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Electric, With an Edge

Delivering the DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE Globally for Over 15 Years

With A team of transformer 30+ engineers.

Remote monitoring of the entire procurement process.

15years of success in disrtibution transformer

In North American, instatllation team in place, production plant construction.

Core Products and Services

Pofessional Manufacturer of Pad Mounted Transformer Substation Transformer,HV Power Transformer Single Phase Transformer IEEE/ANSI,CSA,DOE,AS/NZS,IEC and etc。standards

Single Phase Transformer
Pad Mounted Transformer
dry type transformer
Distribution Transformer
220kv Power Transformer
69kv Power Transformer

Electric, With an Edge

Daelim's transformer solution

Understanding our customer needs allows us to make critical must- be- made decisions directly related to their needs.


Fast submit the drawing

In order not to affect the delivery time, DAELIM engineer team delivered the drawings in batches . 60% of the drawings were delivered within two weeks and production was arranged in time . T he remaining drawings were successfully delivered in the remaining two weeks.


Make a good production plan

DAELIM’s management pay much attention to the needs of customers, and has communicated with the production team and our supplier team for many times. The workers worked overtime to ensure the delivery of the customer requests.


100% meet the standard requirements

Our team of engineers studied the CSA Standard carefully. Because they are based on IEEE standard, DAELIM designed and produced them according to it. For the existing technical problems or difference, our team has carried out hundreds of e-mail and telephone communication with customers.

data center & bitcoin mining

Daelim is a manufacturer specializing in the production of 1500~5000kva transformers. produces the highest quality pad-mounted transformers available on the market!

Industrial & Buildings

Discover how DAELIM Transformer’s two-decade expertise is revolutionizing power distribution in commercial and industrial sectors with tailored, UL-listed solutions.

renewable power plant

Dive into Daelim Transformer’s unmatched expertise in renewable energy solutions, evidenced by their innovative projects and data-driven approach to power transformation.

Solar Energy

DAELIM Transformers for application in Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) Power Generation Systems,aka, Solar Energy.

energy storage

At the heart of these dynamic systems is the 2000/2500kVA Three-phase pad-mounted transformer from DAELIM, designed with features that specifically cater to the complex demands of modern energy storage.

House Market Utility

In the ever-evolving landscape of power distribution, the need for reliable transformer solutions has never been more paramount. At the forefront of this transformation is Daelim, driving change with their tailored transformer solutions.

Electric, With an Edge

About us

We’re DAELIM BELEFIC Tech Co. Ltd. We have been engaged in the design, engineering and production of high-quality electrical equipment for more than 15 years. Based on “DAELIM EDGE+ ADVANTAGE” concept, we established DAELIM BELEFIC. Moreover, thanks to this concept, we can provide our clients multiple standards, cutting edge service and speed with our professional customization skills.

daelim factory team

Expertise makes us genuine.

DAELIM Introduction


R&D Capabilities

They have strong R&D team and they have more than 20 years of transformer design experience and arefamiliar with lots of international transformer standards, such as IEC, IEEE/ ANSI,CSA, etc. The technical team of DAELIM are experts, electrical engineers, CADfirst-class draftsmen, etc. They also use the latest technology, machines and other modernfacilities to produce transformers, but meanwhile DAELIM transformers are made of qualified standard materials which meets the standards of world-renowned suppliers through international procurement as well.


Quality Control

Quality is one of the core value of DAELIM. FAT, Type and third party inspection test are provided for quality and they tend to provide the best to its clients that ’s why they strictly implement the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Company Certifications: ISO 9001:2008 CSA certification CESI certification CNAS certification SGS certification


Company Certifications:

The Daelim team is full of experts and professional, this helps them to solve the customers’ problems quickly.All the DEALIM team had systematic training and is committed to continuous improvement by the quality guidelines and practices. Their dedicated customer service, product innovation, engineering excellence and strong social & environmental responsibility sense have made them to become a valued & trusted power solutions partnerfor globe electric industry.

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DAELIM: For normal transformers, our standard production time is 4-6 weeks, for customized transformer, our fastest production time is 6-8 weeks.