pad mounted substation for railway

Application of Pad-Mounted Substation in Railway The characteristics of railway power supply load introduces the structure and functional characteristics of pad-mounted substation. On this basis, the construction design of the railway is described in detail. The application of pad-mounted substation in the railway power supply and distribution system is expected to meet the current needs […]

Difference Between Isolation Transformer and Autotransformer

What is the Difference Between Isolation Transformer and Autotransformer? Autotransformers and isolation transformers are two different forms of transformers. They have the same and differences. Kind of transformers, they all use a kind of energy conversion between the alternating magnetic field and the alternating current in the coil to transform Voltage. In other words, the […]

220kV Power Transformer On-load Voltage

How to Solve 220kV Power Transformer On-load Voltage Regulation Fault The on-load tapping switch is a key part of the 220kv transformer device. When the voltage in the power grid system changes according to the working conditions, the on-load tapping switch can implement the voltage regulation operation according to the size of the load, thereby […]

Main Power Transformers for Coal Mine

Main Power Transformer Solution for Coal Mine In the design of the coal mine power supply part, after the mine load statistics, the primary problem is to determine the voltage level of the main power transformer, the number of power transformers, and the power transformer capacity. It seems to be a general common sense problem, […]

How to Prevent Water and Air From Entering the Power Transformer

How to Prevent Water and Air From Entering the Power Transformer? The power transformer must be well sealed during transportation and storage. After the inflatable power transformer is transported to the site, a pressure gauge should be installed before installation to closely monitor the gas pressure. When the pressure is too low, add dry gas. Power transformers […]