How to Purchase a 13.8 kV Transformer in 2022?

How to Purchase a 13.8 kV Transformer in 2022

We often see 13.8kv transformers in real life.

To gain electricity, a transformer along with substations, power lines, transmission towers, distribution towers, and everything else is needed.

 However, a lot of people who are interested in buying their own transformer commonly encounter incompatibility and even transformer explosion, which is why before purchasing a 13.8 kV transformer, it is vital that you learn its characteristics first.

Keep in mind that the characteristics of 13.8 kV to 480v transformers can be similar. To not get confused, carefully read every information that is given below that is provided by DAELIM. 

DAELIM has been in the transformer industry for decades and has continuously proven themselves to be one of the best transformer manufacturers in the world.

With the professional help from DAELIM, it is guaranteed that you will be able to understand more about 13.8 kV transformers and many more.

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What Are 13.8 kV Transformers?

What Are 13.8 kV Transformers

Starting with the basics, 13.8 kV transformers basically work the same as other DAELIM transformers. However, when it comes to its rating and its utility, it is very different. 

For starters, 13.8 kV transformers belong to the category of high-rated transformers. 

It can be made as an oil-filled transformer or dry-type transformer, depending on your preference.

13.8 kV transformers are known for their excellent performance when it comes to small to medium projects. 

Although it is capable of powering an entire large building, it will have difficulties if there are any misalignment or disturbance during its operation.

This is the reason why some transformers blew on unmaintained 13.8 kV transformers. 

For the specifications of this transformer, you can find it below.

The most popular pad mounted transformer on the market。

13.8 kV Transformer Specifications

Transformer Rating: 1500 kVA

High voltage: 13.8 kV

Low voltage: 400 kV

Current Rating (Busbar): 2500 Amps

Short Circuit Rating Current Rating: 38 kA

The specifications above are the general ratings for 13.8 kV transformers around the world, but some can be adjusted according to your preference but this would depend on your agreement between you and the manufacturer you are dealing with.

When it comes to the transformer rating, 13.8 kV transformers have a rating of 1500 in kilovolt-amperes or kVA. 

For its highest voltage, its peak is 13.8 kV, which is why it is named a “13.8 kV transformer“.

On other hand, the low voltage of 13.8 kV transformers is 400 kV with a short circuit rating of 38 kA or kiloampere.

As you can tell by the transformer’s specifications, this transformer is indeed high voltage and considered as dangerous if not dealt with properly especially if the variant you are getting is an oil-immersed 13.8 kV transformer.

13.8 kV transformers are usually manufactured with several advantages such as noise reduction, less loss, and high efficiency. 

These benefits alone can help you with your project’s development. 

Furthermore, these advantages help save more energy and mitigate the pollution.

Although oil-immersed 13.8 kV transformers are flammable, DAELIM has designed their 13.8 kV transformers fully sealed in order to exclude oil conservators. 

This goes to say that adjusting the volume of the oil will now be automatic.

Moreover, this will be compensated as well by the flexibility of the sheet of the oil tank. 

It is expected that once this transformer is installed, it must not be exposed to air because air can slowly deteriorate the oil and as well as the insulation aging – making it hard for maintenance.

Before going through the specifications of 13.8 kV transformers, this type of transformer has the same parts as other transformers have, but with slightly different ratings for each component, and when it comes to maintenance, these parts have different ways to be dealt with as well.

This goes the same for other types of transformers as well. Each of their parts has a different rating and different way of maintenance as well. 

In general, each type of transformer has various ways of how to be maintained, and their ratings can vary depending on their type and utility.

13.8 kV Transformer Core

When it comes to the 13.8 kV transformer’s core, it is also laminated but unlike other transformer cores, the 13.8 kV transformer’s is imported with cold-rolled silicon steel sheets that allow the core reduces losses. Moreover, this also helps with its no-load current target.

It is expected that the core is tightly secured to reduce the noise of the transformer when it is operating because as you know, transformers can be very loud and disturbing to some.

13.8 kV High and Low Voltage Windings

When it comes to high and low voltage windings of 13.8 kV transformers, their windings are normally made out of copper that is oxygen-free. 

For the low voltage windings, they are capable of withstanding 500 kVA since these windings are developed with adaptability thanks to their cylindrical foundation.

630 kVA and above are able to adopt double helix or even quadruple helix structures, and it also has the same cylindrical foundation.

13.8 kV Transformer Connection

When it comes to its connection, Dyn11 is what 13.8 kV transformers commonly use because this type of connection is expected to reduce the impact when it comes to harmonics inside the power grid. 

Moreover, the power grid also helps enhance the overall performance of the power supply.

13.8 kV TransformerStructure

You could say that 13.8 kV transformers have a sophisticated structure but this could also depend on the manufacturer’s design of the device.

But overall, 13.8 kV transformers usually have a fully sealed foundation to extend the longevity of the device. 

