Three Outdoor Installation Methods for Power Transformers

There are three methods for outdoor installation of transformers, one is the pole tower type, the other is the platform type, and the third is the Pad-mounted type (including the pre-installed type).

Pole Tower Type

The pole tower type is to install the power transformer on the structure on the pole, which is divided into single pole type and double pole type.

installation of transformer

(1) The capacity of the power transformer is 30KVA and below (including 30KVA)

Use a unipolar power transformer workbench.

Install the power transformer, high-voltage drop fuse and high-voltage arrester on the cement pole, and its axis should be inclined 13°-15° in the direction opposite to the assembled power transformer.

(2) The capacity of the power transformer is between 50KVA and 315KVA

Use a bipolar distribution transformer.

The power transformer platform consists of a main magnetic pole cement pole and another auxiliary auxiliary pole. The main pole is equipped with a high-voltage drop-out fuse and a high-voltage down conductor, and the auxiliary pole has a secondary reverse wire. The bipolar power transformer platform is rugged and durable, passing through a unipolar distribution transformer.

The advantages of pole tower installation: less land area, no fences or fences around, the live part is higher than the ground, and it is not prone to accidents. Disadvantages: The bench uses more steel and the cost is higher.

Platform Type

The platform type is to build a 0.5-1m square platform with masonry under the transformer pole, and place the transformer on it.

Scope of application: generally install transformers above 315KVA.

Precautions for installation of Platform-style transformer:

(1) There should be a solid fence or wall about 1.8m around the transformer, and a special person should lock the door.

(2) The fence and the fence should keep a sufficient safe working distance from the transformer.

(3) Warning signs, such as “High Voltage Danger, Prohibit Climbing”, should be hung on telephone poles or surrounding walls to prevent people and animals from approaching.

The advantages of desktop power transformer installation: low cost, easy to maintain and repair. Disadvantages: It occupies a lot of land, and shelters should be installed around it. Small animals are easy to climb to the live parts, and they are prone to damage accidents by external forces.

Pad-mounted Type

The Pad-mounted type is to place the transformer directly on the ground. The high-voltage down-conductor, fuse and arrester are all on the wiring post.

Precautions for installation of floor-standing transformers:

(1) Reliable obstacles must be installed around the transformer, and the door must be locked and maintained by designated personnel.

(2) Warning signs must be hung outside the shelter, such as “High voltage danger, please do not climb”.

(3) Since the live part of the transformer is very low from the ground, it must be cut off after entering the evacuation shelter.

The above are the three installation methods of outdoor power transformers, as well as the precautions when installing outdoor power transformers, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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