Three-phase Loop-feed Pad-mounted Transformer

Daelim’s Three-phase Loop-feed pad-mounted Transformer is a commercial three-phase oil-immersed pad-mounted distribution transformer.

It adopts a unified design of transformers, load switches, protective fuses, and other equipment.

The windings and cores of the Three-phase Loop-feed pad-mounted Transformer, the high-voltage load switch and the protection fuse are all in the same fuel tank filled with oil, and there is no relatively independent high and low voltage. Switchgear.


Delta Connected or Wye Connected 



Cooper or Aluminum



75~2500 kVA

Core Features

  • Comply with CSA, IEEE, DOE, ANSI C.57 standards.
  • The high-voltage power receiving equipment of the Three-phase Loop-feed pad-mounted Transformer adopts the scheme of high-voltage load switches in series with the fuse.
  • The adopted high-voltage protection scheme can control and break the normal load current, and can also withstand and protect short-circuit faults.
  • The circuit is simple and the maintenance workload is small, which is especially suitable for the actual use of unattended substations.
    The front is the high and low-pressure operation section.
  • The operating section includes high and low-pressure bushings, load switches, no-load tap changers, plug-in fuses, and pressure relief valves. , Thermometer, Oil Level Gauge, Oil Filling Hole, Oil Drain Valve, etc.; The rear part is the tank and heat sink.
Daelim's pad mounted transformer installed in Venezuela
Daelim's pad mounted transformer installed in Venezuela

Unique design to deal with complex situations

Daelim’s Three-phase Loop-feed Pad-mounted Transformer is suitable for geographical environments or usage scenarios that conventional equipment cannot handle.

From aesthetics to technology, it will bring you the ultimate experience.

Multiple independent designs provide high-quality protection

Daelim’s Three-phase Loop-feed Pad-mounted Transformer integrates high and low voltage point equipment with transformers and fuse protectors.

It greatly saves the space and uses environment of the transformer.

The application of fully improved transformers in various usage scenarios.

Pad mounted transformer in Canada
Pad mounted transformer in Canada
10kv class-three-phase epoxy resin dry type transformer

Pad-mounted Transformer Custom Solutions

Daelim’s Three-phase Readial Deed Pad-mounted Transformer has been installed in 16 countries.

Our team of designers provides customers with customized services based on usage scenarios and industry specifications in different regions.

Provide a powerful boost for your electric power development.