YB-PRE Compact substation (variable European box)


YB-PRE Compact substation (variable European box)

Supply capacity

Supply capacity: 20 sets per month 500KVA 630KVA 35kV power substation to design and install

Packaging and delivery

Packing details: wooden case or according to customer’s requirements.
500KVA 630KVA 35kV electrical substation for design and installation.

Packing: wooden case or according to customer’s requirements.
Packing box manufacturing and reinforcement requirements strictly conform to international standards.

Shipment: Overland transportation/Sea transportation.
Our products have been shipped all over the world, with an extensive logistics network, we provide the best transportation option for our customers.

15 years of business experience make us pack well and deliver fast, satisfying our customers all over the world!

Video description

Description of production

YB type compact substations and says Europe type switch box, GB17467-1998 product conforms to the high and low voltage substation and IEC 1330 type preinstalld, as a new standard for power distribution equipment, than conventional civilian substation has many advantages. Due to its small volume, cover an area of a small area, compact structure, easy to move, thus greatly shorten the construction period and covers an area of, also reduced infrastructure costs. Meanwhile, the box-type converter stations on-site nstallation is simple, fast, simple power substation equipment maintenance, no special, especially can more load centers, to improve the quality of power supply reduce power loss, improve the rlibilily and power of the distribution network re-election are important complete electricity transformation switch box, distribution, transmission, metering, compensation, system control, protection and communication functions.

By high voltage switching YB type engineering substation, low voltage distribution screen, distribution transformer and shell with a combination of four sections, high pressure air load switch, transformer for dry type transformer or oil-immersed transformer Cabinet adopted good insulation ventilation structure, generous beautiful appearance, thermal insulation performance is good, and the upper body sets, ventilated outdoors for each flue ducts and transformer high or low voltage ambient temperature can reduce the room caused to a minimum.

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Scope of application

Applicable to voltage below 35KV, etc, the main transformer capacity 5000KVA and below small substations, widely used in city industry substation stop substation, consumers10KV ring grid system, rural substation 35KV and soon.

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YB-PRE Compact Substation (European box variable)

Main function

Will the primary and secondary equipment installed a portable sealed, temperature control, anti-corrosive moisture-proof anti-rust cabinet, reaching the just installed in cementbasis. It has less investment, the construction period is short, covers an area of less, easy and harmonious environment, etc. Features.

Note: The above data is only subject to our standard design, special requirements can be customized.

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Thanks to years of international engineering experience, our factory is able to produce transformers that meet various international standards, such as IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CSA.
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Q: Are you a trading company?
A: No. We are not. We are a transformer manufacturer. We have our own transformer factory in Jiangsu province.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 20 days if the goods are in stock, or 30 days if not in stock. It depends on the quantity.

Q: What is the standard packing?
A: Standard export package or special package according to customer’s requirements.

Q: Which markets have you already sold your products to?
A: South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and so on.

Q: How long have you been working in the electrical industry?
A: We have been working in the electrical industry for almost 25 years.

Q: Why choose Daelim?
A: After comparing the quality, delivery and price of the same products, you will find the answer.

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BEIJING DAELIM GREEN EP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Headquartered in Beijing, China, is a professional transformer manufacturer and an international electrical engineering contracting company. DAELIM’s expert team controls every process from product development to design, production and manufacturing in order to achieve their goals. They have a strong R&D team and have more than 20 years of experience in transformer design and are familiar with a lot of international transformer standards, such as IEC, IEEE/ANSI, CSA, etc. DAELIM’s technical team consists of experts, electrical engineers, first-class CAD draftsmen, etc. They also use the latest technology, machines and other modern facilities to produce transformers, but meanwhile DAELIM transformers are made of qualified standard materials that meet the standards of world-renowned suppliers through international procurement as well.

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