This means that there will be no hanging cores and this would not require frequent maintenance which will help you save the hassle and money to do so.

13.8 kV Transformer Noise

It is fairly common for people or consumers to be concerned about the noise of their transformers because of the thought that their neighbors might complain which is understandable since transformers can be very loud.

Even electrical generators can be loud in their average size, how much more 13.8 kV transformers are bulky. 

This is the main reason why manufacturers who designed this transformer measured the noise to be lower than standard.

This means that you won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining about the noise of your 13.8 kV transformer. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that you should isolate the transformer from air contact to further reduce the noise.

What Are Other Electrical Devices Needed For A 13.8 kV Transformer To Operate?

As mentioned before, just like any other type of transformer, 13.8 kV transformers also require substations, transmission towers, distribution towers, and many more. 

If you plan on using a 13.8 kV transformer for your project, make sure to get professional advice from the manufacturer.

In a usual setting, the manufacturers will be the ones to install the transformer for you. 

Afterwards, you will be given instructions on what to do next.

What Causes A 13.8 kV Transformer To Misoperate?

Transformer explosion is fairly common worldwide, and this is because of several reasons. 

For starters, the most common reason why transformers explode is due to a misoperation that ties to bad manufacturing.

If the transformer manufacturer of your 13.8 kV transformer is made out of low-quality materials, weak structure, and bad overall build, then you will most like encounter a transformer explosion which is very dangerous because this can put your life and others at stake.

This is why DAELIM recommends that you only get a 13.8 kV transformer from a credible and reliable manufacturer.

 Do not be fooled by cheap prices, always have the time to look at the manufacturer’s background to verify their reputation.

Another reason why transformers misoperate is because of an interruption or unwanted contact. 

For instance, animals such as squirrels, cats, and other mammals can easily squeeze through if they find an opening.

Animals that die inside a transformer or in a transformer’s housing is also common as well. 

This is why you should tight secure the housing before you leave. 

There are cases that animals will give themselves an opening to your transformer so always check your transformer to avoid a misoperation from occurring.

If ever you find an animal in your transformer’s housing, make sure to personal protective equipment before you proceed on opening and removing the animal from the housing to protect yourself from harm.

Another situation would be to call for animal control but it is most likely that they will not be able to help due to the high voltage risk involved and their lack of knowledge to deal with animals that are in electrical transformers.

13.8 kV Transformer

What Cryptocurrencies Are Good To Mine With A 13.8 kV Transformer?

If you are in the cryptocurrency space and you plan on purchasing a 13.8 kV transformer for your crypto project. 

It is highly recommended that you mine cryptocurrencies that have a good reputation with a solid utility.

This is because a lot of cryptocurrencies out there are mineable, but do not last long. 

The problem with these cryptocurrencies is that they will make your return on investment harder to achieve. 

Go for cryptocurrencies that are in the Top 100 since these top 100 cryptocurrencies are known to be decent.

Keep in mind that not all of the cryptos in the Top 100 are mineable. 

The most common crypto that is mined in the Top 100 is Ethereum. Choosing what crypto you should mine depends on your choice.

There is without a doubt that 13.8 kV transformer can handle mining farms. Just make sure to properly set up your mining farm because mining farms can definitely tend to get hot without proper exhaustion and the transformer might overheat.

Mining farms usually change their transformer’s oil every so often to support the transformer from cooling itself as temperature rises.

 As for their mining rigs, they clean their exhaustion fans often as well.

As common as transformer explosions are, mining farms catching fire is also a common scenario now. 

This is mainly because of the weak exhaustion fans not being able to support the temperature of the multiple graphics cards inside the farm.

So, if you are planning on building a mining farm, make sure that you prioritize the exhaustion first to provide proper airflow in your entire farm. 

Cleaning your equipment is very important as well, and you must do it every so often or hire someone to do that work for you.

But when it comes to the cryptocurrencies that you should mine for your mining farm, that solely depends on your choice and your research. 

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is very volatile, so make sure to carefully choose the right cryptocurrency.

You do have the choice to mine different cryptocurrencies to diversify your mining gains and losses.

Final Thoughts on 13.8 kV Transformers

If you are looking for a transformer that is capable of supporting your project whether big or small, then you should definitely get yourself a 13.8 kV transformer.

 However, just make sure that you have enough space for the device.

Moreover, you must be kept in mind how to properly operate it to avoid accidents. 

Although 13.8 kV transformers can be noisy, it is much less noisy compared to other transformers. For its maintenance, you do not have to worry about investing too much time in it.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact DAELIM’s team of professionals for immediate assistance and accommodation for your electrical queries. 

By contacting DAELIM, you will also be informed if 13.8 kV transformers are ideal for your project or not.

In the case that 13.8 kV transformers are not suitable for your project, DAELIM has countless options available for you. 

So, just contact DAELIM for any questions or clarifications with regards to transformer compatibility.

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