220KV Class 3-Phase Two-Winding NLTC Power Transformer

Daelim’s S(F)Z10 NLTC three-phase power transformer is an oil-immersed transformer. It adopts bidirectional winding and toroidal coil structure. Its unique design can improve the temporary overload capacity without losing the life expectancy of the power transformer. S(F)Z10 NLTC power transformer can provide rated capacity of 6MVA~250MVA while achieving low loss. It is smaller and lighter than similar transformers in the market, further helping customers increase value.







Core Features

  • The optimized magnetic core and coil design can achieve a smaller footprint and lighter device for the S(F)Z10 NLTC power transformer.
  • The factory test is carried out according to the IEC60076 standard, which can provide high-efficiency, low-loss power transformers for application scenarios such as oil fields and electric furnaces, highlighting social benefits and saving operating costs.
  • Daelim can provide reliable installation assistance teams around the world while providing more than 2 years of warranty service.

A Complete Guide to Power Transformer

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110kv class-three-phase three winding nltc power transformer

Better Temporary Overload Capacity

Daelim can design the size of the transformer for you according to the peak power demand of your location, and make the load of the transformer exceed the basic rated load without affecting the service life of the power transformer.

Reduce Space Usage

S(F)Z10 NLTC power transformer adopts a streamlined design, making an auto-coupling medium-voltage liquid-filled transformer. The unique appearance design saves you more space and is better suited to your market.

110kv class three-phase three winding oltc power transformer