transformer refurbishment

Table of Contents A Complete Solution For Transformer Refurbishment In this paper, for a 40MVA/110kV transformer, we explore the method of transformer refurbishment to 50MVA by using new technology and materials according to the current insulation structure, while keeping some imported parts, in order to achieve the purpose of extending transformer life, improving short-circuit resistance […]

Explorando la tecnología de energía solar

Explorando la tecnología de energía solar La energía solar es una fuente de energía limpia y una importante fuente de energía para el futuro. La gente ha hecho algunos progresos en la tecnología de energía solar, tanto para uso público como privado, lo que ha proporcionado a las personas más recursos de energía. La tecnología […]

drop-out fuse for distribution transformer

Option to use drop-out fuse for protection of distribution transformer of 10kv class Table of Contents 10kv class distribution transformers are widely used on the high-voltage side of the drop-out fuse. Practice has proved that this is an economical, simple and effective method. The drop-out fuse can disconnect the power supply when there is a […]

hydro transformer

How To Choose A Hydro Transformer? As we all know, in the design of hydropower station, the hydro transformer should generally choose a step-up transformer, that is, the voltage of the boosted voltage side is 10% higher than the rated voltage of the voltage level. Such as 110kv hydro transformer, 35kV transformer should be 121kV, […]

Design of 25000kVA Dry Type Transformer

Application of Pad-Mounted Substation in Railway The characteristics of railway power supply load introduces the structure and functional characteristics of pad-mounted substation. On this basis, the construction design of the railway is described in detail. The application of pad-mounted substation in the railway power supply and distribution system is expected to meet the current needs […]