what is the use of power transformer

What is The Use of Power Transformer? Power Transformer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide Power transformers are one of the main equipment in power plants and substations. The use of the transformer is multi-faceted not only to increase the voltage and send the electric energy to the electricity consumption area. It can also reduce the voltage to the […]

How to calculate the number of turns of the Power transformer core?

Power Transformer Core

Calculation Method of the Number of Turns of Power Transformer Core https://daelim-electric.com/product-category/power-transformerRegarding the calculation method of Power transformer core turns, different types of transformers have corresponding technical requirements, which are generally expressed by corresponding technical parameters, the main technical parameters of power transformers and low-frequency transformers. The maximum value of the main magnetic flux is […]

How to choose a distribution power transformer

How to choose a distribution power transformer

Selection Method of Distribution Power Transformer 1. Equation Selection Power Distribution transformer capacity = total electrical equipment X simultaneous rate/power factor + efficiency. How To Choose The 10kv Transformer Capacity Grade 2.Description The total electrical equipment refers to the sum of the power of all equipment in the factory, and the simultaneous rate refers to […]