The 2021 Complete Guide to Transformer Producers

Electricity distribution relies on transformer producers, who design and build the gadgets that go into it. These devices employ electromagnetic induction to change the electrical voltage levels in one circuit to another.

Step-up transformers are used to raise voltage levels to distribute electricity over long distances with low loss. When lowering the voltage to levels that it may disperse across buildings, such as homes, step-down transformers are utilized instead.

Professional transformer and electrical equipment maker DAELIM is among the best in the world. For the last 15 years, Daelim has provided low-cost, high-quality equipment to the electric sector. International standards such as ANSI, IEEE, IEC, CSA, AS/NZ, and others have been followed.

Here is an informative overview of other high-voltage transformer manufacturers.

Transformer Producers
Transformer Producers

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High Voltage Distribution Transformer

-A lot of electrical companies use high voltage Distribution transformers to effectively operate at applications that are at high voltage levels.

Why is producing transformers important?

All places where alternating current (AC) electricity is utilized will have transformers. A transformer is a device that converts the voltage into the current in a circuit, but it does not affect the overall amount of electrical power.

That’s because it converts high-voltage electricity with a small current to low-voltage electricity with a big current or the other way around. When it comes to transformers, it’s important to remember that they only function with alternating current (AC), like what you receive from a wall outlet (DC).

In addition, electricity from a power plant is “stepped up” to the appropriate level for long-distance transmission first using a transformer. Spark plugs are powered by step-up transformers known as ignition coils because high-voltage electricity might arc. Large currents are generated by dynamos in power plants, although the voltage is low. For transmission across wires, this power is raised into high voltage since it travels more efficiently.

Furthermore, electricity in power lines is converted to 120-volts via a “step down” transformer before distributing it to your home. A device like a light bulb may then utilize the current at that level.

Transformers have been indispensable for alternating current transmission since the invention of the first constant-potential transformers in 1885. As a result, it aids in distributing and using alternating current electrical energy in all power applications.

Where are most transformers made?

Transformers were the 26th most traded product globally, with a total trade value of $94.3 billion.

Electrical Transformers exports increased by 0.65 percent between 2018 and 2019, from $93.7 billion to $94.3 billion.

Also, this commerce accounts for 0.52 percent of total global trade.

Moreover, China ($30.8 billion), Germany ($9.06 billion), the United States ($5.45 billion), Japan ($4.32 billion), and Mexico ($3.28 billion) were the major exporters of Electrical Transformers in 2019.

How long is the process of building a transformer?

The process of building a transformer is highly complicated and time-consuming.

Large power transformers may take up to two years to build.

When demand is strong, the usual lead time might grow to 18 to 24 months.

If the manufacturer cannot get any critical inputs, this lead time may exceed 20 months and may exceed five years in severe circumstances.

There may be issues with bushings and other critical raw materials, or if significant new engineering is required.

What are the major transformer manufacturing companies in the USA?

The transformer manufacturing industry will continue to rise in the United States as it has been for the past few years. It’s a good thing as the industry has become more advanced, and advanced technologies will boost this field.

Here is the list of transformer manufacturing companies in the USA.

Transformer Manufacturers
Transformer Manufacturers


BDI headquarters is in Cleveland, Ohio, with annual sales of over $250. Plus, it distributes transformers, as well as automation systems and components, among other things.

Triad Magnetics

Custom magnetics are available, as are standard magnetic components, from this company.

A few of the company’s products include power and current sensing transformers for industrial and commercial use.

Also, it has bespoke power transformers, power supply, inductors, choke, and sample kits for medical and renewable energy applications. Perris, California, is the home of this business.

Neeltran, Inc.

A Connecticut-based company develops and produces rectifier-transformers-reactors-inductors primarily for the electronics industry.

Turnkey systems include a rectifier, power, and programmable controls/human interface as well.

Pacific Transformer Corp.

This company is in Anaheim, California. It offers different kinds of bespoke transformer products, including toroidal and low-profile transformers.

Medical, battery chargers, audio, power supply, and satellites are just a few areas they sell their goods.

Pico Electronics

The headquarters of this manufacturer is located in Pelham, New York.

It is a maker of small transformers, inductors, and DC converters that you may customize.

It also provides military-grade high-voltage and AC-DC power supplies.

