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The 100 kva pad mounted transformer is a single-phase transformer with a rated capacity of 100 kva.

The compact design of the 1000 kva Pad Mounted transformer Specification has no distribution room and can be placed directly outdoors or indoors. Its outstanding safety can be installed directly on the street or green space without the need to install additional protective casings. The 1000 kva Pad-Mounted is an oil-immersed transformer whose tank coating meets the requirements of IEEE Std C57.12.28. Has outstanding waterproof performance. It fully complies with the integrity requirements of IEEE Std C57.12.28 standard cabinets.

100 kva pad mounted transformer

Pad-mounted Transformer

We can provide you single phase and three phase pad mounted transformer
Single Phase Pad Mounted Distribution Transformer

Pole Transformer

Type CSP Frequency: 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 5~167kva

Oil immersed transformer

Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated voltage:10kv, 20kv,30kv Rated Power: 400~2500kva

1000 kva Pad Mounted transformer Specification

  • High Voltage: 12470/7200 V
  • Low Voltage: 600V
  • No-load Loss: 210W
  • On-load Loss: 850W

1000 kva Pad Mounted transformer Dimension

  • width: 740mm
  • depth: 940mm
  • high: 910 mm

1000 kva Pad Mounted transformer Weight

  • Oil Weight: 141 kg
  • Total Weight: 742 kg
100 kva pad-mounted transformer

Why Do You Need a Daelim 100 kva Pad Mounted Transformer?

Daelim designs and produces thousands of 100 kva pad mounted transformers every year, and they have won wide acclaim from customers for their excellent product quality. Daelim has a team of more than 30 engineers, professionally designing various types of transformers, and 15 years of production experience, so that they can perfectly meet your customized needs.

At the same time, Daelim also has industry certifications of CSA, ANSI C.57, DOE, and IEEE. Buy Daelim’s Transformer and you’ll get a warranty of at least two years. Daelim also has a complete installation team in North America, which can help you install and improve your efficiency.

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Are 100 kva Pad-mounted Transformers Safe?

Single phase pad transformer

There is a certain level of electromagnetic radiation generated during operating the 100 kVA pad-mounted transformer. However, the 100 kva pad-mounted transformer used at the request of the electricity supply firm to other power consumers who require a change of the box is in line with the requirements in the “Electrical Handbook of Electric Power Engineering” and that 10kV class 100 kva pads mounted transformer’s equipment must be at minimum 2.9 meters from the structure.

Furthermore, for safety, security fencing will be built around the transformers mounted on the pad to ensure their safe distance is at most 5.5 meters. From this angle, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the 100 kVA pad-mounted transformer is barely noticeable.

Different countries have their requirements regarding electromagnetic frequency. The majority of countries require frequencies lower than 100KHz (the frequency in China will be 50Hz), which must limit the electric field as well as magnetic induction strength at the same time. However, frequencies that exceed 100KHz will only restrict the intensity of the electric field or the intensity of magnetic fields in the outlying area. Power density or the power is the term used in the near field region in which both magnetic and electric field strength must be controlled.

If pad-mounted transformers comply with the standards of the industry and bars, you can be assured that there’s no chance of electrocution or electromagnetic radiation. Pad-mounted transformers are often less expensive than the cellphone towers we typically utilize. 100 kVA pad-mounted transformer is secure.

How Close Can a Pad mounted Transformer be to a House?

10kV to 35kV pad-mounted transformers, the front must be at least 12 meters from the home The side must not be more than 8 meters from the house;

For pad-mounted transformers that exceed 35kV, their side facing the house should be at least 15 meters from the building. The side must have a minimum distance of 12 meters from home;

In everyday situations, due to the exceptional security of transformers mounted on pads, pad-mounted transformers need to be five meters from home. The above should suffice.

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Are Pad Mounted Transformers Waterproof?

Generally speaking, transformers with pads are waterproof, and the shell coating will also make them waterproof. However, keeping the water vapor from the transformer could result in the transformer failing. Here are two reasonable solutions for waterproofing.

The first step is to Replace the power distribution room with the set outdoor box.

Pad-mounted transformers are small in size and compact in design, as well as beautiful appearance, and are low-cost. Installing the transformers on the pad in the green belt of the floor (due to protect against fire requirements and other reasons the distance to the building must meet necessary specifications) will solve the issue of submerged or distributed power transformation and distribution equipment.

Removing the power distribution room in the basement room with pad-mounted transformers reduces the cost of engineering and increases the security as well as reliability of the power supply.

The other method is to utilize the self-waterproofing of concrete to work with the waterproofing setting for structural elements of the overhang layer and sandwich wall.

Install a massive indoor waterproofing treatment on the floor above the power distribution area to keep water out of the power distribution area from the upper floors and efficiently solve the issue of water flowing into the power distribution room throughout and after the building of the superstructure, and after the project has been completed. Create a UEA cement mortar waterproof layer on the walls in the power distribution room and the ground, including the low and high-pressure ditch.

A complete set of various waterproof measures that drain leaking water can be constructed. It doesn’t matter if the water is flowing out of the outside or draining from different rooms inside under the stack overhead; it will flow to the sump. When the sump’s water sump reaches a certain point, the submersible pump will begin to pump out the water automatically. This will ensure safety in the distribution area.

Pad-mounted transformers can create short-circuit faults in pad-mounted transformers due to the inflow of water and moisture. There are two ways for pad-mounted transformers to avoid condensation.

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