Main electrical wiring of 110kV substation

Main Electrical Wiring of 110kV Substation It is connected with various high-voltage electrical equipment, mainly responsible for receiving or distributing electric energy, reflecting the connection mode, interaction and loop relationship between various high-voltage equipment, and it is an important electrical part of 110kv substation. The performance of the main wiring has a direct impact on […]

transformer reactive power

Reactive Power Definition of Reactive Power The transformer needs to establish an alternating magnetic field before energy conversion and transmission can be carried out.  In order to establish an alternating magnetic field and induced magnetic flux, electric power is required. This electric power is called the reactive power of the transformer. The maximum speed of energy exchange […]

what is the use of power transformer

What is The Use of Power Transformer? Power Transformer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide Power transformers are one of the main equipment in power plants and substations. The use of the transformer is multi-faceted not only to increase the voltage and send the electric energy to the electricity consumption area. It can also reduce the voltage to the […]

What are the types of transformer windings

What are the types of transformer windings ? What are the types of concentric windings? Transformer winding method The Complete Pad-mounted Liquid Filled Compartmental Transformer Guide There are two types of transformer windings: concentric and overlapping. The power transformers produced in our country basically have only one structure type, namely the core transformer, so the windings […]

Three functions and performance requirements of transformer oil

Synthetic oil for transformer

Transformer Oil Uses There are three main Transformer Oil Uses, one is insulation, the other is heat dissipation, and the third is arc suppression. 1. Insulation Transformer oil has a much higher dielectric strength than air. The insulating material is immersed in oil, which not only improves the insulation strength, but also protects it from […]