The cleanliness of the surrounding environment mainly means that the installation environment is as free of dust and debris as possible. The amount of dust in the surroundings can be reduced by sprinkling the surroundings with water and other measures.

Secondly, the installation technicians should also ensure that they are wearing clean clothing and gloves when carrying out the installation.

Safety protection during installation

Firstly, ensure that the power supply is disconnected when the installation of transformers is carried out.

Secondly, the staff concerned should take certain precautions for their own safety, such as wearing protective clothing to ensure their own safety. In addition, the company should also regularly carry out safety checks on the installation tools, once found that the equipment does not meet the safety standards should be immediately maintained, to fundamentally guarantee the smooth implementation of the installation process.

The installation of transformers is the top priority of electrical installation, and its installation technical measures include the preparation of technical measures and safety technical measures.

The preparation of technical measures should be based on the installation of transformers site environment to determine the preparation, to the environmental factors, personnel factors and equipment and other factors are taken into account, so as to effectively reduce the chances of transformers in the installation process by damage. The technical requirements of the installation of transformers should also be taken into account when preparing the construction programme.

Before construction, the construction unit should also check the safety measures at the construction site to avoid unnecessary casualties caused by inadequate safety measures, so that the construction unit and the construction personnel suffer losses in life and property.

In order to ensure the smooth installation of transformers, the preparation of transformers and safety work should be completed in advance before installation.

Preparatory work before installation of transformers

Before the installation of transformers, we should first select the type of transformer, the selected transformer in size to meet the requirements of the construction drawings, the effective working voltage and power that the transformer can achieve should meet the requirements of the power system, the voltage that can be supplied should also meet the needs of the users of electricity.

When choosing a transformer, the construction unit should try to select a transformer with a high safety factor and transparent information on the nameplate. It should not select a transformer of substandard quality for the sake of momentary gain, which is irresponsible to the workers and the users of electricity, and even more so to themselves. Before the construction unit starts, it should also check the equipment that can be used in the building, such as lifting equipment, wire ropes, process equipment, etc.

The construction unit should also check the equipment and materials needed for the installation before construction to avoid the structure not continuing due to the lack of equipment or materials in the subsequent building, making the project cycle longer.

The construction unit should also ensure that the transformer has not been damaged by the long transportation process before construction and should check carefully, not only whether the appearance of the transformer has lost its paint but also whether the transformer’s wiring has been damaged.

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In recent years, with the gradual depletion of energy, electricity has become the most critical and renewable energy source on which this society depends.

At the same time, along with the continuous progress of technology, more and more areas are applying electricity. This clean and renewable resource has unwittingly leaped to the top of the energy consumption list.

As a result, more and more large power stations are being built to meet the increasing electricity demand.

In these large power stations, transformers are essentially electrical devices. Problems with such devices can lead to disruptions in the overall electrical work and thus affect people’s use.

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