Lenco Electronics

Its products include bespoke transformers, such as three-phase models and those with printed circuit boards (PCBs).

It also has autotransformers and continuous voltage on hand.

There are also custom inductors available. McHenry, Illinois, is where the corporation is headquartered.

Bruce Electric Equipment Corp.

This distributor provides a wide range of products, including dry-type transformers, power line conditioners, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Rent-a-Center is a full-service provider with rental, repair, and testing options.

Are there Minority-Owned Transformer Companies in the USA?

There are also minority-owned companies in the USA that manufacture reliable transformers.

So, for your reference, here are transformer producers in the country that are minority-owned.

Transformer companies in Canada
Transformer companies in Canada

OTP Industrial Solutions

This supplier is available for transformers, seals, fluid power and handling goods, bearings, and automation and safety devices.

In addition, the company provides repair services and is based in Columbus, Ohio.

MPS Industries, Inc.

Power, radio frequency (RF), balun, current sense (CS), video isolation (VI), audio (A/V), and flyback transformers are all offered by this Gardena, California-based firm. Plus, they’ve got sensors and power supplies to boot.

Southeastern Security Professionals

In Norcross, Southeastern Security Professionals provides transformer-based lighting equipment installation as a complete service.

System options include access control, alarms, entrance, notification, baby safety, and resident roaming management.

Penn Radiant Products

This company manufactures heater, burner, control, and exhaust assembly replacement transformers.

It’s situated in Wexford, Pennsylvania, and it sells a variety of HVAC items.

Magnetic Circuit Elements (MCE)

Its headquarters are in the city of Salinas, in the state of California.

In addition to flyback, push-pull, and toroidal transformers, it also makes lamination transformers for telecommunications and high-voltage transformers.

As well as this, it provides power supply and chokes.

Safeguard Associates, Inc.

This company’s items available are transformers and other electrical devices for industrial, commercial, and household use. Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is home to the manufacturer.

Ascend Electronics, Inc.

San Diego, California, is home to specialized high-voltage transformer manufacturers, including those that make PCBs, heavy-duty single-phase power, and other types of transformers for vehicles.

In addition, it sells data collection and control systems, power supply, embedded computers, and other electronic parts and components.

What is the cost of a transformer?

Depending on the BIL rating, MVA rating, core design, and required assured losses, a power transformer’s price ranges widely. Transformers of a typical design is priced as follows:

  • $600,000 – Small power transformer with LTC – 10 MVA or lower
  • $800,000 – Medium power transformer with LTC – 10 MVA to 50 MVA
  • $1,500,000 – Large power transformer with LTC – 50 MVA to 100 MVA
  • $2,500,000 – Large power transformer – 100 MVA or larger
  • $4,000,000 – Specialty phase-shifting transformer – 100 MVA

What is the highest voltage transformer?

1100 kV is the highest voltage transformer.

According to the company, this “ultrahigh-voltage” direct current converter transformer was designed and tested successfully by ABB.

It set a new record for maximum DC voltage and made it possible to send more power over longer distances with greater efficiency.

What materials are used in producing transformers?

Constructing a power transformer requires various materials, including copper conductors, silicon iron/steel, and oil. These raw ingredients are expensive, making more to over half of the entire cost of an average LPT.

To be more specific, manufacturers estimate that between 2008 and 2010, raw material costs in the US made up between 57% and 67% of the entire cost of LPTs sold. Copper accounted for 18% to 27% of overall material costs, with electrical steel accounting for 22% to 24%.

How can I select the best transformer I need?

Voltages for transformers range from low to high. The capacity (in volts-amps) determines how much power a gadget can withstand before it malfunctions or breaks down.

When it comes to choosing the best transformer, the application is critical. In choosing a transformer, keep in mind that the usual load might surge at any time.

  • Find out the KVA, amps, or watts that the load requires.
  • Determine the supplied voltage.
  • Identify the voltage that the load requires.
  • Determine the supply source’s frequency of the supply.
  • Know the model number of the Marcus transformer.

A Wrap-Up About Transformer Producers

The providers of transformers that are both domestic and eligible for minority ownership status have been identified. For the sake of finding and selecting transformer providers, this information is being provided.

Daelim has thousands of transformers to choose from if you want to learn more about the transformer that may assist you with your next project.

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