Daelim completes the Structured Cabling System for the computer room in the office area

Daelim Completes the Structured Cabling System for the Computer Room in the Office Area Daelim has chosen Melontel, a communications equipment manufacturer with 25 years of experience, as a partner in order to improve the level of information technology and optimize the office environment. In June 2020, Melontel provided Daelim with a complete solution for […]

drop-out fuse for distribution transformer

Option to use drop-out fuse for protection of distribution transformer of 10kv class Table of Contents 10kv class distribution transformers are widely used on the high-voltage side of the drop-out fuse. Practice has proved that this is an economical, simple and effective method. The drop-out fuse can disconnect the power supply when there is a […]

How to buy power transformers from China

How to buy power transformers from China? Table of Contents This article will tell you the main points to pay attention to when purchasing power transformers in China, which are the standards of China’s power transformer market. A power transformer refers to a stationary device with two or more windings that transforms the AC voltage […]

Application of dry type transformer in water conservancy project

Application of Dry Type Transformer in Water Conservancy Project Table of Contents Water conservancy engineering units are mostly responsible for water supply, drought resistance, flood control, flood discharge and other tasks, and power supply and distribution equipment operates under different weather conditions and environments. According to the comparison of the characteristics of various types of […]

rated capacity of the transformer

How to Determine the Size of the Rated Capacity of the Transformer? After the power transformer is overhauled or handed over, various electrical tests can be carried out according to the data on the nameplate. Under the condition of test conditions, such as three-phase AC power supply, transformer, wattmeter, etc. on site, the no-load test […]